IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 21, 2021

good morning from Austin, would you have a look at ISRG? live answered Had to shazam this one. Ticker of the day RADO Thanks, Mark. I didn’t know it myself. Good morning Ali! Don’t see anyone else here, you are huge on my screen! lol Hello! It should be on gallery view, hopefully you see them now! πŸ™‚ what do you think of cmg We’ll be taking a look at this one for sure! Any beautiful long base you are stalking now? Hi Francisco, you know, I think CMG qualified as beautiful base. It had symmetry, a U-type shape in the cup, 5 up weeks in a row within the base, and even a shakeout last week ahead of the breakout. Hatman Dave — did fractional share buying end stock splits? I think companies/investors realized a bunch of stock splits wasn’t a positive. Maybe we’ve gone too far. With the rise of retail option buying, splits may be helpful for high-priced stocks. Guys, what’s your take on Oil these days? broken charts or buying opertunities? Hi Eric! Thanks for asking; indeed most are entering significant corrections. Many have busted through their 10-week MAs. Feels like they need time to digest those excellent gains from Nov. this is a first but no audio I’m hearing audio β€” maybe leave and rejoin? Try disconnecting other devices from your network as well if possible CHRIS …would appreciate your opinion on XM Qualtrics International – Thank you Sales accelerated in the latest quarter. Lockup expires next week. There are more blue volume spikes on the daily chart recently. I would have to know why it retreated 50%. Typically I avoid bases that deep. Dave, could you please double check on LB for position size, entry price information. thanks. Hi Frank, absolutely, thanks much. Especially on Wednesdays, I like to take a “magnifying glass” on all the summaries for each stock. In any case, for NVDA, we certainly raised it to three quarters, and I see a key daily annotation was missing. Plus, the 4-1 split resulted in utter havoc for the annotations in Nvidia! But we’re repairing. Thank you for supporting Leaderboard!! Cheers, Hatman Dave Good morning all. Hatman, you were wearing an IBD hat yesterday, where can I buy one? Hi Steven! Ah, hats are still not on sale, but lemme see what I can do…. Looking sharp again David, very motivational! Hi Steve, thanks so much! Keep working on that fine swing on the range! And don’t forget the short-game practice! πŸ™‚ Hatman Dave Ryan mentioned that ASML looks interesting. Now that earnings are out this morning – Is it actionable this morning – Thanks It’s made a big move already. Looks extended after third test of 50-day SMA. Where I get Bull and Bear percentage? outside Here ya go Anish — Steel stocks NUE & CLF, basing, broken or buying oppertunities? Not broken, just basing… Chris, good call on NTLA yesterday. Thanks I checked it later in the day and volume was running lower than the prior day. But looks like it got some good volume near the close. Holding tight today. Good morning! Is there a way to get text message notifications when something is put on Swing Trader or Leaderboard? By the time I got emails yesterday, Swing Trader suggestions were already extended. Apparently, need to be quick on the draw. Thx! If you have the both apps, turn on notifications and they’ll come to your phone too. DSC you my friend are a class act. Always encouraging, always saying kind words, always upbeat. You and the IBD team do a great job. Couldn’t agree more! David’s audio cutting out? Oops, hope it’s ok now Elon Musk, Cathy Wood and Jack Dorsay are all part of The B Word (Bitcoin) Conference today. Could B why we are seeing the bounce. Ha! Clever. So far, true, Scott Going to IBD, Market Trends, Psychological Market Indicators still shows Bulls vs Bears to be 61.2% Thanks, we literally just got the data. It’ll be updated soon. Which Stocks David mentioned. I caught Elan, Goog, Eqix, and SKY You got most of them! GOOGL in IBD 50 Stocks To Watch, ELAN in IBD Stock Of The Day, and EFX, ENTG in IBD Screen of the Day. and and Gooood Moorning IBD Live! Am I seeing things right on MNDY? Any news? Gooood Morning Shane! I was quite surprised to see the big drop last week in MNDY. It felt like a lot of stocks with supercharged P-E ratios got chopped hard amid the latest pullback, don’t you agree? Hatman Dave Morning team, may I know if the Ready List are list of stocks that are actionable? Either actionable or setup to be actionable. For example, if something is just shy of a buy point and could hit and day, we would most likely put it on the Ready List. GM! David mentioned using long-term covered calls yesterday to hedge his portfolio….where can I find more info on this one? As he mentioned, not quite a hedge, but rather a way to help lower his cost basis for a stock he wants to hold by providing some income while it may be taking a pause. David’s audio is a bit compressed (keeps reducing in volume) Hi Nick, thanks for noting; I hope it’s better. I’m trying a new headset, but same Sennheiser model as in the past. Pls LMK if it’s still compressed. Cheers Nick, thanks much for joining us. what is the name of the medical stock HatMan is discussing>? ISRG Chris 20% invested, David 15% – any change in weightings based on last nights earnings. Hatman is clear winner staying 80% long. Hey James! Well, right now, in my primary trading account, I am only 4% cash, and have 10 stocks of varying positions. TSLA, DOCU and LULU are my largest positions. I am itching to put the rest of the capital to work, but also stay nimble and take gains to keep some cushion of cash ahead of another inevitable pullback in the market. Hope this helps! Dave hey team! are you guys still planning on putting captchas on swing trader? it would be helpful πŸ™‚ Working with a vendor and Chris and I are getting updates on the progress. Chris has been pushing hard for it. What was the lithium company Hat Man referenced? Hi Daniel! ALB, Albemarle. Right now, the stock is cutting its fine morning gain, and so I’d like to keep watching it, see if it pulls back into the 5% buy zone from the 177.68 pivot (or up to 186.56). But I still believe that a very narrow trend drawn from the new high of 192.77 justifies a small opening position, near 190. Cheers, Hatman Dave one more reason to love IBD Live, the word “druthers” used in conversational English. Ha! Jeffrey, I am such a big fan of that word. Hatman Where do I find AD line for the S&P 500? On MarketSmith check out GMIAA. what is the ticker for moving line earlier talked about GMIAB? Yes! ALB is interesting here Getting a little extended with today’s gap and don’t forget earnings are coming up in a couple weeks. Can you discuss ROKU? Looks like it is braking through the trendline in the handle Trying to, not quite… ISRG descending live answered Good morning Team! ISRG is interesting action. live answered PANW selling off after in handle in cup?? Retreating some – but I’m seeing other cybersecurity/software names down after being winners the past couple of days. Treasury yields are rising after plunging Monday/early Tue. while there’s a slight shift in the early going today so far from Covid plays and into real economy names. Who knows if that’ll last. DOCU has given back yesterday’s gain Can you discuss chart? It’s basically flat today. Holding gains after surging 4% Tuesday. I love the way Ali asks questions for the audience πŸ™‚ very helpful 100%. I’m trying to learn from her. But I’m an old dog. Ali you are pretty loud compared to the other folks Just turned down my volume – let me know if that helped! Is’nt 208.75 the climax top? A climax top is a huge move with massive percentage/point gains near the top. Nvidia had a nice move but it wasn’t a climax run. That doesn’t mean NVDA is guaranteed to keep going. Morning All! Ali, is the ready list a feature of leaderboard? Hi Russell! We have an explanation over at for how to find πŸ™‚ ALB — +3.97% Vol +722% Extended . . . . Looking good. feels like the IBD live is about buying pull backs live answered STEP — +7.50 Vol +483% — Blasted through buy zone. That’s not a stair stepper! How do you feel about the rebounding action in FIGS? Not much volume. Needs to prove itself more. Not actionable IMO Chris makes some very weird moves/recommendations. He is all about buying undervalued stocks and stocks breaking trendlines. LAD completely fills both. RS value is above 80 dude. The projected earnings give it amazing fundamentals and the break of the trend line further enhances the technicals with the rs value!! I wouldn’t say I look for undervalued stocks. I just don’t have a lot of conviction about the stock. ‘@Irusha do you consider this ‘summer’ low volume something that prevents you from buying a stock, or do you adjust the threshold? What is high volume in the summer vs other time periods when all institutions are fully staffed? Hi Francisco, no I don’t take into account the summer volume. Summers are trickier for me and the lower volume doesn’t help. But powerful breakouts can happen in stocks during summer too. The ones I notice are usually on earnings reactions. Can you comment on TSLA To me, TSLA has early entry of 700.10 – just above that recent mini-consoldiation. I suppose you could draw a trendline from top of the base and get something like 690 as an entry. But 700.10 is awfully low in the base. The RS line is not up much from recent lows. Also, Tesla earnings are on tap next week. Probably best to wait for earnings to start/add to a position unless using an earnings options strategy. What’s the new name for LAD? It’s still Lithia Motors on their own website. Lithia & Driveway. IBD LIVE is about buying where you are taking the least amount of risk. Well said! Is it possible to change the color of Ally’s pointer/trendline? With the size of the chart etc. hard to see price data correctly. Pointer black, trend line red — would red for both work? πŸ™‚ AMAT actionable coming through 50 SMA? I’d wait for it to move above July 14 intraday high Any comment on LI’s action? Just picked up a position… I see what you’re doing. Retaking the 21-day line, breaking trend line in what could be a handle in a VERY deep base. Very deep bases can work, but the odds are lower. Ideally, LI (and Nio/XPEV/BYDDF) would form short bases within their massive consolidations. Justin rocks Fact check: True! CG: do you set your stop 2% below the low of the reversal day or what %? I look for a close below the low of the reversal day. If it undercuts early in the session I might trim some shares but I’ll try to wait until later in the day to make my final decision. How does ine draw a trendline in Marketsmith? Control click for PC or command click for Mac! AN, in same group as LAD. 3 days up, pattern for used car sales live answered The red trendline throws me off Sorry about that β€” this is the default/only color for trend lines in MarketSmith :/ Does AN not look better than LAD? live answered FIGS? did we miss the entry yet? After sharp sell-off, no new entry that I can see. AN up +5% live answered Ken – you mentioned EBAY testerday – Please look at monthly – is this actionable???? I like the tight action. I’d think about 2% position if it can take out 70.77 high. Would like to see more signs of accumulation. Most gains in light volume recently. Another car stock is AN. Stonger than KMX? live answered Hello, may I know what monthly moving average are the best to use on Market Smith? Thank you! Hi! Check out for a look at what moving averages we use on our monthly charts πŸ™‚ AN is buying back (I think $1B) their stocks.. live answered pls discuss on BABA. requested many times. when should we buy. Damaged goods at this point. Wouldn’t even know where to put an entry on BABA. Much better merchandise out there. Is AN still actionable? No. Much too extended. Wait for a pullback. Ali is outstanding for this program and her style is perfect. I cannot tell if she majored in media or finance or both (or something else). She is the perfect host for all of the IBD media she is in and really complements a group of IBD professionals that are among the best in the business. (I would say you are the best, but your guests don’t work at IBD and I find their insights equally invaluable.) Please don’t answer, this is just for you guys and gals. You are right about her background. She majored in media and finance at SMU. Is Upstart chart dmaged and not tradable? I would say yes. idxx is tanking today. Thoughts? It’s down 2% but still in a strong, steady run – holding above the 21-day line. QRVO- handle reversal SWKS too. Both Apple and SWKS have earnings next week (and QCOM & CRUS) – definitely relevant for QRVO, which reports in 2 weeks. How do you delete the red trend line once created on a Mac? I just put my cursor in the ticker area and refresh the chart! I thought you are supposed to be cautious when the uptrend is under pressure. live answered Is ADBE a 3 weeks tight right now? could be by the end of this week! PYPL vs SQ – SQ seems to have a “nicer” handle setup into Earnings than PYPL which looks extended Both look good. PYPL is not extended, although it’s been struggling to make meaningful progress from a 296.11 buy point. PYPL, would you consider an earnings option? Seems like a good candidate because it’s near a buy point. Thoughts on FIGS? I don’t see a new entry. Would rather wait for a base. Still needs to prove itself more after pretty sharp pullback. MRNA – climatic top, I’m out… sold my last 1/3. Thanks again Justin and team! live answered Thanks to IBDL I hit MRNA perfectly yesterday! Sold into strength when it got so overheated. Great to hear. TSLA week before eanings -do you anticipate short covering before next week? Not a ton of Tesla shorts anymore. TSLA could rise – or fall – in the next few days, then do the exact opposite after earnings. Tesla definitely can move sharply either way (or both ways sometimes!) after earnings. Where can we read about earnings options play ? We have an article linked over at πŸ™‚ What if your options play doesn’t work – do you lose all your money? Your risk is capped at the premium paid β€” check out our article linked at for more details! πŸ™‚ NASDAQ looks extended 6-7% from 50DMA, what about s&P500, dow jones, IWM? Nasdaq is only about 3.5% above 50-day vs. 2.4% for S&P and 1.2% for Dow. why ISRG go down so much on good earnings and sales while CMG does up? Do you know? I don’t. Analysts upgraded ISRG on strong results. But, ultimately, the news doesn’t matter. It’s the reaction to the news. UPST maybe getting it’s mojo back Hi Randall! Yes, I agree. I still maintain a small position w/ the covered call that is profitable. Did you get the sense that the past few weeks, high-beta, hot IPO and “very expensive P-E ratio” stocks got battered? That’s what happened, I think, w/ Upstart. But this company is amazing to me, so innovative and may just provide a nice lever for many companies to grow their net interest income. Cheers, Hatman Dave Any comments on LULU and its passing a Weekly MarketSmith chart proper buy point yesterday but pulling back today? Acting well, IMHO, Ken, after clearing a “mini handle at 371.10. Def feeling some upside resistance at the 383, 387 prior highs. I do own shares. Hatman LRCX and AMAT (Kissin”cousins) I placed back on my “B” watch list . . . LRCX reports on 7/28 . . . not actionable, but, perhaps last week was a shake out . . . (shook me out). Ha ha, Peter! Funny man. Seems like they all take their turns, don’t they? Hatman Please POST the IBD Earnings OPTION STRATEGY. Thanks! And tell us where it is πŸ™‚ Thx! Here you go! What does Chris thinki of BNTX if one bought at 230 and now a blue dot? We really like it, especially as it moved past an aggressive trend line entry and rebounded off the 10-week MA. It’s a new position in Leaderboard, Steve, too. — Any articles on covered calls on IBD? Lots of different strategies. Here’s one on income play DOW. Thanks for asking. Chris is suggesting I write one in the future. This is still largely an investing experiment for me, but I am thinking of seriously writing one for Investor’s Corner. Meanwhile, pls check out Gavin’s stories in this section. Hatman Dave — Late on the show, did you speak about INMD ? Not today. Still on Leaderboard. Nice how, ahead of Q2 next week, it remains sharply above its 10-, 21-day MAs. I nominate Ali to be permanent IBD Live moderator. Can I get a second? I’m not opposed – and I’m hosting tomorrow. πŸ™‚ She’s hosting three days a week – and she always hosts our daily SMT video at the close. Does IBD have an earnings strategy for purchases in lieu of buying stock? What if you are down a bit in a stock say FIGS and it dips down – would you add some to bring down your cost basis? What do you think of this type of strategy? That is a dangerous strategy. Unless you have a clear exit plan that will not hurt your portfolio, I would only average up. Chris: when you wait to see how FIGS closes, when do you sell it if the market is closed? When I say how it closes, I’m talking about the final 30 or 15 minutes in day. Why on earth would anyone buy a China stk.? With all the trouble awaiting us from that communist country. Well, there are reasons to believe that China is still going to be *supportive* of local EV makers as opposed to reining in internet/data giants. But China risks are definitely something to consider. Thanks for the great guidance on MRNA yesterday! Brad Sweet! Thanks Brad nke is still holding the gap from 2 weeks ago. Yes! Good eye, Brian, I’ve been watching NKE closely too. What a superb report and megacap stock. Hope you’re making money in this one! Hatman

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