IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 6, 2021

to Dr. David Ryan – how much is your investing philosophy influenced by your Christian faith? It is influence in the stocks I buy and the emotions involved in investing. Is there a way to see pre and post market activity on MarketSmith? If you click on the wrench icon in the upper right of a MS chart (just above the price volume), you can click on extended pricing among the options (relatively near the top). Pre/post market activity will show up to the left of the daily price/volume figures. Morning gang – how does AMD look here? Thx According to MarketSmith, AMD is 5% below the buy point of a new cup base. Proper entry is 99.33. But the RS Rating is still running low at only 71. I’m so sorry but could I get Dr. Ryan’s TICKER again? It was WK. What’s the first stock he mention? WK? Yes. my IBD homepage seems to default to teh old page. I want the new page. Who do I contact? I tried the chat help but they were not able to solve it. my email is [email protected] Passed this along. Hopefully you can get some help. ZIM Not looking good. Other shipping stocks starting to break decisively below 50-day lines as well. Probably reflects weaker shipping prices. Check out the BDRY ETF, which tracks Baltic dry bulk shipping price index. WISH is 6% up in pre market. It may have a nice run today. It might. Hard to know what meme stocks will do. when will we have the monthly LB and ST webinar Because of the holiday, we will be pushing them to next week. Tuesday 7/13 for Leaderboard and 7/15 for SwingTrader. GM everyone Good morning Sam! whats the buy point for amzn plz? 3524.96, from a cup with handle base, according to MarketSmith. Shares gapped up into the buy zone this morning. There are two over-extended indicators that I have heard mentioned – % over 50 EMA and % over base breakout. What are those % and are there videos that discuss them? Thank you – CLW Those percentages are 10% over the 50-day / 10-week MAs. Or 5% over the base breakout point. CRWD gap and go live answered what is going on with TSLA Maybe concerns about China regulators. Beijing has been tougher on Tesla directly and via state/social media. Maybe China’s crackdown on DIDI, recent IPOs is just highlighting risks for companies that rely heavily on China market, esp. those facing regulatory ire already. But I don’t know! CRWD finally moving! live answered AMZN live answered thoughts on AMZN? live answered lulu breakouts Briefly just got above buy point from very tiny handle (only on a daily chart). I don’t see a shakeout from that handle, which is a huge reason for why we like handles. Welcome back Chris. Are you still supporting FIGS? Still sitting with it. Waiting for a new entry so I can add. If I buy a partial position in a stock like CRWD that has moved above the buypoint but is still in the 5% buy range, do you recommend adding more if it moves up 2% but out of the 5% buy range? Yes because this is a new buy point. A high handle. TSLA undercutting recent lows – any thoughts? live answered What happened to APPS on Friday. Any comments or is this a possible entry I didn’t see any news. A lot of growth stocks came under pressure late last week – either after running up to new highs or running up from bottom. APPS had run up a lot from its recent lows. So it’s not a shock to see APPS face some selling with a lot of overhead resistance. Front page NYT tSLA Yes. That story could have an impact. It’s not new, but it was a detailed story involving a court case and an Autopilot-related death that wasn’t the Tesla driver/passenger who “knew the risks.” thanks for the link. TSLA has to mark Bitcoin losses this Q, expected to be a loss (a mark t market issue) live answered It had positive news TSLA. Biggest selling car model in the UK for june. Clearly had no bearing on it this morning! With Europe, you simply *can not* look at one month of sales for Tesla, which is always “weak” in the first month of the quarter, “meh” in 2nd month and “strong” in 3rd month. Nissan ramping up battery production in the UK too, Ed. Could have a bearing on TSAL sales there. Berlin needs to gt rolling. UK taking a stern stance on phasing out Internal Combustion by 2030. Tesla sales levels are holding up – cheaper China-made Model 3s are helping. Market share has plunged over the past year as VW, others step up their game. ZS making a nice move off it’s 10 day, is this looking like a breakout It’s a handle breakout (on a weekly chart) 224.04 buy point. Is David Ryan a permanent speaker on IBDLIve? He’s going to be on once a week generally – and usually on Tuesday. TIGR has gotten hit hard today down over 14% A lot of China stocks – especially those where user data is key – down hard on Beijing’s latest crackdown. FUTU also slammed. ASO down almost 5%. Any news out there on this? Sporting goods retailers down hard today. Don’t know why. Also seeing apparel retailers down, though not as much. Nasdaq just took a nose dive ? Any news All the indexes basically at session lows. Docu: No comment on the declining volume on the rise? Volume was very strong to start on DOCU’s move. Volume cooled off as the stock started leveling off. Trade looks strong today. How about MOS ? Should have exited long ago? Or trim position size? MOS broke hard below the 50-day line a few weeks ago, a strong sell signal. A bid to get back above the 21-day line has failed and Mosaic is approaching the late June lows. How should one work the NVDA split? If we have a good position with around 25% gain should we be taking profits at the split or giving it room to run? I ask because Apple and TSLA both took a pretty good dip after the split last year. Could NVDA expect the same thing? live answered VEEV? Selling today as copper reverses from strong premarket gain. Still holding up better than most miners but hasn’t broken out. ZM seems to be driving ARKK out of it’s hole this morning Software names strong for sure. Did you talk about oil & gas? DEN? Yes. David noted that its rate of ascent has accelerated. He’s waiting for it to consolidate. David (R) I think NVDA split that much in order to get a chance to get into the DOW. That is the price range of the DOW entry Makes sense. what price to. get into docu? You could buy here and put the stop at today’s low. I would start small and add shares on the next reversal or consolidation.

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