IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, May 27, 2021

Question Answer(s) In Marketsmith, when it says something like Fidelity contra fund 0.07% Does that mean .07% of Contrafund is in the stock or contrafund owns .07% of the company? % of fund assets in the stock Chris: What’s your take on TX? What criteria would we want to see to consider this a viable 10 week line bounce? It is not showing the same power as the other steel stocks. I’m holding off adding. Good Morning Ali – please send me the link for the videos of Brian Shannon’s chart analysis Hi Urmi! If you’re talking about a short clip we pulled from the show, here you go: Also, his full episode is archived on
so you can watch that too! 🙂 Eve, Welcome and Thanks for Coming. In your book, you state you like to calculate the ATR of a stock then size your position in an IPO based on how much more volatile it is vs. a more stable stock. Can you expand/give an example? Also what
range on the ATR are you using? Thanks, Earl! I’m going to add this to today’s Poll Qs 🙂 Cheers to all and welcome Eve! Indeed Hat Man 2! Eve probably has been at more IBD Seminars than anyone! You’re probably right! Harold – good morning – did you buy VSTO yesterday on breakout??? Congrats I made 2 buys on 5/24 & 5/26 I’ve heard Jim speak very highly about Eve. So cool to have her on! live answered Eve I found the “Life cycle Trade” to be very valuable. Well worth the price of the book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the markets and stocks. Nice to hear, Mike. Everyone can gain more insights from that book in IBD investing podcasts featuring Eve and Kathy Donnelly. Did Eve mention Robil Capital? Roppel Capital Management Good morning from Chicago – Happy Thursday . . . . We are in store for another fascinating day! GM Peter! Please explain what “trading around the core” actually means. % for each entry, sell, etc, don’t understand the details of this, although it is mentioned often Adding to the Poll Qs 🙂 Thanks, Jeff! It is so GREAT to have a woman trader on. Keep them coming. Yes! Thanks a lot Ali. This is what I was looking for. Have a great day Great! You too! Can Eve share with us some of her higher conviction trades Adding this to the Poll Qs! Thanks, Charles “QUESTION TO EVE: Please elaborate about the strategy of core position and trading around the core. A specific example would help. Thank you.” We’ll include this in today’s Poll Qs, although this may come up in the discussion before that time! 🙂 Good morning. GM Taher what was the book name? The Lifecycle Trade Love the book! Been studying it for a couple of weeks. Love that it cuts right to the point as well. Good to hear Phenomenal Book! Good to hear! what book? The Lifecycle Trade Eve, is there an e-book version of your book? I’m in Vietnam and AMZN doesn’t deliver to VN. Maybe a friend or family member could buy it and send it to you directly? Can Eve expand a little more about “trading around the core” This will be part of today’s poll! Thanks, Henry! The book is awesome. Written with a lot of passion and sincerity. Good Morning everyone! Hi EVE, welcome to IBD Live! Looking forward to this! So are we Shari! Is CF a buy today? It looks like breaking the 21 EMA. Hi Nikolaj, Hatman here. An interesting one. CF pulled all the way back to its 51.34 shallow cup entry as volatility among reflation trades increased these past few weeks. We do like to see constructive shakeouts, and this looks like one.
Coming back above the 21-day exponential moving average is crucial at this juncture. So is a “re-take” of the breakout at 51.34, with a 5% buy zone of up to 53.91. What are your thoughts on CCS and its $81.42 pivot on the daily chart? It also has a blue dot right now and used to be on Leaderboard. Still is on Leaderboard! Eve- What are your thoughts on OLO. Game changing software,powerful 1st stage base. live answered What are your thoughts on CCS? We are feeling good about the way it’s acting, Nicholas, even as the stock tends to make numerous mild pullbacks. On Leaderboard, we added back a qtr stake in Century Communities as it cleared an ascending-base buy point. Hope these links
help. Cheers, Dave and Hatman – please don’t forget RCII – was on the watch list – no longer and technicals are improving Great one to keep watching, thanks much. Nice sideways action IMO after the breakout in Dec. Auto == Magna MGA you talked about yesterday moving with F Exactly; glad Ed brought it up. SNOW – Would love Eve’s take on Snowflake, particularly after its earnings report. Answered live Hi Eve, great to have you here! What do you think about FOUR? A retake of the 50-day MA is encouraging; watch for a new base to form. Guys look at HTH please A little on the thin side, $21 mil in avg dollar volume; but a good base is forming for sure. Did it make a handle already? 37.18 entry? Applying the midpoint test, cup’s midpoint is 35.71, handle midpoint is 35.98, so it passes this test. Hey Hat Man is Shohei Ohtani a rare jewel ?? You might say so! Haven’t checked his stats lately but he is a superhero among Japanese baseball fans! Can Eve speak about Crypto at all, I know Jim is big into it. Does she have an opinion about Digital Assets and if so does she have any favorites? live answered “Good morning Eve, If I understand The Lifecycle Trade correctly, UPST and ZIM are qualified for Rare Jewels (up 100% within first 3 months.) I already have UPST but looking for the chance to buy ZIM even though it hasn’t undercut it’s first day’s price. What’s
your recommendation for initiating a position for ZIM. THANKS.” live answered “Would like to know what Eve is currently trading/core sectors and how invested she is in the market Ty” Thanks so much, Marianne! adding to today’s poll (and we try to have the guest answer more than one poll Q) 🙂 Poll Ques (?): Can Eve describe “trading around a core position”? Is this having a core with a large cushion and treating new adds with separate sell criteria for loss and gain? How do you manage avg cost? Do you add on to a core with small
increments or large. Also, what would make you decide to sell a core position completely? Thanks! Is RIO actionable? Our general rule is to not buy off the 10-week line if the 10-week line is below the buy point. Ali – while typing my poll ques for Eve, missed that someone also put it out there! As usual, mine is more wordy… All good, Blaine! We appreciate your thoughtful question, and I will try to incorporate as much as I can in a condensed manner! Harold – VSTO solid opening what a great move can we look at POOL? Great price action after breakout. Proving itself a strong stock. Could draw trend line starting at recent high of 449.44. What happens around 6:31am that wipes out Zoom Side by Side mode? It always works OK for a sec, then poof, gone. Such a mystery. The host is manually changing it to Standard on his/her end since the majority of the audience said that was their preference when polled. In the meantime, we’re still working with the Zoom team for a solution that will allow flexibility on
the viewer end like we used to have!! Thank you for your patience, Dave! Eve, of your 3 preferred IPO screens, IPO Alert, Rare Jewels and Liquidity Matters is there one that drives more results than the other? Great question, Tom! Adding to the poll — thanks! Ken.. SM… do you like Chart better now..?? 🙂 Reversal last week in higher volume is a deal breaker for me. Price action too wide and loose. I’d rather wait for XLE to break out over its recent high of 55.14. Better looking chart. Hi Harold, really nice call on VSTO. Nice pop this morning !! Thanks!! For what it’s worth, I like the screen that shows the person talking only and that that you can move that image on the screen to allow a bigger chart image Is that what you’re able to do right now? Eve—Please discuss SNOW and its current I-DDP (Institutional Due Diligence Phase) and the necessary basing required for transition to I-AP (Institutional Advance Phase). Thanks. live answered STEEL: MT +3.64% — X +3.08% NUE +2.44% Strong “Good Morning! Can Eve comment on RBLX, SNOW, ABNB as some of the growth areas are coming back. Thank you” live answered Does Eve have screening examples in her book? Or could she provide examples of screens in today’s session? Adding this as part of the poll. Thanks, Eagleeez! Eve, many compare other auto companies with TSLA, with TSLA being more than just an auto manufacturer, in actuality a technology company, embracing AI, autonomous driving, solar energy, battery and energy storage, robotics, etc. Thoughts? live answered Can you please check out Arcelor Mittal (MT)? live answered The guest keeps saying “tight stops”. What defines her “tighter stops”? 1% ? ‘-3% to -5% from purchase For what it’s worth, I like the screen that shows the person talking only and that that you can move that image on the screen to allow a bigger chart image Is that what you’re able to do right now? Ali, if the user changes to fullscreen in the view option the chart expands to the full screen and the speaker screen can be moved anywhere on top of the chart.” Just replicated this — thanks, Jeffrey! What does Eve think about MRVI live answered What is Eve’s book title? The Lifecycle Trade Hi Eve. thanks for joining us today. Great to be here! Thanks! Eve- what is a “tight stop” for an IPO? 10% in a stronger market? live answered Can you look at SNOW today Hard to understand why this stock can’t get out of its own way with triple-digit revenue growth. Just can’t get excited about it after 57% pullback. Ed – Can you please announce the symbol when you change screens? When you say “What do you think about THIS ONE” — i cant watch the screen constantly, i am listening mostly, and I cant tell what stock you are talking about! Good point! I’ll try to remember. CROX – joining the S&P MidCap 400 from the S&P SmallCap 600. This causing the price drop today? If so, what’s behind this (e.g. index funds adjustments)? fewer midcap funds than small cap funds – so index fund holdings may fall by moving up to the MidCap Guys, have a look at Vista Outdoor! live answered EVE—Please define the “tight” stops you mentioned for your current IPO positions. In your IBD interview with Irusha, you said you widened your stops for IPOs to 10 percent (or more) because their volatility was causing you to frequently get stopped-out with conventional O’Neil rules. Thanks. live answered FCX is really moving Yes, good to see! Glad I got into VSTO yesterday !! Great job! Ed – you just did it again (not announce the symbol) – with GM Didn’t even notice. Sorry. Would love to hear Eve’s thoughts on DASH & ABNB live answered With the market uptrend under pressure why is the team talking about buying extended and taking on more risk? A stock that breaks out of a base may be more than 10% above its 10-week line, but the proper buy zone for a breakout before it’s considered extended is 5% above the prior resistance level/left side high of base. We don’t advocate buying extended! Good morning, thoughts on CELH. Thanks Price action is too wide and loose for me and 42% pullback is a bit steeper than we like to see. Not a buyer here. Good morning: How about GME? nice action today after two days of big gains. Obviously, highly speculative but solid rally off lows today. Thoughts on MSFT as it pulls back to it’s 50 again…… Heavy volume on the way down and low volume on the way up. Holding 50-day line so far, but I’m not a buyer. What is the minimum daily dollar volume that Eve will trade $20 mil EVE, WILL YOU EXPLAIN HOW YOU USE ATR? Hey John! This is part of today’s poll Please explain Average True Range. Part of today’s poll! 🙂 Where do we go to see what screens Eve uses? I’ve added a question on screening to today’s poll 🙂 Is UPS a high tight flag on the weekly chart? has the look, but high tight flags form after 100% gain from buy point. UPS is just showing tight action after a breakout. Still a compelling setup. Yes I can do that now for a while I had hosts on the right hand side of my screen and couldn’t manipulate it at all and lost that much of the chart image Thanks for the feedback, David! Is liquidity also important for small investors? Absolutely. Our general cutoff is average daily dollar volume of at least $25 million. Good morning. Could we look at RBLX for an IPO ? Thanks Very extended. Don’t chase it. Harold, if you don’t like BA, how about HWM? Thoughts? Very nice move, strong RS line on weekly And Eve drives a TSLA! 😉 Forgot to mention that! 🙂 “Alissa, Thanks for the SxS explaination. I hear you. I also feel strongly that seeing only the charts, plus a very tiny (1″” on a 27″”monitor) single speaker view is not as engaging as seeing all 4 team members at once & larger on the
right. I’m pretty sure the majority of the poll respondants did not understand your question or did not understand the terms “”standard mode”” vs “”Side by Side mode”” when they answered. There is a large wasted dark space on the right when in single speaker mode. So single speaker mode doesn’t really make the charts measurably bigger. Also when in SxS mode, the view can drag the border between chart & 4 people to adjust size. I always did that to make room for my Word window so I can take notes. It used to be that (until recently) the IBDL show was always presented in SxS mode, but viewers could select speaker view if they wanted. That would solve it for everbody, right? Anyway, thanks for your answers, entheusiam, & thanks for caring about producing a quality & educational show.” Yes looking for a solution that makes it flexible/customizable for all! to Ali – happy to help with Zoom viewing for IBD Live! Let me know if you need any additional information – screen captures, live screen sharing from Mpls, etc. Will let you know -thx! 10 week MA is same as 50 day MA, correct? TY Basically, it is the same moving average. More here — and to the IBD Team in LA – current weather condition in Mpls is rain all day with high temp expected of 46 and overnight low temp of 37 . . . BRRR!! 69-72 here in West LA for the next 10 days, lows around 58-60. 🙂 My question for Eve, her 10% stop on ipo’s is it a trailing stop? From her purchase price! SNOW – looking for thoughts? live answered Harold What are your thoughts on CCS I was looking at the consolidation on the weekly, it has a strong RS line Please review TXG. Thank you. The weekly chart looks terrible. Usually we talk about decisive closes below the 10-week, but this sliced through the 40-week. It will take some time to repair itself. SNOW holding 50day, can you review. I believe Eve mentioned this as one of her “rare jewels”? live answered I am glad to see more women making a name for themselves in the Investing/Trading world. Great to see Eve on today and Kathy previously. Really enjoy the book (Kurt & Eric brought it to my attention. Heck of a team). Another guest that I’d love to see in the future is Beth Kindig. Thanks for the tip, Anthony! SNX – RS Line New High — 5.5% from 10-wk. Lightly traded 335K, but, acting well from 5-wk consolidation. It’s a slow mover but working. Great to have Eve on IBD Live. Really enjoying her comments. live answered What exactly is ADR? Mahalo For stocks that trade on a foreign exchange, it gives a listing for a domestic exchange. We talk about them being “gappy” at times because you will get the action happening on the foreign exchange and then it opens on the domestic exchange
at a different level. (ADR = American Depositary Receipt) SwingTrader, I keep getting the message I have to wait I’ve tried too many times when I click on the alert. Maybe because I have it opened in another tab? But shouldn’t I be able to click on the alert to get the details? Hi Shari – it only lets you refresh the page once every 60 seconds because we’re trying to prevent algos from crawling the page and beating our subscribers to the punch with a trade. But you shouldn’t get that error the first time you look
at the page — only when you refresh. Let me know if that’s the case or not! Is there a Rare Jewel screen in market smith? This screen is not in MarketSmith Hey Ali, how do I change my screen name for IBDLive? On all my other Zoom meetings/webinars it shows as Tony… Hm, that’s a great question! I’d imagine it’d be in your Zoom settings. Or the first time you launched the show, maybe that’s what was in there and it remembered it. Eve, thanks for answering the questions about SNOW. Much appreciated! live answered Awesome analysis on $SNOW Eve live answered Is Eve looking at coin? live answered Buying PUTS is a hedge.. is selling covered calls considered a hedge? I don’t usually hedge with covered calls. I look at it as more of an income play. Sure, you could look at it as giving you extra cushion (the income effectively lowers your cost basis) but if the stock continues down you will continue losing
money. FDX breaking out live answered Here’s what happens. I have a ST tab open and the alert comes in on my computer, I click it and get that message. Ahhh OK. yeah I guess our site already sees your IP address on our page so it’s getting confused. I’ll pass this along to our product folks! Thank you, Shari! FDX coming out of a tight area today live answered FDX? live answered to Ed, Eve & team – on a lark, we bought COIN (Coinbase Global) on the first day, within the first hour. A small position as a learning, educational experience – an investing training class. We have held and not sold – what an education
!!!! COIN’s action is exactly why we always wait for an IPO base and don’t buy on the first day! Maybe crypto will have its day again in the sun, but that’s not happening at the moment Analyst’s price targets for FDX shows it still has ways to go live answered thanks for adding F to the leaderboard. I added lot with confidence. looks like it is going to good performer live answered How do you tell the $ liquidity? Take the average volume and multiply by price. It’s a screening element on MarketSmith and you can add it to your stock lists. I have it on all of mine. Can we take a look at WSM coming off earnings last night. live answered Today I lost the “side-by-side” option in Zoom, specifically for IBD Live. Is there any reason? Will it return? Thanks Hi Richard! The host is manually changing it to Standard on his/her end since the majority of the audience said that was their preference when polled. In the meantime, we’re still working with the Zoom team for a solution that will allow flexibility
on the viewer end like we used to have! Thank you for your patience! can we please look at spr:) live answered to Ed – are you holding ZIM (Zim Integrated Shipping)? Current price near $42; do you expect to see continued upside in the near future? Thanks! Still have my “core” holding. Want to get in to RBLX badly. Know it’s extended. Any suggestions? Wait for a new proper setup! It’s in its early stages, so if it’s a true leader it will provide another opportunity FTNT looks to be the best in the Security software space. It’s 100% in the CAN SLIM model. And a Long-Term Leader. How tight are Eve’s stops? She said -3% to -5% from her purchase price in these conditions Great show, Ed gets the Best out of everyone including Justin’s laughs! Enjoyed Eve’s point of view and her approach to considering and buying IPOs live answered God Bless you, Eve! live answered Loved having Eve on the show today! live answered Love Eve! Book her again Danno! live answered Justin, both you and Eve make for a great team…you ask the great questions that elicit excellent response from Eve…glad to hear Eve…amazing lady power!. Totally! Thank you for touching on the emotional thought process side of trading there, ya’ll. I think we could always use more of that! Very important aspect of trading, surely. Come back Eve! Great to hear! Eve was great Cool Thanks for joining, Eve! Agree Great to hear from Eve. Thx You’re welcome! Justin and Ed to host all special guests!!! Great job Nice!

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