IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 29, 2021

Good morning. Hi Taher. Gooooood Morning , Champions!!! It’s Shane, gold medalist in the Live audience! GM to you guy of all the John William Well it’s kind of the Olympics right now haha soundtracks you chose Olympics?! Wasn’t that fun? Olympic Fanfare – John Williams Excellent! Tycker of the day OLYM live answered Hat man what were you like 10 years old when you covered the Olympics? Ha ha ha ha!! Long story. But I joined Kyodo News in Japan to help them cover the Asian Games in Hiroshima, 1995; in my 20s back then. Lucky that they thought I did a good enough job, sent me to Atlanta the next year! Cheers, David Good Morning to you GOATs, Inspiring music, TGIF! Ha ha, Evelyn, that’s very sweet. Happy Friday, and thank you for joining us! Nice hat David… Appreciate it, John! Fiddlehead in Lompoc has great land in the heart of Santa Ynez Valley. Wondrous pinot noirs! Good morning IBD live team. So good to see irusha back on the IBD investing podcast. Justin and irusha will be a dynamic duo. Yes indeed! GM Steve, thanks much, will share w/ Irusha Just a quick thank you for the obvious hard work and effort this whole IBD Live team does for this program. Best. Jim Best to you too, Jim, thank you! Good morning from Chicago where it’s a perfect upper 70’s and sunny . . . a great weekend for Lollapalooza! Good Chicagoans like you deserve great weather, great music this weekend, Peter! Happy Friday! any look at the restaurant stocks besides CMG? Hey Thomas, glad you are looking there. CMG, doing so well lately! PZZA and DPZ also acting bullishly, eh? Both are extended, however, just like Chipotle. So I’d be watching for either a base-on-base pattern, a test of support at the rising 10-week moving average, or a 3 weeks tight to potentially form. A few very thin names — FAT KRUS BBQ BH — have also been leading the group, forming bases. Liquidity would be a serious issue for us. SBUX is coming back into the buy zone. Cheers, Hatman Dave — Good morning IBD Live and good morning Hat Man Dave! Hi Ben, welcome! Happy Friday! So glad swing trader sold PINS yesterday. Seems a negative report on MAU’s on these tech stocks gets the stocks punished. That’s exactly right; good exit Steven! Good morning everyone, could I know waht is David’s stock picks today? Ty Hi! I’d like to talk about the recent 10-week line bounces by KKR and DBX today. And contrast it with OLO. Hatman Dave — Based on yesterday’s big negative reversal on NOW does this action constitute a strong sell signal? Thank you very much. live answered Amazon- AWS, YouTube should bring revenues at low costs… how did profitability do? I bought at $1,920 sell rules and when to add? We’ll be taking a look. David, are you cheating on Bourbon with Wine? SMH!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Yes! I actually enjoy both spirits, and hey, don’t both employ barrels? 🙂 GM Kyle! Cheers! Good morning! Let the game begin! Hey Ron! I hope the Olympic arena of investing is treating you well. CRWD-seems to have topped out for now. The action is looking fine. And holding withing the buy zone, so it’s mostly trading in the 5% range. Can we take a look at ROKU please. Hope we do so, John. Meantime, we are going to hold this one in Leaderboard, today, despite declines in the Nasdaq. Feels like a “second handle” is forming, John. If this is the case, 490.86 may present another entry. I do own shares in a few accounts. Cheers, Hatman Dave — Can you please change the view from the side to side to top it’s on standard now! Thoughts on TX this morning? early morning gap down after a nice run. Edging lower as part of big, strong run. what happened with FTNT drop? I don’t know. It’s gone up a lot in 2021 – really impressive. So maybe some profit taking. VALE?? Held up OK Thu. despite apparently missing views (despite booming growth.) Lower iron prices might be hitting Vale and some of the diversified miners. Interesting to see if it can hold the 50-day today. Thanks Ali! AMZN just looked funny to me. Appreciate you! live answered Chris, I know you us TS and was wondering if you have loaded the scrips by TraderLion for TS? You can get a RS, Enhanced Volume and a DataBar. Not close to MS but handy for use in TS. Web address is Those are cool! I’ll check them out. Chris, are you expecting a pullback? I hedged last Friday because the market was already getting extended and gains last week were so good. Feels like the market wants to hang tough and go sideways for a few days. I’ve got an alert at the lows of the morning for QQQ. If it rolls over the next stop would be the 21-day. Maybe take a look at S. I got in on an early entry a couple of days a go and its acting nicely Nice action. It would be nice if it could pause for a couple of days or more to provide a better entry. KLAC has made a strong move, 2% from pivot live answered Was there any bad news about U this morning? It is sinking fast. I just bought it Pulling back, with market, after 2 big gains. We have not cover POOL for long time… Looking good! Nice rebound from the 50-day line and top of prior base following earnings. TSLA up on 96% increase in vol Nice. Ed, let’s see how that volume increase holds! Ed, do you own shares? I’ve maintained my long-term positions, and added a pinch more recently. Hatman Dave ‘@Chris, Justin, TSLA is on the move; needs a mention live answered Here is some to review IDXX or DXC looks like a David Ryan buy? IDXX is a Long-Term Leader, and it’s been acting great. Down hard, for sure, yet this reaction to results looks normal, especially after rising 10 weeks in a row. Sadly I have to log off to get to work – any chance there can be timestamps per stock symbols listed when you post the recording. Would help me get to the stock symbol I am interested in 🙂 Thanks for all you do, loving IBD Live! I wonder if others have suggested this. It is a great idea, Shane! Let’s see what the video production team thinks. Have a great Friday! Hatman Is anyone on the team adding to shares of IDXX off of the 21 day EMA? Walt, this one is in Long-Term Leaders, and so I’m not sure if a rebound off the 21-day line would be a good strategy for a long-term holding play. But for a short term trade, I like your idea. At first blush, the Q2 growth was impressive. Pls keep in mind, though, that since Idexx scored a 25% gain from its latest breakout, at some point it could really correct in price, and test the 50-day line. LULU please? live answered Haha Hatman! Good one 🙂 Cheers! Dave, I mirror your sentiments! TSLA showing its herculean muscles! lol Or Terry Crews? 🙂 He’s one reason I watch AGT lately! Cheers Hat Man 2! Hatman – looking at retqail – RVLV David Ryan’s name acting well -would you be adding? Hi James! I’m not the best person to ask about RVLV, since I have not traded it, and regarding tests of the 21-day EMA, but the uptrend is still well intact! Hope you’re doing well in this one! Happy Friday, FTNT is getting support at its 21 day. I have no position. Is a new position warranted if you place a stop at today’s low ? live answered Alissa is a great host. Really appreciate her asking the extra questions probing the others to provide more details on their recommendations such as what exact percentage of position they are selling as opposed to just saying we are selling part of our position. Thank you. True, Hugues, her attention to detail is extraordinary and so professional! Thanks for that nice comment. Curious on how to handle stop/losses on LT leaders or strong conviction stocks. I have been having loose stops on some strong conviction because I don’t want to be stopped out however, with this market sometimes even the loose stops get hit and I end up giving away more profit than I want. (Happened with GNRC a few days ago–stop loss triggered but then it recovered). This article goes over our sell rules for long-term leaders! LI — just got a Marketsmith alert for Li Auto at a breakout point above a diagonal trend line. Don’t know why. China stock, obviously. NIO, LAD also up. Hi Neil, this one is a bucking bronco! I threw in the towel with this one, due to China regulatory risk, closed all of my call and put option positions for a small gain, feeling relieved about that. But perhaps the government does not want to crush its promising EV sector. Maybe, if I were to get back into these China EV stocks I’d play much smaller positions and keep a very tight leash. Just my thoughts, cheers Neil. Hatman Dave What is the symbol for the advance decline chart in MarketSmith? GMIAB Thank you Hat Man! U got it John! Hatman, good call on LULU. Great analysis! Cheers T!! David Yes I own TSLA Good! Shout Out for IBD Live sending out an email yesterdaywith recap. Is that going to happen everyday going forward? I think we’ve been doing that every day, no? Is there another US EV stock showing strength There are no pure-play U.S. EV makers that are actually delivering EVs. The charts don’t look that great. Traditional automakers GM/F/STLA/VWAGY – which are all moving into EVs – aren’t that far from being actionable. Thoughts on FIGS? I’m watching it. The downtrend is pretty steep. Earnings are also coming up Aug. 12. So if I do anything it be small to start. What happened to ROKU? It ran up 25% from the low of the handle to the recent. Except for the volume on 7/27 it looks normal. Video Timestamps – I know this is a lot of work, but would really like it. Maybe list tickers discussed inside 20 minute intervals (5 per show) or something like that. Also, maybe give timestamps for the special guests when they give in depth discussions. In any case, it’s not so bad viewing the whole show in the evening after the market closes and happy hour has started… Good idea. I will discuss with the video production team. When is David Ryan appearing. Thanks. David Ryan usually is on every Tuesday. Is there is any issues with Zoom with respect to Q/A? Is it possible the panel doesn’t see my questions. None of my questions were answered for the past few days and rarely I see the responses only when the IBD Live recap email sent out. I have asked about MTH 5 times. If you see this, please review MTH or let me know your review via email. Thanks No issues. Only that we get hundreds more questions that we can answer. MTH has a much lower RS Rating than other stocks in the group. HOV, CCS, LGIH and LEN have all been acting stronger. However, MTH’s reaction to earnings was impressive. If you’ve got conviction about its business, you can open a posititon and use the recent low. Have never heard you guys talk about IT. A steady stock that has responded great to it’s earning in the last year…… I am holding through it earnings next week. What do you think? We’ve covered it in recent weeks and its looking good. It’s a stair stepper, so best to buy on pullbacks to the 10-week. Well said, Batman, later Ali! Ha ha ha Good session everyone, have a great Olympic weekend! You too Stephen! Great show today! Thanks Cool!

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