IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 7, 2021

Will it be a high-flying Friday? Good morning to IBD Live International and Kathy Donnelly from Minneapolis! HI! Happy Friday! -Kathy Ticker of the day is again ACDC We’ve got the AC this morning (Ali) but we’re missing our DC (David) Chris / Justin, I’ve read/watched your material on Vertical Violations. Are there any early signals to watch for – or simply the developing market activity? Thanks for all you do and teach. Marc It’s all about the day to day losses. Usually there is some economic news that is driving the market down. Welcome Kathy!! Would love to hear how you transitioned from a regular job to full time trading! I’ll try to work it in! I sold MGA going into earnings but it looks like the earnings were good. Is it time to buy it back? I don’t see a new entry here. MGA has been riding its 10-week line for a while now. Thanks for coordinating all these special guests. It is GREAT to get the insight from a variety of experts. Just adds to the wealth of knowledge I get from IBD. I know Chris is busy with the acquisition, but I would like to also see him back on the show more. I really relate to his trading style. He is either on the show or in the Q&A every day! 🙂 Morning Kathy, Just re-read your book, ” The Lifecycle Trade”, a must read for all of us CANSLIMer’s. Thank you for joining us this day. Thank you! What is the name of Kathy’s Meetup in Denver? I live in Denver and would like to join. Denver IBD Meetup Hello IBD, what do you think about EPAM? I bought EPAM near pivot at $404. Now it looks like it could be 3 weeks tight after today. Yedsterday, it found support nicely. Should I consider adding to position? If yes, when? live answered to Chris – we always like your title – CCO – Chief Content Officer ! Just a fancy of way of saying editor. What is Kathy’s view on the recent IPOs such as ABNB, BMBL, CRCT, UPST, RBLX Thanks, Mikhail! Hi Kathy. Read your book over the weekend. Really appreciate all your research and efforts. Thank you! Someone on CNBC recommended selling WFC but no explanation why. Can we have a look. It’s definitely extended and too late to buy. But no sell signals. Nice winner since joining Leaderboard in mid-Feb. hey Chris nice to see you Good morning Miguel. Great to see more women on the show this week! Yes! 🙂 Welcome Kathy! Thank you! Potential poll question: Kathy has talked about investing in IPOs. Can she share her strategies for investing in IPOs? I plan to share! GVA actionable? We’ll take a look. Good Morning! Great to have Kathy on the show! Hi Shari! Looing forward to hearing co-author and freind Kathy Donnelly! Thanks Eric! Good morning from Paris ! Enjoying my afternoons with you guys for this week and it’s been very informative so far Bonjour! Come on Ed, you can finish before the bell! I know, I know. I bow my head in shame. NUE . . . probably, not a bad time to take some profits . . . . I agree as a swing trade. Welcome Kathy, nice to have a balance in the male/feminine component! Thank you Can we talk about DPST big drop help[ us understand Thanks Financials under early pressure but nicely off lows. Weak jobs report sparked big drop in 10-year yield, weighing on sentiment. Please ask Kathy about her thoughts on RBLX Currently has a failed IPO Base breakout. Looking to see if the current consolidation forms and creates another opportunity for an IPO Advance Run, but can also just as likely undercut and fail. Kathy, I live in Littleton. Is your group open for new members? Yes More Kathy. More Kathy. More Kathy ;o) lol Is Kathy treating SPAC’s as IPOs? Yes… SPACs are even more volatile in my opinion Potential poll question—I am interested in hearing from everyone and Kathy how they manage numerous portoflios simultaneously, such as investment accounts, 401s, IRAs, Educational IRAs, etc. What tools do they use? How many screens/monitors? Thanks, We’ll add to the poll. Thanks! Welcome Kathy! Hi Ed should not be talking about Tesla. He demeans the show with his uninformed rants. Quality is eroding. I think the quality of my uninformed rants are as high as ever! Also, I don’t let my feelings about Tesla interfere with my TSLA analysis. EOG breaking out on earnings live answered What about SNOW Kathy? Still in it’s I-DDP (Institutional Due Diligence Phase) and I’m looking for a first mature base Post podcast, did Kathy get stopped out of RBLX or how is she looking at it now live answered RVLV short squeeze? 13.7% of float is short… Maybe, but 13.7% not all that excessive. Also, Justin mentioned yesterday IBD oriented investment clubs on meet-up, etc., and that Kathy was in the know. I looked yesterday, but didn’t find much. there are a lot of ibd online meetups.. amy smith has a list she can send you Thanks Kathy for discussing IPO strategy. i’ll do my best to keep sharing Great to have Kathy on the show! thanks for having her. Big fan. Please get her thoughts on UPST thanks Had a great run, but I don’t do good with volatile names… lol…. .. it’d be nice to see it tighten up and create a nice base… could likely be done and start to roll over… tbd… to Kathy – Roku TV is the best; we have Roku as our streaming source – super easy to use. Built into the TV works fantastic over our home wifi. (alive in Mpls) good to know…. thanks! My takeaway, wait to buy ROKU but sell DirecTV 🙂 love it! my husband was a big nfl package guy… but no longer a reason… Would love to get Kathy’s take on COIN? no base… looks like going lower… most liquid ipo though since 2019 as of yesterday 200 day analysis opportunity going fwd- DKNG and ROKU the problem with support at the 200-day is potential resistance at the 50-day line. DKNG and ROKU not out of the woods yet. Also could be overhead supply issues) Hi Kathy! Nice to see you this morning! HI Charles!!!! What kind of scan does Kathy use to find the early stage 1 bases? Adding to the poll! CF is looking like the best out of the ag fertilizer plays (vs MOS and IPI) Agree! Nice follow through today after bullish outside day Thursday. to the Team – we have held ROKU from Feb 2018 when we got it for one of the kids accounts for a long term hold – got it at $51 very nice Scott! any thoughts on VZIO? Holding above 26 buy point from IPO base with earnings due next week (Tues after the close) Thank you Kathy. I enjoyed the podcast. Thanks James I heard the brilliant Kathy was on IBDLive…just wanted to say hi! Next time you should bring Eve with you Eve is going to be on the show later this month! You have any availability in June, Webby? 😉 Hi Kathy, are you stalking U, AI, PLTR? Yes Kathy: I’m interested in VZIO. Tried a week or so ago and got stopped out. What should we watch for to make another go? imo, we would need another base… Hi Kathy, nice to see you here again to remind us to follow the rules! What are your thoughts on PLTR prior to earnings? watching only…. would love to see a base at some point… looks like downtrend at this point Kathy: So if earnings were negative and your stock dropped, at what point would you let go of your position? i would sell that day or that week for sure! Please review ANET been moving Sluggish RS Rating and RS line off highs doesn’t excite me. Could work though Kathy: what’s your take on SWAV? wish i had owned it from 2020…. looks like it is getting more volatile and this base breakout didn’t work…. i’m not stalking at this time how about JEF Looks great after support at 50-day line Wed. Breakout over trend line as it forms base. Good Morning! What does Kathy think of ABNB? Thank you had a nice base going… but now looks like a downtrend… still stalking though… Kathy, how does SEMR look to you? looks like a successful ipo-advance phase so far… trades less than $20M/day which i don’t personally like based on our reserach Kathy, I live just down the road in Castle Rock…do you still have meetups that are open to new members? in Denver.. yes 🙂 Kathy, what’s your take on MRVI…reports in 3 days this one has held up well and has a nice base… seems to have some momemtum with the vaccines.. tbd… with earnings coming up…. Kathy can you look and give us your thoughts on LDI doesn’t meet my $20Mday liquidity requirement…. also looks like it is in the I-DDP Would love to hear Kathy’s take on CRSR! love the fundamentals…. would like to see a base… it’s definitely tightening it up… stalking it 🙂 Kathy are you doing any meetups these days in denver? They mentioned it yesterday but it looks like not yet? not in person yet… meeting rooms still not open in libraries Kathy, are you still holding TSLA ? no… haven’t owned it in a long time…. Very interested Richters burke’s question. in Potential poll question—I am interested in hearing from everyone and Kathy how they manage numerous portoflios simultaneously, such as investment accounts, 401s, IRAs, Educational IRAs, etc. What tools do they use? How many screens/monitors? Thanks, live answered Thanks Kathy for answering my question about COIN. 🙂 What about PLTR? live answered Kathy, I’m do you use Elliott Wave analysis as part of your Technicals? no, i do not. Kathy, do you follow Cathie Wood with ARK investments? Their recent purchase of COIN, would you still wait for an IPO base to develop or did you get in early? yes, i follow cathie wood. i use her buy list as a watch list… i don’t buy because she buys… i still wait for my setups Kathie: It seems that your holding the LTL in the Tax protected accounts is odd given the tax consequences of holding for less than a year in the taxable accounts. What is your reasoning on that? i have LTL in other accounts because i don’t want to have to focus on them heavily… i only want one account that i’m more active in… Kathy your take on HYFM? new IPO. Thanks in the I-DDP I’m in Lakewood, would love to join your IBD Meetup group too. 🙂 Great! My Alerts are turned on. The bell is not light up. How to resolve? email [email protected] Hi Kathy, nice to meet you! I was curious if you follow the Oneil portfolio avergares on number of stocks in your portfolio? 8-10 or so? Thanks yes… i like to start with 12% positions Kathy, Can you give your opinion on the EV group. XPEV, LI, NIO. Thanks craig too volatile for me… I live in Denver, how do I get involved in the Denver meetup? go to the Kathy,I thought you mentioned that you trade in your personal account and long term leaders (less trading) in IRAs. I would think you would do better to reverse that so that you would not have tax gains to worry about in taxable trading account. IRA would not have tax consequences on trading. good point…. however, i started trading before i had ira’s and i just like doing it this way FND staying or getting kicked off of LB? Disappointing reaction to strong earnings report but no sell signal and still holding above buy point. Curious to get Kathy’s views on INMD… the first mature base at $34 was the best place to buy… great Institutional Advance Phase (IAP)… may start to form another base comments on the sharp decline by IPI? It was highlighted as part of the SIRDOG list but is one of the worst performers in the group (excluding companies <$20). Unlike FANG, I think David Ryan came up with SIR DOG components as representative of the important areas of the market, rather than the specific stocks necessarily. can we look at NET if possible? Nice percentage gain today on earnings but overall technical picture weak. Kathy is your meetup online? for local denver members… yes Kathy, by the way, I like your book. any plans for another? thank you! not currently… SCCO overhead supply? Is it actionable? I’d rather wait for it to take out its recent high of 77.71. where is Blue Dot list? Access it via the orange Open Stock Ideas tab found in top right of MarketSmith charts Kathy have you looked at TSP and what do you think nice ipo base… hopefully it has a successful IPO-AP What does Kathy think of HYFM? Seems like it could be a wave of the future with the climate change issues and looks like it could have they type of chart that could set up an early stage 1 base. in the I-DDP… looking for a nice base… LOGI has a pretty tight base Agree. Pretty clear 117.14 pivot. so let’s get kathy to look foward – what is she buying now? nothing… lol.. waiting for nice setups Covering many different IPO today, what about MRVI? nice base… earnigns next week Kathy : Take on ABNB looks like it is creating a deeper base… wonder if it will hold or go lower Kathy, What is the title of your book and where can it be purchased? And what are the terms you use to describe diff phases post IPO? The Lifecycle Trade Chris, how did you know in the beginning of the session that Revolve would not pull in? I didn’t. I waited until calmed down a bit and started to moving higher. SQ having a strong day after earnings. Thoughts Still on a downtrend and needs to prove itself more. Do you consider MOS too extended to consider adding at this level? I would have done it two days ago or on the earnings day reversal. You could add today, but you are 10% above the 10 week. Kathy: How do you handle SPACs? i haven’t really touched them.. very volatile… defiitely watching to see if they tighten up and form new bases at some point Kathy would love your take on older IPO’s like LEVI and REAL thanks so much i like them… but ulitmately, i want to be at the first mature base…. so i’d rather wait if i missed them Nice analysis Kathy on COIN thanks COIN- A LOT of overhead supply! Troubled stock for now. Is there a place we can learn about the jargon Kathy is using this morning? Institutional Due Diligence, Mindset Capital, etc? it is in our book The Lifecycle Trade or you can listen to the last two podcasts I did with IBD Kathy: COIN earnings coming up, if it forms the right side and gives some signs of accumulation, what do you want to see prior to getting in a pump and dump like this? i’d like to see a base or consolidation with tight weeks and signs of accumulation IS Kathy looking at mines, oil or metals? No, i’m not. i’m aware, but i don’t trade them TDC down 13%. EPS looks good, what happened? I don’t know. Beat views – after giving bullish preannouncement recently – and guided higher. But the market didn’t like it. do you shy away from staring a new position on Fridays, not knowing what kind of news might come out over the weekend? no… i’ll buy if the setup is there Where can we watch Kathy’s podcast? 🙂 What’s Kathy’s meetup group? Can we join? it’s for people who are local to denver Did Kathy also set a 7% loss stop when working full time? yes, i did and i do.. Kathy, I have done well with the IPO ASO. It continues to rise on strong volume and more funds are buying it. What are your thoughts on ASO and do you think it has more upside? live answered Kathie” Can you show us an example of a stock that exemplifies your method that you owned? live answered Where can I find a list of all of local group meetups? [email protected] i think can provide that Kathy do you have early entries or always buy at the conventional buy point? i’ll draw trendlines in the base to try and find early entries Can we look at Nutrient NTR breaking out We looked at it earlier. Looking good. Kathy, does the look of the base matter to you? VRM’s 1st mature base looks like it’s straight up from the bottom (on the weekly chart). the look does matter but first mature bases can look quite ugly.. which likely means it won’t work and there will be another one next to it Kathy How do you use the R/S line on IPOs yes, i always look at the RS line and take that into account Kathy, will you be buying BILL on gap up? no,… i’m waiting for brand new setups Kathy says she starts with 12% and does 2 buys. Does that mean that she runs with 4-5 stocks at a time with positions around 24 – 25%? it’s my way of pyramiding… 12% is full position done in two buys… over time i’ll weed and feed as the stock works Kathy: Any Biotech/Gene editing stock you are currently stalking? BEAM EDIT FLGT BNGO no… usually too volaitle for me to Kathy – why do you like ASO (Academy Sports) better than Dicks Sporting Goods and others like them? i just like the products… it’s what i grew up with… Ali, I live in Houston. What suburb did you grow up in? Lake Jackson what is the due diligence phase? More info in her book! What does Kathy think of SNOW…lots of institutional support and great CEO. Does she hold this? i don’t own it. watching it… BNTX did a very sharp turnaround late in the day yesterday and up again this AM. is there some news on BNTX? Any suggestions re: Buy, Sell, Hold Merkel came out against vaccine patent waiver probably a factor. BNTX is a German company. Is a kindle version of the book coming? not at this time Where’s Hat man 🙂 miss his stock analysis. A well-deserved vacation. He’ll be back next week. What is the Title of her book The Lifecycle Trade Kathy – I stink at being able to hold on for the big winners for the 200-300% gains or more because I sell too soon. How are you able to hold on and NOT get scared out?? Thx! once i have 100% or more i use a mental capital preservation stop where i aim to retain 50-60% of my gains in conjunction with watching where the stock is in relation to the 40 week. i talk about it in the podcasts can you give me the name of Kathy’s book? The Lifecycle Trade This is a treat having Kathy and a new perspective on IPOs – thank you! 🙂 Great show today. I learned alot on IPO bases. Fantastic work everyone. live answered ZI an IPO stilll in I-DDP Ed, I am holding ZIM! Nice! I learned about ZIM from the IBD Live Q&A. Kathy, thanks for joining us today. I really have enjoyed your takes on the market! thank you Do you like CRSR here? Had great earnings and sales, looks to have a 9 weeks tight now waiting for a base Chris, thanks for the FND Review, i think your right, im holding for the big move I always do better when I use the 10-week. Too easy to get shaken out with tight stops.

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