IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, July 29, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good morning. GM Taher. Figs reported last night? Thoughts? FIGS earnings are on Aug. 12 Good Morning from SF Bay area! Hey there Narayanan! Ticker of the day ZZ TOP pick ‘Morning! Hi Blaine! GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil Hope muh PYPL goes today like muh GNRC yesteday… That’s why we always wait a bit before making a move. ZZ Top = The Best Always a fun song. GM David RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top RIP indeed Daniel Nice tribute! R.I.P. Dusty! live answered good morning love the song choice’s always makes me wanna be on early Great! 🙂 welcome, Joshua! Very nice tribute to Dusty Hill with Shar Dressed Man this morning live answered Gooood Mooorning IBD Live! GM Shane! Good morning! Is $F a buy here, early entry? We’ll take a look. Always good to see Harold – love his analysis Totally agree, Aziz! would you please look at GNRC live answered Good Morning Great Show GM Vineeta, thank you! What is your opinion of CLF? live answered What about MRNA, BNTX, and PFE? Aren’t they soaring because of the Delta virus and won’t this last a bit? What do you think? The first two are truly special stocks this year. Unusual disease, unusual new technology, unusual strength of demand for MRNA and BNTX particularly. At this point, I think a big reversal off new highs in the heaviest volume since the start
of the move in 2021 might be the time to take profits. This story may provide some insight. and Good morning from Chicago where we begin day one of Lollapalooza . . . headlining tonight . . . Hannah Montana (hahaha) Miley Cyrus . . . . Some good ideas for music, Peter! Enjoy the festival and good morning! PYPL, what are your thoughts on the earnings reaction? live answered Should I add to APPS? Do you have a profit cushion? I’d really like to see some strong up volume after the heavy selling a few weeks ago. What is O’Neil Investments? It’s part of the former owner of IBD. Actually it’s O’Neil Capital Management. They run internal and external money in both actively managed and algo-driven accounts. What does GNRC do from here after yesterday? live answered PYPY . . . I believe still a Long Term Leader . . . will continue facing headwinds due to the EBAY drag . . . through the third and 4th quarters. Excluding YOY EBAY Revenue . . . accelerated 32%. Good point on the new “core revenue” stats. The LB team will look more into that part of the fundamental analysis. TY Peter! Can we look at steel stocks today – flexing their muscles – ready for the next leg higher? We’ll get to them. A lot of stocks making big moves but they are high on my list. I think Robinhood ticker is HOOD… not HODD Yes, you are correct! Good Morning. Great show you have. My question is around the difference of finding support and testing support. I read Ken’s article on IBD, but I am still confused as I see the two terms used in similar fashion. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you Hi Michael! Check out this podcast episode we did with Ken – we really go into details on finding vs. testing: what were the tickers this morning? Jason – SHOP & DOCU while Harold wants to look at VRT Jason, sure wish you used a headset. Voice quality is greatly improved and doesn’t have the echo. Thanks for the feedback. Will ask our Live support team about this. Cheers to one and all! Hey Hat Man 2, GM man! VALE, MT, RS, RIO, CLF? live answered What do we do with PYPL now? Hi Juan, if the bulls really want to accumulate shares, then PYPL should find support at or near that rising 10-week moving average. That said, PYPL scored so many up weeks in a row, so it looks for now that the stock needs several weeks, if not months, to form a new base. Will it be a neighbor base, or a base on base? Watching it week to week may be helpful. Hope this helps — PYPL is a buy here ? live answered Will yesterday’s webinar on IPOs be available to watch? I missed it and I could not find it yesterday afternoon. Hi! Webinar archive can be found by clicking “Videos” from the main navigation and then clicking “webinars” — here’s the direct link to the archive listing page: Please comment on GNRC Generac’s amazing bounce of the 50 day yesterday For sure, we will get to that! You are forcing us to side by side. Please let us set it. Please! Fixed Jason’s audio has echo effect. Can it be improved? Hi Rosy, we’ll def look into this. Thank you! Jason: SNOW? live answered Should we add to PYPL here if we are ahead? T, might consider watching how it finishes for the week. This pullback to the 10-week line is below recent buy points. So technically it’s not a follow-on entry. But if your average cost is very low, I can see why you might consider this pullback.
There is a possibility the stock may form a neighbor base from here. Hi all! First time here. So far loving IB. RIP Dusty, I’ve been a fan all my life. So sad. Hey Nicolas, welcome! Agreed, we love paying tribute to musicians with our morning song selections! Make sure to check out to help you get up to speed on all things IBD Live 🙂 MXL is breaking out live answered Any comments on PYPL? live answered Hi, could you please comment yesterday’s action of generac? live answered Chris, you said you like to add the call and the put together to get expected earnings move. Do you look at the midpoint price of the nearest call/put to the earnings date and add the at the money together? Here’s a detailed video Justin and I created on this topic: To Ed’s point, what would constitute a “decent cusion?” Would that be 8% or more? We usually say 5% to 10% is considered a decent profit cushion heading into earnings. Good morning, can we look at F Ford? I just joined, so I’m not sure if you looked at it already. Yes, we did! Looking interesting Sorry, I joined late…..have you mentioned MT? Yes! 🙂 looking good I have not gotten the IBD Live Recap since July 21. Would someone please check this for me? Thanks!!! Please call IBD Customer Service at 800-831-2525 I really enjoyed the podcast with Justin & Jason, I learn a lot from Jason. Really appreciate his perspective. Jason is great! Hi Guys, what you think of AMD, its seems to be breaking out! Getting a little extended. You might go with a smaller position because it’s already at the top of the conventional buy zone. Can we please review it on the panel if possible? live answered Is U a buy here, bouncing off the 50-day? It’s an aggressive buy because it’s below the 200 day. We added it to SwingTrader yesterday afternoon. CLF looking nice live answered “FB, I,d be interested if this is a buy on the pull back?” Very heavy volume today. Keep an eye on it and see how it acts around the 21 day line. ALB — Extended, but, having a quality early morning – +4.34% – Vol +363% Yes. Very nice! Please spend more time today looking at the market. For many who have been subscribers for more than a year it would be much appreciated. live answered Can Jason talk about Zoom please? live answered Chris – Decent profit cushion. Up volume is pathetic. I would wait for some real power that would signal a true change. Can we please send jason a headset. If it is not in the budget please let me know and I will buy him one. He’s got one. We’ll make sure he uses it next time. I’ve mentioned LKQ several times and now it is breaking out on good earnings. Check it out Thanks. We’l take a look. Jason’s take on TSLA please live answered Your take on the secondary psychological indicator the Hi Lo at .98. Usually it holds at 2.00. To keep the chart readable, we don’t show it levels above 2. It’s moving to the 0.5 level, which can signal a bottom in an intermediate correction. I created it after a hallway conversation with Charles Harris. No signals in the past year
since the market has been so strong. Who owns IBD now? Thanks! Dow Jones/NewsCorp 🙂 Should I consider BNTX having triggered the 8 wk rule. Too extended to buy here. Wait for a new entry. Nue ?? – David Ryan Owns I believe so. Looking strong today. How do you see copper stocks FCX ? Important day for FCX. It’s right at a declining 50-day. If it can’t break through we could see lower prices. ELAN — in the buy zone.. tried to breakout last week, but turned back. Now moving higher Strong fundamentals like leader IDXX We’ll take a look. What is the “traditional OM lens” that Jason mentioned? O’Neil Methodology/CAN SLIM why did zoom change so now all i see is the person speaking – not all the participants? Zoom changed its webinar settings in a past software update — we are working with the Zoom team to restore flexibility with the view options. Thanks for your patience! What are Jason’s thoughts on AMZN? live answered check out auto parts co – LKQ live answered CG: In a week from now, I’m heading out on the PCT/JMT for 6 days (Trail Pass, exiting at Kearsarge Pass). I’m mostly in cash, just holding onto winners (FTNT, PRFT, NOW, MSFT). I’m not inclined to make new buys until my return. How do you
handle your portfolio while in the backcountry? Love the Kearsage. It was tough climbing it with a pack. I assume you have nice profit cushion on PRFT. The other three are Long-Term Leaders. If the market has pulled back and is rebounding when you depart, I would hold. If the market seems
poised for a pullback, maybe put on a 50% hedge. What is GMIAB? It’s how we are able to pull up the Nasdaq advance/decline line in MarketSmith! 200 ma great for long term leaders, right? Yes during intermediate corrections. Usually they hold their 10-week moving averages. FYI per the VALE website its earings announcement commenced at 7:00 AM PST in Spanish minutes ago, will reoccur at 8:00 AM PST in English, so right now it’s in a holding pattern near the pivot. You might want to take another look just before
you close today’s program as its price reaction is a work in progress. live answered Jason – do you always own Tech stocks only? I manage a tech biased portfolio, so by definition I am overweight tech. Was SwingTrader looking to implement a verification system? Clearly automation in play. Captcha is not expected to work. So we are getting clearance for another approach while we work on a long-term techincal solution. It should be mitigated soon. Jason… Did you say you were using the 30 day moving average ? If so can you give us your experience there? thank you. I do not use the 30 day. I like buying LT Leaders off 200-day. Recently bought NOW arounf $500 at the 200-day Thanks for sharing that Mike. Nice entry! Hatman Dave — LRCX?? I am confused why it is down, I have a position… and I thought they had a good report. Hi Teresa. You’ve def picked a strong company with excellent growth. LRCX has been a multiyear winner. More recently, LRCX made a nice rebound from its 7/19 low of 575 ahead of the fiscal Q4 report Wednesday. Often, we’ll see Wall Street traders “buy the rumor, sell the news.” Maybe, analysts already had very high expectations, and it would have taken an incredible report to send the stock gapping up into new highs. So, for now, LRCX has been essentially moving sideways for months, building a new base. Hatman Dave How was Jason get to know a company inside and out? I’d like to hear about his analysis process. Check out this podcast episode Jason did with Justin the other week for this exact subject! ‘”Temporary mis-pricings in the market” – great term for those events, Jason. Def a popular term among professional portfolio managers, Paul Please look at AMD, as it recently reported earnings and has had a solid growth in earnings and sales. It is not in all the areas that NVDA is in, but just like NVDA, it has a strong position in the areas that it is in. It would be worth it
for a long term hold. We reviewed earlier on in the show when it was still in the 5% buy range from the cup-with-handle base. Extending gains after an impressive earnings report this week Please comment on CCS. is it good time to add? live answered How long has Jason been with O’neil? 7 years “Jason, isn’t post analysis highly market environment based, and thus 2 years is not nearly enough to be statistically significant long term?” I would generally agree that your results will be correlated to the market. However, over 2-3 years an investor should have a robust and sufficient sample size to be able to make a reasonable conclusion about his/her investing results. E.g., 10-20 investments a year x 3-years = 30-60 companies to review which is > 30 ( min requirement). WST. Long-term leader breaking out. Buy? Hi Holly, great day and great week for West Pharma indeed. But not at a buy point. This would be chasing. We noted in the Long-Term Leaders column that buying these types of names after a pullback to the 10-week moving average, following a
breakout, offers a higher risk/reward opportunity. AN going for new ATH here Looking good, Jeff Harold said he wanted to look at VRT. Did I miss the discussion on it? We just covered it shipping stocks showing life. may have bottomed It’s a good point, Greg, SBLK showed a nifty reversal in heavy volume on Monday last week. Could that signal a bottom? Let’s see if the stock forms a valid base. Hatman Dave — Ali – I find Jason’s insights interesting. Can you please share any recent links of IBD Live sessions where Jason was part of it? Thanks so much. I’m not sure if our IBD Live archive goes back far enough to his prior appearance, but I recommend checking out this podcast episode Jason did with Justin! Jason – whats your view on IPOs? Your thoughts on PLTR, ABNB? I like the companies but from my POV they are not ready yet. Jason, you mention looking for stocks that will outperform market by 2x or 3x. What would you say is the KEY attributes to look at to find the true LEADERS? Always happy when you are on IBD Live. Love your approach and analytics… revenue growth, ROIC/ROIIC, margin expansion, increasing EPS Jason, maybe have missed my question before. Can you please explain when you are looking at a long term growth stocks, what are the key things you are looking at in a financial statements in a stock and at what stage do you buy them.. ex IPO,
I-AP? Also any recommendation on any books to read. Thanks Look at top-line growth, increasing ROIC/ROIIC, margin expansion, and increasing EPS. Generally try to allocate to stage 1/2 bases. `vrt – did you by Harold?? Yes, 27.96 The new young pup (“Jason?”) seems bright and I like his contributions. Thank you. He may be young, but he’s not new! Has serious PM chops. Jason, since you look for long term holdings and buy for fundamental reasons, do you use stop losses or sell when a holding suddenly drops (eg. 8% in a day) assuming no real news? I use the -7% stop loss rule based off cost. If I am up ~20% in a company and it decreases -7% in a day, that is not the same as a -7% stop loss at cost rule. Jason’s background? I missed the beginning, thanks. Portfolio manager at O’Neil Global Advisors Jason, thanks for this. Can you recommend a couple stocks that fill the revenue growth, ROIC/ROIIC, margin expansion, increasing EPS to us as a Model Stock to study and learn from? GNRC and VEEV fit these requirements well. This was over the past few years, not nec. today. Jason, do you trade around your positions? Yes, he talked about trading around core positions. Is there a podcast regarding position sizing and portfolio management in MarketSmith or IBD Live? Yes, podcast episode! Here: Can you clarify what he means by a runway (huge runway)? Expected growth trajectory I have noticed that Ali’s Marketsmith site has three colored circles (red, green, yellow) in the upper left hand corner. The circles do not show up on Ed’s or Hatman’s Marketsmith (nor does mine have these circles). I think what you’re referring to are the buttons for the application window on my Mac — close, minimize, maximize window Would 5-6 positions for a 50K portfolio be prudent? Would it be a good idea to stay around $30-$50 share in this size portfolio not using options? We wouldn’t recommending limiting to stocks that are $30-$50 a share. Here’s a podcast episode all about position sizing: Nice job today, Ed. Indeed Thank you Hatman for your answer! My pleasure! Ken, I agree. Done with China stocks. Luckin coffee Being the poster child for why not to buy China. Good point David Ryan mentioned NUE on Tue. I suspect we’ll talk steel stocks again soon. RGEN up again on volume, extended at this point? Yes, unfortunately right now, the 5% buy zone from a 223.13 buy point goes up to 234.29. Great analysis from Jason 🙂 Darn right Rock Stars! Every one of you! Thanks, guys! Have a great day. COOL! Quitting early? Ha! No, trying to keep it closer to our original target end time of 7:45am PT! Any time past that is a bonus!

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