IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A terrific Tuesday morning to the entire IBD Live International Team from Minneapolis! Let’s do this !! Hey Scott! Yes. Let’s do this!!! Still would like to know how you analyze GDDY chart. Very unusual pattern Look at the monthly chart β€” even though the stock is trading higher now than its high in 2018, the relative strength line has lagged for the last few years. And not seeing the RS line perk up at all in recent months. It’s been failed breakout after failed breakout for GDDY over the last year. We’re focusing on other stocks in the software sector! Oh no! Please break the Spotify!!! Where’s the mute button??? Uh oh! Sorry! You can mute! Spice Girls on Tuesday – just for Dr DR !! We’re trying to spice up your investing life on Tuesday! Backstreet boys to the Spice girls. Where will we go next? Who knows! Ticker of the day SG. But backstreet boys followed by Spice Girls? Jeeez! Only once. This one time, Mark! Lot of option activity on PLTR ? live answered Spice girls for the win Exactly Seth! Appreciate your spirit! Good morning, OLO traded below 35, bounced off the 10 week {first test since base b/o} and closed at 34.77. What are David Ryan’s thoughts please? live answered Past Time to cut OLO? live answered to Hat Man & team – “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want” – a good Tuesday morning with IBD Live – that’s what we want . . . Yes!! We hope this show can spice up your investing life too When a stock is removed from and replaced by another stock in the IBD 50 Top Ten, does that mean discontinue holding the position removed? The IBD 50 is an algorithm-based list, so additions/removals are made by the computer, not humans! Finally some pop, instead of all that weird guitar 70’s rock the team have been obsessed with for a year! Good shout guys. We’re mixing it up this week! Can we deduct this song off the membership? Ha! I had no idea Hat Man was going to play that this morning Gooood Moorrning IBD LIVE! Hi Shane! Someone left their MP3 player on !! Haha! Good morning GM Maruta GM Fellow Travelers! GM James!! NIO – Lots of option activity live answered to the Team – “If you want to be my lover”? That’s a bit much for IBD Live, maybe? Just a popular song from the 1990s, many of the rock songs we’ve played have been about love! I’m looking forward to today’s Dave & Dave show, but how about some music from Frank Sinatra. Love this suggestion! Rachel is back!!!!!!!!hello from Italy Bon journo, Luciano! nice to see, go england Gonna be a great match! Nice to see another woman on the team! Welcome! Rachel has been doing a great job with her stories and the weekly options videos as well. to Rachel Fox – welcome to IBD Live again! Thank you! glad to be here good morning. Can we look at Sector Leader FOXF? Moving above trend line now. Getting closer to 161.23 pivot. Looks good. Morning – IPO ZIP is setting up live answered OK tomorrow can you play the Partridge Family. LOL Never know! πŸ˜‰ Hi good morning, how to evolve in the trade when you enter with half position? I face several occasions where I am doing very good, but with all half positions….thanks There are a few ways to do this. You can “pyramid” into a position β€” half position to start, another 30% when you’re up ~2%, and another 20% when you’re up another ~2% to get you to a full posiiton. Another option would be to add to your position when you see a new proper buy area, like a rebound off the 50-day after an orderly pullback, breakout from a three-weeks-tight, reversal off the 21-day etc. Check out for resources! David Ryan, can you look at Brooks Automation BRKS in semi-conductor equip? Thanks live answered to Hat Man & team – we review the IBD Live Q&A each afternoon; and we have found several good stock ideas as we review the ticker symbols discussed. Hope so!! Good Morning re Alexa i was looking to add IBD news update , but could not find where to do so. Is there a link ? Here you go! πŸ™‚ can you take a look at baba as an early entry with tight stop live answered Good day to all from sunny Prague! Hi Stephen! Have you been watching the Euro 2021? GM Team : Whats the David stocks this morning? join late Focusing on semiconductor stocks, SMH. David on your SIR DOG names from May 5th, Clearly some have underperformed – what are you thinking this morning. Thanks Funny you should mention it, David Ryan will be doing a segment on it this morning. Good to have Rachel today.. Looking forward to your analysis. Love your articles… Awesome to hear! Doesn’t JEF show railroad tracks on the weekly? Railroad tracks are something to look for after a stock has been running, not within a base. no voice again>< Hi! Check your Zoom audio settings and your device audio settings. Check your internet connection and try to close extra open applications and remove other devices from your network. If all that doesn’t help, try leaving and rejoining the meeting Hatman – UPST are you getting back in??? Hi James! Not yet. I am watching and waiting. My position is at average cost of 104. I did sell part of the position in other accounts when it moved past 140, knowing how this one is so wild. I also have the covered call at $240 strike in Jan 21, 2022 that I sold at $20.93. It’s currently trading near $10. Let’s keep watching! Cheers, Dave Thoughts on FIGS more upside??? Hard to know, Paul! Perhaps let’s see if it tests the 10-day MA, which is trying to hard catch up. not sure why but my RS# is gone from my MS graphs, any help? Try changing your chart… let me know if it’s showing up now. It is for me Welcome back Rachel and thanks for EXPD from last time! Nice! Der hut ist deutsche…nein? Ja, mein Lodenhut es von Deutschland! I habe es in Oberammergau gekauft. SNAP – you have liked the name – would you be adding here?? live answered Love to hear Davis Ryan’s take on fabless chip designer AMBA live answered Good Morning, what about MRIN? New rocket! Extended. Must be some news? An acquisition, Tim? Music going downhill fast!!! Webby, please come back and save this group!!! Ah, don’t worry, we’ll rotate Sid!!! πŸ™‚ GM Rachel, good to see you. I love your option show! Cool! Thanks Andrew! can we look at UPWK. It has high tight flag and and is owned by 2 of my favorites T. Rowe and Lord Abbett Looks great. Not a high tight flag by definition but holding gains nicely after strong move last week. Could see an alt. entry soon after initial breakout over 51.84 buy point. STOCKS ON SMH ARE LOW IN BASE BUT SMH ITSELF SETTING UP. WHAT SHOULD BE THE STRATERGY. ONLY SEEMS MRVL BROKE OUT. Nice to see this one doing well, good point. good to see hat man rooting for the right team Ha ha! I am rooting for Harry and Co.! I like England’s rebound from some dark years, David! DAVID PLEASE ZOOM IN BIT Thanks! I did a little late this time GM thoughts on SOXL as well live answered how come I can not have the voice Have you tried this yet? β€”> Hi! Check your Zoom audio settings and your device audio settings. Check your internet connection and try to close extra open applications and remove other devices from your network. If all that doesn’t help, try leaving and rejoining the meeting Does VEEV look like a sell due to the wedging on the right side of the base? live answered FIGS – approaching 50 – time to add? Too extended. Needs to consolidate. Can you guys look at PLUG Still building that base; perhaps 34.48 is a very aggressive entry? What’s your take on CNXC? What a crazy shakeout last week – but on that bad day shares closed very well. Just below a buy point. Would you guys be down to touch on PINS and that double bottom base? Not a fan of the current base but if the stock starts to move sideways from here and forms a handle, gets a little more interesting. Overall though, seems like there are better opps out there. Brooks Automation BRKS? BRKS is suddenly lagging. I don’t know why it sold off so hard and has struggled to rebound relative to other chip gear firms. Thoughts on LRCX off a trandline seems like a reasonable entry here in anticipation of breakout over 673.80 entry. Audio keeps going out. Hi, sounds fine on my end β€” Check your internet connection and try to close extra open applications and remove other devices from your network. If all that doesn’t help, try leaving and rejoining the meeting I’m new. How can I find that watch and ready list that Hat Man Mentioned? go to … next to archived shows we have a recap summary. In that summary is a link to the edited Q&A and …. finally … the watch/ready lists. Those are updated every day after IBD Live. Thanks for providing View Options, to select vidoe display mode and hide it if necessary. Yes, sounds like our viewers prefer our view options on Tuesdays! Dave is running a very outdated version of Zoom. We didn’t know until the rest of us updated our Zoom software that in the newer versions, they got rid of the flexibility for audience view settings. We’ve worked with the Zoom team on this, and they recommended to us to submit a product feature request… so we’re trying to see what we can do! Ali – I know IBD Team sends the recap of IBD live show on a daily basis but is there a link that has the archive of the past shows? I couldn’t find that in FAQ page. I delete the emails periodically, so I can’t refer to emails for the past links. Thanks! Hi! If you’re on you will see a carousel of videos from the last several weeks! We don’t have a complete historical archive available, but we do cut educational clips from various episodes and add them to and our video landing page to Team – PATH (UiPath, Inc) – down 5% this morning (around $68) after a nice break above the $70 yesterday; your thoughts? Danger of buying stocks as the pop off the bottom. Fell to fresh low, paring losses now. Saw report that there was some block sale. Do you fond the RS line troubling on COST? Yes, it’s definitely not ideal and shows the stock has been struggling. It only has a year-to-date gain of roughly 4%. SWKS making a move ? Nice volume Starting to see the right side of a base. You’re right – nice volume. Should we think of FIGS as an 8 week hold or is it too soon as an IPO and think about taking profits? Excellent question. If I owned it with a big profit, I’d give it more room to work, using the 10-day line around 42.66 as a stop (although I would fault anyone who wanted to take partial profits now). SNOW has been tightening pretty well around 21 EMA. is it actionable? Resistance near 250, but stock would be actionable it it can break out over 255.99 pivot (6/8 intraday high) WOuld love to hear a discusson on TAN Definitely under accumulation but after 8 gains in 10 sessions, I’d like to see some sideways movement above 200-day line. Let it take a breather. Is tGT extended Looks great but is extended here. enjoy listening to Rachel who is very knowledgeable, hope you willl have her on a regular basis Yes, she’s great! COIN is also looking great Yesterday’s action seemed like an interesting turning point, great to see it up again today Was wondering about OLO and what David Ryan is planning live answered PLease have Rachel on as often as possible as a replacement for Ali. I really like her technical analysis. Rachel is great! So glad she’s on the show! are captchas finally coming to swing trader? i have been really struggling with using the tool when the alerts come out! are u guys planning on fixing this anytime soon, or is it less of a priority? i will try using the service either way, but it would be very helpful to have the captchas Hey Doug! It’s in the works as we speak. I don’t have a timeline but I know it’s something the team is prioritizing i got it thank you Alissa Great! Is ZIM headed to the 50-day? I don’t know. Testing the 21-day again. Not too far above the 10-week line. ASAN – how to identify a Climax top?? I”m trying to hold 50% of my position but don’t want to ride it back down… If it starts gapping up from here, that would be a telltale sign. If it were me, I’d sell another 25% if break of 10-day line (58) and sell the rest if break of 21-day line (51.50) Check out Doximity Going up up up. Looking forward to it settling down for an IPO base. Good morning – any update on UPST? Trading around its 50-day line. could someone explain the green flag rule? Power from pivot: stocks that have advanced at least 20% from the buy point in 15 days or three weeks will get the green flag Good morning, thoughts on ESTY. Thanks Cleared an aggressive entry yesterday What’s up with TSP?!?!? What do you mean? Trading flat near record highs as it runs from IPO base a few weeks ago. UPWK is showing positive action – any thoughts? Looks good. Extended from the early entry, moving toward a traditional buy point. Would be nice if it could settle down, form a handle before breaking out. TTD – It is hard for me to interpret TTD’s chart. So, HELP!!!!! The volume looks great and Google’s delay regarding cookie tracking appears to be a great catalyst, along with it beastly sales and earnings. How would you play this stock? With its explosive move last week, would be ideal to see the stock settle down here for a little bit before continuing higher DOCU is approacing a buy point… Thoughts? ALso part of IBD 50 I believe… It’s near the top of a long consolidation, but it’s also up for six straight weeks. I own it and will considering adding to position after some sideways movement. Not a buyer now. GM all. Could you discuss WKHS please? 18.59 looks like a legit pivot to me but 200-day line just below 20 is potential resistance level to watch. There should be one more in the poll: I don’t have enough money to invest to pyramid in. Great point, Denise! another option for your poll, I start with a full position and add if the market/stock so indicates Yes, another great option. ORLY is a cup FYI setting up It is looking pretty good – so are AAP and AZO Looks like PATH is going to be real big air a big dud. The way it is behaving. So hard to hold. Buying “hot” stocks around a bottom offers big risk/rewards, prone to big reversals. We can’t see poll results sharing now πŸ™‚ Ive been trying to take a position in QFIN which has come down. Is stock now approaching a buy area? QFIN has already broken out from the most recent buy area and reached the profit zone. It’s best to wait until this one builds a whole new base and gets ready for the next move. What would be to difference in starting out with a half position and starting at 50%? No difference! Just another way of explaining it A good place to add to POOL? live answered POOL, would you add or even start a new position here? live answered what is the story with ZIM canot find any news for the decline Still holding its 21-day line oh i see a response now thanks! Of course! is there a good ETF for the banks? XLF is one of the more liquid finanical ETFs. JPMorgan is a top holding, along with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup. ADDITIONAL ANSWER: Hi Rachelle! For the broad financial sector, you can use XLF. The SPDR Bank ETF is KBE. For regional banks, you can use KRE. FAS gets you 3x the performance of the Russell 1000 financial services index Is Harold in on the POOL move today? live answered Is Klic actionable? Not at these levels β€” if you missed the breakout last week, wait for a new proper entry POOL live answered POOL – Formed a 5-day (tightening) Pennant and acting well this morning — Average Volume: 259,400 — +1.65% Vol: +52% live answered Is MTCH actionable??? It’s above the short-term resistance of 160.25 … but maybe it’ll form a handle starting with last week’s high. That might be a better entry. Ali, thanks for answering my question on TTD. Much appreciated! Any time, Joseph! We’re only seeing one speaker and no screen share. Hey John! You should be able to adjust the settings on your end Wow – what an added value with David R. Wealth of knowledge as well as a key eye on trends. IBD did such a great pick. We’re SO happy David Ryan is a weekly panelist! Perhaps rising fuel costs are weighing on domestic airlines? Possibly, also hopes of a pickup in international travel fading fast due to spread of covid delta variant What about Hayward Pool? live answered DOCS anyone? Was that a one-day IPO base on its first day of trade, Marty? πŸ˜‰ pool still actionable? Near top of 5% buy zone but not extended yet. Talking pools HAYW makes salt water chlorinating systems for pools. live answered Notice $DASH hovering right above its IPO weekly closing price. πŸ™‚ Definitely in a new accumulation phase. I like the sideways action after strong run-up from 134.12 low. Pool seems to have a choppy up move – start and stop kind of move. Long-Term Leaders often consolidate, move up a bit, consolidate. They can seem boring – but then you look at a monthly chart. thoughts on HAYW? live answered IPO HAYW looks to be setting up. Same pool group live answered YETI? Nice bounce back from 50-day line in past few days. SWIM, average volume is non existent. What about that live answered MRNA any news? big breakout today Might have been positive news about how Moderna’s vaccine handles variants. But big move. SWIM – Fiberglass pool Manufacturer live answered Pool builders backed up at least a year appts. live answered Thoughts on PLBY? Big jump. I’d like it to get above its 50-day line first. Also ONLY seeing DRyan. Can’t find any option to see all panelists. Only other option is to swap size of D Ryan and graphs screen. Click on the view button in the upper right corner of your zoom screen DV Nice powering higher after one-day tumble seemingly related to Google cookie extension news. So here is my feeling about UPST, the price action has been tightening up nicely, The downside is that there has been heavy selling. That could represent overhead supply being dumped, which again would make the tight price action impressive. Maybe? would you wait for volume to decrease before getting in, or is the tight price action enough to take the leap? Getting above and holding above 21-day line – perhaps last week’s high as well – to give a sense that UPST is getting past its 50-day line range. (From Dave: Yes, good point on overhead supply looming now. The bears are strong in this stock. But the bulls are too! — There must have been a recent update to the Zoom software. The view of the current speaker is not changing unless you are in Full Screen mode. Sorry about this :/ We’ve submitted a feature request to the Zoom team to have them restore full flexibility with the view settings for the audience SE: Is it concerning that it is in a 4th stage base? Definitely not ideal. A first or second stage base would be best. But as David is mentioning, it’s worth weighing the negatives against the positives here. SE – on MY MARKETSMITH chart I read $ 300 while IBD LIVE is showing $60 price?????? We used the change date feature to look at the beginning of SE’s move Can you please comment on CCS? TY Failed breakout from an ascending base. We would’ve sold on that big break, and it ended up closing 9% below the 10-week line. Not buyable at these levels TSLA is trading tight after recent daily gap up, would you be buying a small position? Consolidating above trend line. Could buy it here or after clearing this mini-pause. Keep in mind that Tesla likely will report Q2 deliveries on Thursday/Friday. 780.89 is another entry later on. gotcha. thanks, Ali. guess I took a mental break! Not a problem at all, Rod! Ally, the view button only gives swap video and shared screen or fullscreen. Good to know. Are you running the latest version of the Zoom software or an older version? Just curious! Thoughts on FTNT – pulling back on analyst downgrade – normal action after an extended run? Looks normal. Trading “down” to the 10-day line. FTNT has been so smooth for weeks. Yes I think so. I updated maybe 2 weeks ago That might be why. Apparently the older versions of the software have more flexibility for webinar view settings. We’re not sure why the Zoom team did this with their software updates in 2021 What a great lesson in chart reading!!!! Thanks David!! Love when David is on. ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ IBD Live pay’s for it’s annual dues in one episode! πŸ™‚ This type of chart reading/analysis by David is an outstanding feature and should be a well advertised and regular feaure of IBD Live! live answered I would have never bought SNAP if it weren’t for being put on ST. Just because it’s not my thing. But I have a 172% gain for holding it. Thanks IBD ST!!!! πŸ™‚ Way to go, Shari!! Agree w/ Ed Rodriguez, David’s in-depth analysis is amazing! He’s great. Yay, thx for this. How about AMD ? live answered what is the definition of wedging…. david ryan refers to wedging quite a bit… thanks for your anticipated response We have a video linked over at Could I have David Ryan to answer this question, please? You cut back exposure with over 50% cash on 6/16. Did you increase exposure since the market is back to uptrend now? I (obviously) can’t speak for David, but he is VERY nimble just like Bill O’Neil so keep that in mind Thank you D Ryan for sharing your knowledge with us. Much appreciated live answered Ken, thank you for your insight. live answered When will David Ryan be on next? He’s usually on Tuesdays. I believe he’s on next Tuesday for sure. How can SIR DOG be up 44% when the largest gainer is onlu up 34% We can double check; but I think is a cumulative gain, when adding the profits in each stock vs. the losses. David Ryan Rocks Awesome would you hold SOXL? We would at this stage. MRVI seems to be bouncing off 21-day EMA today Doing what’s right

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