IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day HERO That’s it! Don’t need to be a hero to be a good investor, Hat Man! That’s really true as well, David! Cheers GM Team. Do you (or did Bill) use Limits Orders near the 10Week MA to enter 10-week touches / rebounds/ pullbacks? Thanks. -PaulG He was always a market order guy. Good Morning Where do I find the most recent Weekly Spread sheet for the Industry leaders up date? Hi! I linked it over at Is there a monthly leaderboard webinar today? Yes. At 1:30pm Pacific. David (Hatman): It’s always interesting to listen to the different bands and observe people! So cool. I’d like to go someday, Peter! Ali, watched investing strategies. Very good show. Excellent interviews. Good info from the crocs, csco, and kornit execs. Thank you so very much for watching, Steven! And really glad you found the interviews to be insightful. Cool we are able to get some great info on fundamental stories directly from these execs. Morning all, can we get David Ryan’s take on the following steel stocks – CLF, NUE, STLD, MT? Yesterday didn’t look so good. live answered Dave Ryan – last Tuesday you were over 40% in cash. Have you changed you allocation. Any thoughts on RVLV and ENPH this morning – Thanks live answered Hi gang – was stopped out of CrowdStrike yesterday – how does look now? We’ll check in on it! 🙂 Can David Ryan talk a little about how he finds his buys? For example PKI which has been on a tear. live answered upstart. probably wore everyone out. Broke above 50 day yesterday good volume. Right at the 135 resistance level. Lets see which way this breaks. Would like to see it stay above that 50-day MA, Greg! I think lower interest rates help the company. GM! Worried about GNRC. Changing character or taking a breath? live answered Just a quick note, not a question. I’ve been watching pretty much every day for a couple of months. I am learning a great deal. Thanks for doing this Hi Daniel, thanks for feedback, glad to hear for sure. Keep on learning 🙂 Id love to hear D Ryan take on TSLA live answered what was the ticker to the stock that Chris said was breaking out? ZI YOU got a downgrade this morning live answered What was Chris’s 2 stocks. MRVI, ZI Good Morning. First, I just wanted to say how great this show is. It is by far the best educational “tool” I have found! Thank you and I appreciate all your efforts. Hi Michael, Thanks a lot. We appreciate the feedback. 🙂 Can we look at EPAM earnings in 2 days What a strong, steady climb! For those who bought the March breakout or rebound off the 21-day in mid-May, looks like a hold to me ABNB u/g by Keybanc – 180 PT — 8/21 ema crossing above with gap up > 50dma — nice set up for starter long Thanks for that intel, Randall. I wrote a story on ABNB, and let’s see if it really starts building the right side of a good first-stage base! Good morning, comments on the run TX (Ternium Sa) is having. Is it worth taking partial profits before earnings (after the bell today) or did it trigger the 8-week hold rule.? live answered I am sorry, I cant find the link to the industry group list… I looked in the live.. faq page… do you have a link… Above the list of August guests, you will see this: Weekly Industry Group Analysis ROKU? live answered ZI is this gap buyable, or do you play it? live answered David Ryan, in addition to discussing DOCU’s pullback, may we look at ROKU and discuss whether that is normal or abnormal? thank you very much, live answered SEDG — Blasted through a downward sloping trendine. live answered Good Morning, any insights of KNBE after earnings, for David Ryan Unfortunately this one did a full round trip of gains from that IPO base breakout. Lot of damage now. Let’s see if a good new base forms. Scoot Sinclair in the background! Nice! Joined to watch 🙂 Ended up on the panel! SNOW pushing up to minor resistance live answered RBLX this morning…. Why..?? CRSR & TTWO tumbled on earnings while Chinese online gaming firms slammed on crackdown firms. So perhaps some sympathy selling. Please have Marketsmith update the GE chart, yesterday was a 1-8 reverse split and it shows the price jumping up from their previous price to current I will reach out to the team, Johnny, perhaps it takes a day for something like this unusual 1 for 8 reverse split! Scott Sinclair in the background! Nice! Joined to watch and ended up on panel 🙂 Hello to the IBD Live family! Alive in Mpls here; streaming on the work desktop; not watching constantly, but listening to the commentary on speakers. So nice to hear you all again!! Good morning, Scott! Good to have you live. More power in ZM! Looking for the next take-out of 780.79! live answered CLX What’s going here??? Earnings. Correction: TSLA! lol live answered David R- what do you think of the recent movements on GNRC? live answered Thoughts on ZI? live answered Following David I hit the wrench on top right of the graph. It doesn’t seem to want to change …. ? Not available for daily, but is available for weekly Could you look at ENPH also today live answered Thoughts on ENPH? live answered amd looks kinda vertical That’s what you want to see on a breakout. Hi, can we check SEDG ? Is it actionable at this breakaway gap? live answered How did MRVI *not* appear on the ready or watch lists? Fundamentals look good, etc. Hard to get every good stock! To me, Zoom Video has formed a very nice cup with handle and is doing some very nice back and forth action – would you all please talk about ZM? Thank you I suppose if you start the base in February, you could have a cup-with-handle base with a 406.58 buy point. Much of this “base” formed below the 200-day line – where it’s still fighting today. It certainly could work, though I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t moved more given the Covid spike and related restrictions. I’m not a huge fan of buying low in the base. Seems like there are a number of software names – DOCU/CRWD/ZS/SHOP/NET come to mind – that are at new highs, flashing multiple buying opportunities in the past couple of months. I also second Linda Davis’ comment… Thank you, Lisa! 🙂 “Good morning. Your thoughts on SQ It gapped up yesterday on heavy volume however it is reversing today Thanks. Zee” It’s not really surprising – a 10% spike followed by a 3% drop. Bitcoin down a lot the past two days and the market slightly lower this morning. Of course, the fact that it’s not surprising doesn’t mean it’s fun if SQ is dipping below your
entry. BNTX the puts are thin thin volume , :/ The December 380 put with a 0.5 delta is trading 84 by 88. You could put a limit order in and see if you can narrow the spread. Fabless? Fabless means the chip “maker” doesn’t actually have its own plant to make the chips. AMD, Nvidia, Apple, for example, all use chip foundry Taiwan Semiconductor to make their chip designs. OMI ??? Looked it was setting up nicely – but obviously a bad reaction to earnings. Haven’t looked at the results. I’m sorry if I missed the communication, however, I believe I heard that David’s 4 stages of a growth stock would be published. Has it been released? Yes! Available at 🙂 AMD is worthy of 8 week hold.? Not up 20% yet. But looks like it could reach that level in less than 3 weeks. LLY reported earnings this AM and is showing an upside reversal. Any comments? Nice. The initial #s looked just OK, but I didn’t dig deep. I don’t think there’s a buying opportunity but good news for LLY holders. check out TGT Keeps steadily rising. I don’t see a buying opportunity. But it’s acting great. whats your take on AFRM Popped Monday – perhaps on takeover hopes – after Square agreed to pay $29 billion for Afterpay. But awfully close to the low of its base. Please look at HOOD, as a new IPO. Nice action. But too short for even a razor-thin IPO base. We’ll keep an eye on it when it starts to settle down. TX isn’t the leader? It’s the leader. It’s just up so much that the rest of the pack can’t see it… Please include TX in your steel analysis live answered TX has been doing pretty good for awhile. It’s a steel play. What are your thoughts? Well extended from a buy area after a double bottom breakout in early July. Looking great as a hold into earnings for those who own it – nothing wrong with locking in some profits before earnings, either! David Ryan: I love you man, I learned a lot from you! live answered Where can we find the time companies report? “We have an earnings calendar that shows the date for the coming/current week’s key reports. … But for a specific company, you should check with the company itself. In your search bar, type in the ticker + investor relations and look at news releases/upcoming events for a definitive answer.” X please TX, NUE, STLD look like the leaders of the group Does it concern you that stld shows slower growth in 2022 – EPS Good question. I think the assumption is that steel prices will fall sharply next year (a lot of steelmakers show EPS declines for 2022 est.) … perhaps as supply ramps up and demand levels off. But who knows! Lets revisit ZI Doesn’t look so hot, does it? so traditionally David R doesnt like to buy cups without handles? yes ‘@Ed Carson – I managed to avoid a big L – Chris’ analysis has seriously helped me with leanring about Gaps Great! So important to wait at least a few minutes before jumping in. Guys – it’s my first day, all good so far… just struggling to see the ready list? Go to yesterday’s episode on the IBD Live home page. In the recap you will find a link to the Q&A and the watch lists. Welcome, Ben! For more help and to familiarize yourself with all things IBD Live, be sure to check out our FAQ page
at 🙂 KMX is breaking out, breaking through a resistance zone this morning on nice volume live answered Chris – are you thinking that SIR DOG stocks are leading? Definitely coming back, but a lot tech growth stocks are doing well. There is a webinar on iPad app this morning, in about an hour. live answered GM to all. When Dave stated that he looks at about 1000 stocks in the weekend. I don’t believe you can do detailed analysis. Hence What are the things that one should focus and cover about 1000 stocks to pick a small group where detailed analysis
can be done and be prepared to buy in the following week. Thanks for your response. He isn’t doing detailed analysis. That’s his quick scanning for patterns. Once he finds an interesting setup, then he can stop and do the detailed analysis. That’s exactly what Bill would do as well with a physical book. He would rip out the
page of stocks that looked interesting to him for the detailed analysis. how could I review the IPO webinar of last week All of our webinars are archived in a playlist at 🙂 Old fav…DDOG? Acting well, hovering in a buy zone – but earnings are in two days. Chris, thank you for the IPO early stage research. My thoughts were the same way, treating them like a long-swing trade. Also, it was helpful when DR went through PYPL and that stock took quite a while to become something special. Especially in this market where there is a lot of hot money chasing these names. Thank you for covering HOOD. I am been watching it since it IPOd. I bought a small portion after the IPO. I appreciate the words of caution. live answered did i miss the poll today? No poll today! 🙂 Hatman – excellent job on the news, excellent pacing. Hi Victor, thank you very much! Just needed a little extra water to get through all the news! PFE was awarded a US Army contract for 500 M Covid vaccines. Maybe that is contributing to BNTX That’s big! Good morning! Very curious about your thoughts on GNRC. I hope it’s just taking a breath. So far, it still has yet to close below the 50-day MA. ALI — Thus, I’m using YETI as my precedent for CRWD. I envision CRWD to act similiarly to YETI. I’m being very patient with both, which, thus far has paid off for YETI. I like that comparison, Peter AMAT – seems to be tightening up. Minervini VCP pattern ? Answered live Hatman – nice coverage on liquidity on Covered calls. Appreciate it Sara! Will the leaderboard call be recorded and sent out after? I will have try to listen on my phone… Yes, we will include a link to the webinar and to the QA summary in the round-up. Great job all! Later Ali! Yay! Excellent group, learning, discussion. Bravo and thanks again!! Thank you Robin!

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