IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Aug. 23, 2021

good Morning IBD live-great to see Jusin and Scott in Dallas this weekend! 🙂 Great to get back out on the road Good morning IBD , yesterday I watched the FSLY chart after a long time again, can be used as example for broken stock that might not come again back soon. Greetings from Zürich, Sami That has a lot of work to do. The deceleration in sales is a big problem. Still no sight of profits. Good morning team from canyon lake, ca Good morning. Never been to Canyon Lake, but Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Hemet and Idyllwild. Scott are you still a fan of WMT and DE??? live answered good morning guys – is it time to take profit on UNH ? Looks like it’s still in the early stages of a breakout attempt. Scott – Was great to see you in Dallas! 🙂 Thanks! Glad to be back out on the road and meeting people. Hopefully it will continue Good morning, here’s to a good week! GM Brian! That’s right! Good morning, UPST is back in buy point, please comment. Thanks Hi Dennis, indeed. Good news for holders in how the stock proved sticky near 200, above the 191.99 pivot point. 5% buy zone goes up to 201.59. One extra risk w/ Upstart, though, is that you have to be prepared for the possibility of multiple pullbacks to the top of its base. Still quite a young IPO, so volatility is def above average as a large cap. israel is fully vaxxed and experiencing a covid surge. the vaxx is a failure. What’s the death rate? GM, looking foreward to another great week of IBD Live! GM Gary! You bet iPad Marketsmith – chart feature. David Ryan did a presentation on using the multiple chart feature. It’s not archived on the q&a specifically. It would b e really helpful. In the meantime. What day was that video?Thanaks, Steve Tuesday, Aug. 10: Thank you Justin and Scott for Dallas meet. Appreciate signing the book. Hello Durga, 🙂 Nice to see you this weekend. Good to see you on IBD Live every Monday morning, Scott! Appreciate your perspective. Always good to see Ali, Justin and Ed!! 🙂 thanks Jeff Scott…would love to see you in Sarasota at some point. Not sure if we are getting to FL this year? Hopefully back to “normal” next year. We do 2-3 typically in FL You all look great this am! 🙂 Nice to hear DrDave! what are stock picks from the team today? ZIM and AYI GM from Houston! any thoughts on adding to a position in POOL or starting a postiion in PCTY? GM Richard! On Friday, we noted tight weekly action lately, and a 3 weeks tight turn into a 4 weeks tight. But same buy point, 495.32 entry. Keep in mind, this is typically a place in which you don’t build a new position, but exactly, add a small piece to a current one. POOL is also a Long-Term Leader, so pullbacks to the 10-week MA do offer an entry point too. POOL has made two tests of this moving average since that breakout from a flat base. Great breakout by PCTY; will a 3 weeks tight form as well? AMD testing the 21 day, maybe a time to add to a position? Looks solid to me. What about F O R D?getting close to 200 day. dump now and forever hold my piece? Well, F is certainly in base-building mode now, Maurice. If you have a big profit, perhaps watching to see if it bounces off the 200-day MA and completes the base is an acceptable strategy. F is in no man’s land in the sense that it’s not buyable here, trading between its 50- and 200-day MAs. If you’re nursing a loss and a lot of capital is tied up in Ford, at least for several weeks or months, you also lose the opportunity to buy a current market leaders. OIL uptick plays? Hmm, good Q. Let’s see this week… GM, would be possible to cancel the side-by-side view so we can maximize the screen/chart view We are imploring Zoom to reinstate the former settings. Can we discuss ALGN, SE and CMG? CMG is an interesting one, Samira; a solid breakout past the latest base, 1,579.62, and it’s now reached the 20% profit zone. You could take gains. But it also looks like s two-week shelf formed. For those w/ conviction, CMG is now offering a follow-on entry point. These stories may be helpful? — and Scott – can you share the three core one’s from you 🙂 live answered SQ breaking DT line; NVDA gap up into BZ SQ looking actionable. I liked the earlier buy points for NVDA. Scott, where is the closest location you guys come to NE Arkansas? I am an hour north of Memphis Oct 16 weekend, Houston, only spot in the middle of the country 🙂 SNAP up nicely in buy zone live answered S breaking DT line live answered Semi-manufactured has so many setups. live answered SNAP = on leaderboard – add at this price ??? live answered NVDA and AMD started well live answered CFLT about to break out live answered Why do we see 999% often on earnings? Has there ever been 1000% earnings? When it’s above 999% … we show 999% on MarketSmith I believe. Scott/Justin – Any meetup at Francisco bay area in the near future? Closest this year is OC on 10/30 look at MATX in the shipping space Nice move in long consolidation. DAC and SBLK up nicely today too Agreed. Look good. DAC owns 6 million shares of ZIM…they sold 2 million shares recently…. Thanks Marty. Is ASO a good entry point now? Breaking a downtrend, getting near the 50-day line and some short-term resistance. If it can get above 50-day… Can we talk more about how not to get shaken out? Almost everything I sold at a loss is higher now. Choppy markets make it very difficult, becuase gains are smaller, losses are more likely – certainly in the short run. Do you hold a stock that’s down 5% … and risk seeing the loss getting a lot worse? ZIM has a stronger N than the others: ZIM leads the way with a revolutionary platform that digitizes all trade-related documents, including Bills of Lading, Bank Guarantees, Certificates of Origin, Bills of Exchange, Promissory notes, Certificates of Inspection, Invoices, etc. Thanks. Scott, can you share the funds that you flag? We have a list at 🙂 I think you should look at AFRM, very early in the base but 50dma is moving up, Contrafund owns it and great sales growth 71.50 is the pivot to watch Ref. comment about Shipping shares.. Scott take a look at FRO (crude)… (or STNG (products) .. (Crude & Products..) awful… for now..Believe you are correct do NOT “need” to own multiple stocks in each shipping segment… But should try to own the “leader(s)” (when appropriate).. in EACH SEGMENT.. Containers (liner shipping).. Dry Cargo Shippping.. (iron ore, grain, steel)… and then (not NOW..) Crude… and Product TANKER Co’…s. Just a comment… Great intel. Thanks Notto be critical, but you guys all said that you were not buying anything earlier last week when there was a pull back including Ryan. 20/20 is hindsight, but pros should be called pros for a reason, right? Don’t know about others, but I didn’t sell anything last week – though I was getting close. I was fairly invested so I only added a little. SYNA — almost a 3 weeks tight, should I had to the position ? Looks like it’s building a shelf. I would stick with it. what is the meme stocks mean??? Stocks that people on Wall Street Bets and the like are trading. Also – any news on NOW? Wow big moves. Money continues to flow into large-cap tech. Impressive strength. I find the current market exasperating. For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve slowly been losing ground…getting shaken out of many of my buys. After Charles’ bullish sentiments on Friday I jumped back in (70% invested) and had “buyers remorse” all weekend; however, today everything in my portfolio is way up! Even so, who knows how the market will close or if this uptrend will continue. Gotta have nerves of steel in this market environment. Thanks for all your insights and sage advice. Perfect day for Charles to be on. But if the strength continues we will be extended from the 50-day in no time. Scott, We all know you bought Walmart for the dividend if I can collect a dividend and not get stopped Im golden 🙂 What about MRVL and POWI. Any thoughts. Both are looking good. MRVL has earnings Thu. Ed, like I said, you guys were saying that you were not BUYING” I did not say that you were selling. Not that my recoreds have been stellar, but I boought the dip and went on margin big time last week partly because you guys were syaing that you really weren’t buying because the market was weak. Good job. I try not to buy on weakness – doesn’t work for me. Obviously if the market had broken below the 50-day line, it would have been a bad sign. But we had a nice bounce so being long worked out. FIGS is building a base and is very close to crossing 50 day MA. Do you think it is a good entry point? Sellers are in control here. No entry point that I can see. I have been trying ST but don’t get Alert’s properly, very frustrating. We are about to implement a change that should resolve the problems around alerts. They are not late. Algos are jumping on them a millesecond after the trade is published. Scott is vocalizing my main problem with the trader’s mindset — overfocus on the short term. Why not try to take a longer term view. Trading is easy — in / out, in /out… all these little decisions. Why not think bigger and longer term. ServiceNow is one of the great tech juggernauts. Its not brain surgery to know this, but it does take a tiny bit of research to understand what they do and why its so much better than the legacy ways of doing it. SHOP is the same way. I have no idea whether it’ll work soon or not. But I own it bc it is the DTC e-commerce tools juggernaut. Juggernauts have probability of success behind them. I get it, sometimes I think you gotta go for a home run. Not every trade but about 1 in 4 of my “winners” I will try to hold longer than normal. Wondering if you guys are typically long-term investors or traders? Discussing this now! Do you still feel the need to hold SQQQ with the market showing some recent strength? Check your alerts! 🙂 DOCS also has 9 of these funds DOCS is stacked on funds for sure. EPS 3 days out for Bill good point Hey Panel, When you talk about position size, say 10% is that 10% for an account or the sum of all your accounts? You can treat portfolios separately, or you can handle them the same way With IPO s you throw the fundamentals out? Because the fundamentals don’t look great in S. Triple-digit top line growth. Many IPOs are not profitable so we focus on strong sales growth Scott, I’m confused. You said you are good at adding to your winners. But, you also sell on the way up when the Ducks are Quacking. What am I missing ? Depends on where the stock is. If I am up 2-5% I want more. If I am up 15-20% I am selling or reducing (general process for me) I’m miserable! Intended to buy NVDA first thing and froze when it gapped at the open! Looking back, coulda, woulda, shoulda…but didn’t! The gap wasn’t huge. How to overcome this mental torture? Any advice? Hi there. I totally understand your frustrations! Safe to say, every person on the panel has seen a big winner emerge and acted like a deer in headlights. In the case of a gap-up, if a stock such as Nvidia has superb CAN SLIM factors, mustering the courage to buy high (and hopeully sell higher) is necessary. But maybe viewing past good examples will help. The Investor’s Corner has highlighted a few in the past. Just know it’s happened many times over the past 20 years, due to Reg FD changing the market, and know it will happen again. Cheers, HatMan — and are you guys going to talk about sectors today? or did you already do that? thanks We’re going to do that soon! You guy’s are PRO’s! Gratefully been with IBD Live and studying CAN-SLIM for six months now. I have never heard any of you say anything that runs contrary to Bill’s teaching. With all due respect it seems as though some students don’t understand that you “Move” with the markets and the markets move FAST. If sentiment from the coaches was different today versus a week ago that’s a good thing. It shows they’re in line with the market and the market changes quick. Strike when the opportunity is presented. Please don’t respond publicly but just know haters gonna hate. Thanks for all you teach, my friends. live answered COOK $24.31 support… Definitely wish I’d jumped on board there. WEBR also has an IPO like COOK. Any thoughts on WEBR? That’s bouncing back after undercutting the IPO price. Don’t see an early entry right now. What is the story of MNDY? I don’t know! One of those IPOs that skyrocketed on earnings that has kept rising. Is SQQQ a holding on Leaderboard? I no longer see it on the Leaderboard lists but don’t see where it was removed from Leaderboardlist??? Removed on Friday and today. Could you ask Justin to Freeze the top row in the spread sheet? I’ll do that next time. I usually do a freeze on the top row and the left 3. Justin, I’m playing Water with an ETF. There are a numerous water ETFs. I feel like this is where my bias can come in to bite me and an ETF might be the way to go. But a lot of the names are also pretty thin so generally not on my radar. AWK is one of the only ones that make my screens. Justin – how about a column matching each industry group to an ETF? I like that idea a lot. May take us some time but will probably be worth it. pl tell us how to get to the site of coloured industry group I will explain in a sec! Ali, jst wanted to say your hair looks great Ali! Aw thank you! 🙂 DOCS gunning for a NH Looking great after “pausing” last week Steel is doing very well today AA NUE STLD CLF Agreed the data points—industry rankings—by weekly, correct? Darryl Yes! The question is if Ali is going to recognize those are the official SMU colors? Haha aw that’s awesome! Pony Up! Thanks to Scott and Justin for great talks in Dallas this weekend! Thanks for coming out, David. STEEL Strong today! Hi Peter! Good morning. Yes indeed, nice rebound by MT after a nasty gap down Thu, eh? I like STLD’s rebound here and test of the 21-day EMA as well. ‘@LewisMcLain Great job. Thanks. live answered Can we look at SHOP? Pulling back slowly with light volume Struggling to find support at the 50-day moving average. Thanks, Hat Man! Just one more Investor’s Corner to share, I hope it inspires and helps! Cheers — On an iMac, the search button does not show up on the FAQ page which Alissa demonstrated this morning I’m on a mac using Safari – you have to go to edit -> find in top mac application nav bar WHERE CAN I FIND FAQ? Nice Ed, rub it into Scott about S That’s 100 for Scott, 1 for me. BOOM! Hi if u can mention COIN thoughts here. Thanks Mike, this one is still wild for sure, but also nice to see COIN hit that 50-day MA on Thu and bounce hard. I imagine many folks will see smaller bases within the big base. A Russian nesting doll phenomenon in the stock market? 🙂 Charles turned this market around friday!! So that’s it! Ha! Charles rocks I agree Thanks again, Hat Man! Definitely inspires. Cheers! Awesome! nvda… live answered no mention today… so strong… (again..) We looked at NVDA early on I thought. Anyone looked at UPST I typed a quick answer to an earlier Q on UPST, thanks Joe

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