IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Question Answer(s) I seem to see a lot of stocks we review here that are “well-supported, however the EPS is below 80 or Groups RS may be way low to standards of CANSLIM, what does that mean? In terms of trying to follow the standards. Sorry to be late with
this question, if it makes sense 🙂 A lot of top performers this year are economic recovery plays, so fundamentals are damaged/turning around Nice jazzy morning to you! Same to you, Shari! Good morning! All Blues by Miles Davis the mini nasdaq rally off the lows the last few days has been coming in lighter and lighter volume as we get higher— major cause of concern? Team will discuss shortly! love the jazz GM all. when well the market under pressure be removed..what signs to look for? Aloha Mike! We’ll def talk about it “morning to to everyone is it a good time to buy ABNB” Stock is just trying to bottom – who knows if it will. ABNB hasn’t closed above its 10-day line since the end of April. IBD generally advocates for buying stocks that have been in an uptrend, setting up in a proper base. Buying at this point
is bottom fishing. But we don’t know if ABNB will actually rebound or keep falling. Even if ABNB rebounds, we don’t know if it’ll outperform other, traditional buying opportunities. Good morning. Had to shazam this one for the ticker of the day. And the ticker is MD You got it Mark! SNOW-making a rebound. Thoughts? Not buyable at these levels per IBD rules — let’s see what the earnings report is like tomorrow! Thoughts on SNAP, please. Identifiable down trend line on the daily and weekly charts connecting 3 points. live answered Good morning. GM Taher Good Am IBD gang. Good tunes Chris GM James! Yes we love jazz! Thanks for the Miles! Absolutely Eric! Good morning everyone! Morning Alexander! GM guys please your thought. THANKS live answered Good Morning from Historic Philadelphia Hi Dave! APPS-delayed earnings report. Suppose to be a significant beat. Thoughts? Hard to know what delayed earnings report means. We’ll have to see. Stock is well off highs. GM – Great jazz opening for the day! Cool! Gm guys please your thought of TGLS Hi Maria! Extended from a proper buyable area, but the bounce off the 10-week line after earnings would’ve been a good place when will David Ryan be on again I think David Ryan will be back on in the first half of June, but I don’t know if the dates are finalized. Good morning guys! QFIN is on my mind Looks interesting – 28.61 seems like an early entry to me – but earnings are on tap. Very risky to buy right before earnings. GM! GM Joseph! Good Morning my Friends! Hey Shane! Hello Team, can we please review HAYW, ATKR ? live answered I am taking the Market School course and I am surprised that you never review any of the 10 buy signals and 14 sell signals when discussing market indexes. We do, we just don’t refer to them in Market School terms necessarily. For those that haven’t gone through the course, it could be confusing. Thanks all and happy Wednesday! I was shaken out bad is the last couple weeks and have been sitting back and watching now. I haven’t seen good volume action since. Are there some good rules to follow during a uptrend pressure, low volume time
(besides making smaller positions)! Hey Benjamin! We like looking for entries close to the 10-week moving average, that can help prevent you from getting shaken out when a stock pulls back. But we agree this has been a very difficult market! SQ made a nice move up on Monday, is this sustainable? I don’t know. SQ found support at 200-day line, getting a lift with other highly valued growth stocks …. and with Bitcoin rebounding. So to a certain extent SQ will move with those trends. Square also might have gotten a lift Monday on reports
it’s moving to launch savings/checking accounts. All that said, SQ is well off highs, relative strength line looks terrible. Seems like there are stocks looking stronger right now. Good morning from Chicago where it’s going into the upper 80’s! Whoa! Is that early Peter? Thoughts on MSFT???? Nice move Monday above the 50-day line, breaking a trend line and reclaiming a prior buy point that’s arguably still valid. All were buy signals for MSFT. But, MSFT’s RS line has been “meh” for several months, in contrast to, say, FB/GOOGL
or several chipmakers. Are any of you starting a TQQQ position here? I took a small TQQQ stake Monday to expand my tech exposure. to Hat Man & Team – LRCX (Lam Research) is approaching a traditional buy point of 669.10 from a 7 week stage 3 consolidation base; closed Mon at 634.64, up around 641 in premarket this morning. live answered Do you feel that yesterday’s NASDAQ’s volume is a concern? It would be nice to see some volume for sure. JETS? live answered Good morning guys n gals…RBLX? thoughts? live answered Poll Question (?): How to handle a low volume breakout. Normal size (half) with tight stop, smaller position or hold off for volume move? Assuming CANSLIM factors all line up, of course. Thanks, Blaine! Would appreciate any comments on SHOP. Today will be the 8th day in a row this stock has been up. live answered Hatman – what does the market technicals need to do today – to have you change to “Market resumes Uptrend” Thanks This article covers market timing and how we determine what state the market’s currently in: SCCO – why down ? Harold? Copper prices have been trending down. Down slightly this morning. BHP signed a labor deal with a big Chilean mine – good news for BHP but less so for rivals? Thoughts on buying the grayscale Bitcoin etf? live answered Also on Friday – Chris, Justin & Chris were all protecting their cash with 60% plus allocation, did yesterday’s action change that thought process – Thanks Speaking for myself, I increased exposure to about 80% Good morning! Hope all are doing well. Interested in FISV, Yeti, airbus. Thank you. Hi Jesse! Would like to see FISV get a nice rebound off the 40-week MA. What is the starting date for the regression channel again? April 2. airliners breaking out any thoughts live answered Please demonstrate how you blow up marketsmith to 125%? Please email [email protected] for help — depends on your browser/device! Are AMAT & JBL extended to buy now? live answered Anything to help make Marketsmith more readable, is appreciated 🙂 Absolutely! YETI — Concerned with yesterday’s close and this morning’s action — filling in yesterday’s gap-up. 10-day line trending downward and about to cross below the 21-day. It’s going to be interesting if it finds support at the 21-day. I categorize
YETI as a “Pitbull” stock . . . it’s price action is volatile. Nice action lately indeed Would you like to constantly think about charging your car in addition to charging all the other stuff like the phone? Personally, I didn’t find it cumbersome (I got a plug-in hybrid so of course still had the IC backup). I just got in the habit of plugging in when I pulled in to the driveway and we have Chargepoint chargers at work. My biggest issue was unplugging
at work after being fully charged so I didn’t get charged extra. TSLA Cyber truck to possibly come out at the end of the year! Seems unlikely to have volume production until sometime in 2022. No finished design, Austin needs to be finished, 4680 production seems like it won’t be ready in volume before next year. AMAT took 4 days to retrace 50% of the 1+ month drop. Are you comfortable with the strength of this rally? Hey Stephen! I think these next few days could be important — we don’t want to be left behind if this really is the week we see a broadening of strength, but recognize we’re not out of the woods yet At least my Roombas return to the charger on their own LOL! I missed but What is the buypoint for F ? Chris is wanting a handle to form at these levels over the next few days Dave, are you willing to share the name of the arrow indicators that are on the SPX chart in your TOS platform? I noticed them when you were going over the regression lines. Thanks! Ah, not sure what those are! I am not an expert in TOS; let me take another look and find out! Thanks Al. Interesting how frequently you discuss Ford yet the price has been range bound since Jan. I thought the mindset was stocks that move quickly. The stock has doubled since last Oct. — but yes, it’s been consolidating the last few months while other groups have been running up! how does zs look? contrafund is now in Close to recent lows. We’ll see if earnings can get this cyber play a boost above the 50-day line/trend line. Financials having a solid opening: GS MS WFC AMP EVR all up at least 1%. Good point I am not trusting this market action enough to deploy much capital to single stocks. Which ETF’s would the team consider to participate in the possible short term uptreand? Adding to the poll. Thanks! JBL is looking good – could we take a look at it today? Thanks Wayne, we’ll def cover this one tomorrow. A new Leaderboard name. no sound? I’m getting sound — it could be your internet connection or a Zoom glitch. We have troubleshooting tips at Try having a dedicated internet connection, leaving the meeting and rejoining, etc. 🙂 SWAV? Too extended Hitting the 20% profit zone. APP is breaking out, can you talk about this one? Boy, straight up from the bottom! Not surprised to see APP pull back – esp. with Nasdaq off morning highs. Would be nice to see a consolidation/high handle form. Check out QFIN….looks a bit like a Mark Minervini setup? Earnings in two days — we wouldn’t be buying the stock outright at these levels with earnings due BNTX looks better than MRNA Would agree Didn’t want to talk about QFINs recent action and setup yesterday, its up another 9.2% today!! How about now?? Looks good, surging above short-term levels, but earnings on tap. So risky to buy ahead of earnings. Looks great if you’ve got a nice cushion. Harold, how do you see the multiple time frame RS average? You have to create a custom column layout with the 3 month & 6 month RS Rating Does MarketSmith offer 3 month, 6 month, 9 month Relative strength ratings? Harold just mentioned different duration RS You must create a custom column layout with 3 month and 6 month RS Rating Impressive action buy AMAT . . . . I was waiting for a pullback yesterday . . . and I’m still waiting . . . :(. Chip gear standing tall. For a poll question, when looking at a prior uptrend (NVDA) of 30% or more, when is a prior uptrend valid (please include commentary about time or base count) Thanks Saving for a future poll. Thanks, Brian! Hi! The market has been open nearly 20 minutes, but 0NDQC in MarketSmith still shows no action for the day. How long does it typically take? Typically about 20 minutes at this time. We have a lot of MS developments in the pipeline we’re excited about, though! When do you decide to ignore the MS blue buy zone and buy above it, like the discussion now about TROX? We ignore the blue zone when a stock has formed a add-on pattern i.e. support @ 10 week or 3 weeks tight pattern TSLA, yesterday is the first time in May it jumped more than 4%, and with higher volume than the day before. Is it time to open new position on TSLA? Hey Phuong! Right now it’s clinging to its 200-day line — we’d like to to clear a declining tops trendline at the very least before we put it back on our radar When viewing a List in “My Lists” in MarketSmith, is there a way to refresh the “Current Price” column values so that current prices display? Hey Stephen! I would email [email protected] so you can connect with the product coaches about this. Thanks! Ken, whats going on with SBLK, its down almost 8% today? I’m going to guess that dry bulk shipping rates are down. SBLK down sharply – but found 21-day support so far. ZIM also down. What was the ticker of Harold’s second stock? TRGP Could people be mistakenly buying MGM casino stock, thinking it is MGM Studios ? Given that many in the same space are moving as well (CZR, WYNN etc.) it seems like a group move. could MGM be up because of Amazon purchasing MGM studios… Could be – but CZR doing well and travel plays looking strong overall. So there are good group reasons for MGM to up today. Poll Question Suggestion: Please explain how to interpret the Comparison Chart MS window, say using MGM and CZR. Thanks, John! I’ll save this one for tomorrow 🙂 thank you! are you able to filter for these consolidation patterns in MS? Hey Juan! Email [email protected] for help with this GRWG is breaking the downtrend line with heavy volume. Could be starting a reversal. Still has a ways to go to break the trendline from the top of the base. Chris – is ‘Tish’ a technical charting term? How would it contrast with ‘Tosh’? 🙂 That would be a Peter Tosh. A laid back setup. Thoughts on CHGG? Really out of favor right now. You could draw a trendline on the chart. When and if it breaks it, you could reassess. But we would never be buying or holding such a stock in its current state. how do you make the trendlines to remain on MS chart. the trendline is temporary Right click on it and then it turns into an alert. UPST – my broker is borrowing the shares purchased recently, to loan on margin. Still a buy or extended? Looks like it might build a handle here. Too extended to buy right now. Brooks Automation? Good to see it back above the 50-day line, but seems like ASML, AMAT and LRCX are the leaders of the group Hi Chris, what screen did you run to find MGM? I think it came from our SwingTrader screens, which don’t have fundamentals. We’re looking for highly liquid stocks with decent recent Relative Strength that are near their 50-day or 21-day moving averages. Which one is better SOXL or SOXX? SOXL is a 3X levered version of SOXX. How much risk/reward to you want? Is there a reason MarketSmith does not show prices in my watch lists? You can add current price and price change. Just click on the wrench and go to Customize Column Layout. Does Harold do butterfly spreads? I do not trade butterflies Why not credit spread? Credit spread will work, especially now that vol has increased good morning, can you talk about ABNA. Don’t know that ticker. Harold – When you do buy a naked call, what percentage do you use as you stop? I use CAN SLIM sell rules, 7-8% below my buy price harold, how do you size position vs. buying stock? Position sizing is the same for an option or buying shares, using a percentage of my portfolio how do you make the trendlines to remain on MS chart. the trendline is temporary Right click on it and then it turns into an alert. Chris, I tried that but then it asks for a $ value for alert. I double clicked and then it seemed to take but trendline still disappeared when i changed MS chart” Turn off Pattern Rec and try again. The trend alerts can be a little squirrel-ly. Thanks Ed… BTW I really enjoy your wrap ups at the end of the market Thanks! ASML rocking live answered The stock that you looked at yeesterday: CVLT: why is this continueing to go up when the earnings are expected to go down this year and the next? The earnings aren’t expected to go down — estimates are for 18% growth in fiscal 2022 and 22% growth in 2023. In MS they are in blue so that’s how we know it’s growth rather than a decline. The red arrows next to the estimates mean the analyst
revisions have recently been revised lower Any reason why the Options for CVLT was looked upon Think Or swim when options tab is available (right panel) on MarketSmith charts ? Option info on TOS is real time, MArketSmith option data is from previous day close ASML crossed its all time high live answered I have the format including current price and price change. Problem is they all show “O” zero My are working. Can you close MS and see if it a relaunch fixes it. If not, please call your coach and see if they can figure it out. can you talk about LUV? If you put your thumb over last week’s brief attempt to clear a downtrend … then today LUV would be clearing a downtrend. A lot of airlines look strong today. Chris does the slope of the RS lines concern you on the stocks you reviewed today? The broken leaders are definitely a concern. The travel stocks are generally breaking downtrends in their RS lins as well as price. And they are not that far off recent highs. when is Mike coming back as a guest? We’d love to have Mike on! But his current job bars him from discussing the market in public. let’s look at spr! Hmm. Breaking above 50-day line and a trend line. RS line has been lagging, but may be it can bounce back. My concern is when will earnings rebound to pre-pandemic levels. May not until 2023 at the earliest. SPR looks a lot like key customer
BA. I would love to know how the search for ETFs on marketsmith. Hey Julia! We have a comprehensive list of ETFs we follow at the bottom of — you can copy/paste that into a list in marketsmith and then sort the list by % gain, etc.! Hi Chris – Can you comment on the ETF hedge idea discussed a few weeks ago? I’ve taken most of my hedge off. But if weakness returns… red/green color blind is fun with moving averages lol Oh no! Sorry about that, Kyle. The 21-day should be tighter to the price action, so hopefully that provides a clue! How long would you be holding a levered ETF? As long as it’s trending. Chris, how do you think NAIL looks today? Don’t like how it’s still below the 50-day. That was a punishing sell-off the prior two weeks. I would wait for it to reestablish the uptrend. APP shows no Fund Ownership in Marketsmith; However if you click on “Show Fund Ownership” a number of funds are listed. What am I missing? APP has no IBD Mutual Fund ownership – i.e. no mutual funds that IBD tracks for buying IBD-type stocks and with strong performance. However, some mutual funds do own it. Are there webinars on the iphone MS app? Is it possible to draw trendlines on the app? Hey Holly! I would email [email protected] to hear directly from the MS product coaches about this 🙂 why is FFTY still lagging the market if market is looking so good, growth names, any thoughts , also the averages on it are all declining Sector rotation is taking its toll. Some non-tech leading stocks that are/were in the IBD 50 came under pressure. could you show how to set a trend line alert again??thank you. Draw a line and then hover over it so it glows. Then right click it to set the alert! Gm Team… Is there a past webinar on buying on reversals a/o Screens for identifying reversals. Thank You -PaulG Hi Paul! You can watch the ETF webinar Chris mentioned, also the poll question on the 5/21 show was about identifying reversals as they happen — you can review the archive of that episode to hear the team’s discussion on that! Hat Man, thoughts on SNAP? live answered Can yall discuss your success using early entry point versus traditional pivot? Using early entries can help you stay in a stock, as a stock might pull back after clearing the traditional breakout area. If you start your position at the early entry and fill out the position as it clears the traditional pivot, that prevents
you from buying too extended. We really line trend lines as well as rebounds off the 10-week line — many times those two things coincide Shout out to the marketsmith webinar refresher on sell rules.. sold SKYT at 30% gain and it reversed 1 hour after. Awesome, Darren! can u take a look at googl? thanks live answered CRCT This is going to be a wild one. Definitely extended now. If you have a good cushion, you might be able to sit back and let CRCT run. Ed, then why on the lower left side of the Marketsmith weekly chart does it not show any funds under “No. of Funds” ? Ah, good point. Well, it’s just got a handful of funds so far. Generally look like total index funds. Any thoughts on UPST? Maybe it can form a handle here — not surprised to see it turned away at the 150 level, it hit resistance around there several times before in March/April can I watch IBD LIve on my iphone? If yes, how do I access it? Thank you. Hey Jerome! yes you can — we have the instructions at TECH looks strong with big volume yesterday and today so far Agreed day 2 for qqq above 21 another 8 days for power trend geesh? The Power Trend is based on the Nasdaq, not Nasdaq 100/QQQ. Nasdaq is above 21-day line, though. But, Nasdaq’s 21-day line is below the 50-day line. PLTR heading head on 50d That’s been the resistance area for the past few months. Even if it gets above the 50-day line or the 26-27 area, it’s still a long way from old highs. What do you have to turn off to be able to set notification on the trend line? Sorry I did not quite catch what you said. Not always, but if you’re having difficulty you can turn off pattern recognition (the orange square next to the print button at the top right of the MS chart) Any comment on TX? Below the 21-day line (much like the SLX ETF). I think the 50-day/10-week is key. So I take it that yall have had success using early entries. I would think early entries are best suited for confirmed uptrend markets. Early entries may be better than traditional breakouts in this current choppy market. With the market struggling to rise overall (the past few days aside), along with ongoing sector rotation, if you wait for a breakout, there’s a decent chance
the stock/sector/market will reverse lower. In a truly strong confirmed uptrend, if a stock breaks out you extend the general trend – uptrend – will continue indefinitely. You can still use early entries in strong uptrends (perhaps to
start a position) but the edge is a little less vs. breakouts in that investing climate. What are your thought on Banking stocks please? All looked on breaking out then pulled back. Money center banks like MS still looking good Please see MS, thanks.. Looking good as it clears a three-weeks-tight this week can you take look at coin? It’s in a downtrend — let’s see if it can start meaningfully moving higher and formulate a proper setup! CROX – Can you discuss it here as it’s found good support at 21 day. If you owned it would you consider adding to it here? The price action looks good, but no volume today. CRWD … could it be a buy here? I see a trend line that it’s breaking … close to some short-term levels. However, ZS/OKTA report this week and CRWD next week. I’ve never seen Harold this focused? Is this a positive sign in the market? What is he locked into??? Probably on the Q&A answering questions. I see on IBD stock quotes which will show which one is the leader of the group. For example, if you put in LRCX, it will show the info on LRCX but shows it’s 4th in the group and ASML is the 1st of the group. May I ask what criteria the website
use to decide? It’s by Composite Rating and then if there’s a tie, I believe it’s alphabetical Would you comment on MAR Bouncing back with other travel-type stocks, but below its 50-day line. See you later Ali with any one of the 3 muskateers augmenting the show! Sounds good, see ya then! 🙂 IBD Live should do a 30-minute Closing Bell show (3:30-4:00 / 4:15 ET). I’d pay extra. Hi there! We have a free 10-15 minute show called Stock Market Today that airs live across our social channels (Twitter, FB, YouTube) right after the close and we also put it on within an hour or so 🙂 dal please? Also bouncing above trendline and 50-day line. Thanks Alissa, yes I watch it every day. However, its a recap show. Not necessarily actionable for that day. I just meant an end-of-day show exactly like this PLUS your Stock Market Today. By the way, you are fantastic. Our friends love your trading video lessons. Ah I see what you’re saying! And aw, thanks 🙂 too kind! Dave, you could look at ETHE too Thanks for noting; yes, we should keep watching this trust fund too. Grayscale Ethereum Trust DDOG? Keep it on the longer-term watch. Not at a buy point yet. Could we revisit VSTO today? Just below the standard 38.46 entry; a trend line worked well here. ETHE better. Agree Bitcoin needs to rebuild for awhile Let’s try the comparison graph on MS next time! GBTC – my nephew who is a big bitcoin fan just bought over $20K. I keep telling him Good Luck! Ah, interesting! Semis are moving. is CAMT the way to go???? Been acting great; but it’s on the thin side, in dollar volume (35 price x 389k shares avg trading volume) Patience is a virgin, err virtue Ha! Nice work today. Thanks for your analysis. Nice! Thank you Excellent point Harold, TROX Great point indeed PLTR starting to build a right side? We’ll have a story soon on Palantir; please search for “PLTR stock to buy” later today or tomorrow, we’ll have one on at Y’all are awesome. Great job. How about some Joan Osborne one day? Right hand man? Appreciate it! Hmmm, I’ll consider! Hatman Dave

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