Leaderboard August Scorecard Webinar QA Summary On Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021

Question Answer(s) wait until after the song ends LOL. You enjoyed it that much? Where’s the Browns hat? Hi William! Still the summer. It’ll return when fall comes! are there reasons MRNA did not meet LB standards? It certainly deserved a shot in LB, Elaine! I think when we were looking closely at strong new issues last year — such as PLTR, UPST, and others — perhaps we ignored the solid breakouts in MRNA, including the one in the week ended Nov. 13 out of a cup with handle. Pass the fork I was chopped up this month! “It was certainly not the easiest month to trade… You aren’t alone! It’s been a tricky summer, no doubt. Hope the trades are more successful the rest of the year!” is there a way to monitor the weighted average of the positions throughout the month? Not the weighted positions, no. Hi the NVDA ticker prices is Pre split I assume . I just want to be clear. Thank you “Yes, the split occurred on 7/20. We had a technical issue w/ the chart annotations right after the 4-1 split. I hope that all of the annotations reflect the split.” I was just reading the Leaderboard update for this afternoon and I see that ROKU was removed. I didn’t receive a push or an email about this change. Who should I contact to resolve this problem? Thanks. Call my team at 800 831 2525 and tell them I sent you. Can you put the spreadsheet on LB app permanently so we can reference it from time to time? It’s frustrating and time consuming to go through every stock individually and try to build the spreadsheet ourselves It is high on the IBD Product Department’s list. Is this a spreadsheet that you could send to / make available to subscribers? I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department. “Good afternoon, no full position?” Not at this time Can you permanently post LB performance vs benchmark? I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department. How would you recommend to fiil up your portfolio if you are starting liquid. Buy higher % positions when something gets recommended or simply be patient to a correction and start all over from scratch with leaderboard? You can take action on the stocks that are still near a buy point but do not attempt to “catch up”. What criteria would you use to consolidate these into a more concentrated portfolio of 8 – 10 stocks? Great Q; three suggestions here. 1) the laggards or stocks w/ losses of 7% or more get cut immediately; 2) exit a stock completely once you get the 20% profit, or possibly 30%-40%, except in your biggest-conviction names; 3) we have several
Long-Term Leaders in the portfolio, you could consider making those an additional stock to your core 8 to 10 holdings. Dave If I just joined leaderboard, and I want to fully invest, where do I look to find the recommended portfolio? Check out for help with this! Welcome! 🙂 please define a long-term leader Hi! This article explains all: DXC has earnings in 1 day We are aware and will be watching closely. How much real money is in the Leaderboard, or is this an academic exercise? It is a mock portfolio used to measure performance. Can these spreadsheets be added to Leaderboard landing page? I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department Wash Sales are confusing enough for me to understand. But how is that handled w/Leaderboard? re: exit for earnings, maybe at a loss; then buy back in in week…. Lets use TSLA also for example. Thanks guys!! live answered Guys- is there hope we subscribers will ever get to see these daily? Yes. Don’t give up Rick. Our Product team is working on this. Thanks, Jonathan Happy to help! Several months ago, I remember it was stated that the spreadsheet was going to be made available to subscribers. Has this been done? Or, is it still being considered? We are still working on it. FYI, I could not get to the link for scorecard from the app. I had to go to the website. Is there a way to put the link for scorecard in the app? If it’s there please let me know where to find it. Thank you for all your hard work Unfortunately not at this time. I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department A position is cut after it falls 8% from the buy point right? Most of the time yes. Can’t you email it? Our concern is that it would be easily shared which is not fair to subscribers. Is there a comparison of returns between Long Term (LT) leaders and Leaderboard? I do not see return stats on LT leaders. I have found some good stocks this year on LT Leaders including FTNT, ASML which I purchased. I search this list too when I close a position on LB and look for investment ideas. I do not know of a comparison chart between the two lists. I see that others have already asked this. While I’m not going to give up “HOPE”, I am somewhat disappointed that you had said that it was going to launched shortly several months ago, and it’s still “supposedly” forthcoming! I am very pushy and have a big mouth and won’t stop till it happens. What % are you invested Justin will elaborate, but the chart through July shows nearly 90%; I think we are now just above 90% invested, Jim. Do you take the numeric and letter ratings on stocks into consideration when making recommendations? We do not. We do a clear write-up for each stock explaining why it is on the list. If everyone is asking for the spreadsheet, then why is it too difficult to e-mail it to subscribers? Thanks Ira; I will push for sharing this, or at least a simpler version. I think Justin’s file has some tabs that he does not want to share with subscribers. will you be transitioning to different stock sectors that have the relative outperformance and higher relative strength? The team is always looking at sector/industry rotation for new positions. FTNT vs CRWD…FTNT outperformance is significant compared to CRWD…why didn’t FTNT make LB? Chris provided a very thorough answer live. How closely LB follows the industry rotation list? It is absolutely considered when making new additions. how do you suggest matching your “percent invested” when you go into margin in a IRA or 401K account? A little bit trickier in that regard because the truth is you can’t match. Your choice is to either be underinvested to leave yourself room for when we get on margin or when we get on margin you will have to make decisions on which stock(s)
to shed to make room for the newcomers. I see it now on the performance chart I was just typing that! any reason why LB positions are in 1/4s and ST are in 1/3s? live answered Why is nothing smoother moving like ARES, ALLY, AXP lately on LB? Both ARES and AXP have no doubt acted well! We did have WFC on Leaderboard early in 2021; this stock is setting up again. Any progress in getting us access to your spreadsheets so we can follow along at home during the month? We haven’t forgotten about it – I promise. I think the LB website needs to be more organized in terms of clearly displaying all the relevant details about the position, including historical changes in the position and the PnL. “I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department. (Also from Dave: Good points. I am thinking the same, that we do need to display this info more concisely and clearly. I hope that we will have a meeting w/ the UX team to address possible improvements!”) Also, if you keep a lot of long term leaders, is hard for newcomers to fill a portfolio. 100% Would it be a good idea to buy some SPY? We generally like to highlight a good time to buy SPY, QQQ, DIA or a leveraged position, when we highlight a key change in the outlook. Hugo, have you been monitoring the ETF Trading Strategy on LB? Cheers, Dave — Also, more info about current and historical performance of the LB portfolio would be helpful. Sure. Could you be more specific? will be interested in hearing further re. BNTX, which I made 25% on and sold ( not piggy)- think buy and hang on longer? live answered and same on MRNA- up huge today but think more there? Hi Rick; the benefit of hindsight tells us we should have added MRNA on its prior breakouts. Well, we do like how BNTX is acting, but we’ll keep an eye on MRNA in the longer term as well. I can’t see the link. Please repost Which link? How do you interpret SQ’s earnings report and acquisition as it relates to the stocks potential? live answered so to sum what Chris just said. LB is building positions so it’s done by 1/4s and ST goes in full and pulls off at 1/3s…. makes sense. And sometimes we start with a half and build from there. Justin- stick to rules- they protect us all! Bill O’Neil taught us well! rules What did Bill O’Neil always say? “RULES RULES RULES” i have also noticed that swing positions are announced as “the next position will be a 1/2 or 3/4 position” so it seems more about the amouunt of the position you are buying We only do that when we are doing something other than a full position. Usually the reason for the smaller position size is due to larger risk. how do we position size the entire portfolio? How many maximum total open trades we might have at any given instance? It does depend on your portfolio size and your risk appetite, Vijay, but in general we think 8 to 10 names is both concentrated and well-diversified. What’s key: As much as possible, keep every position equal in size. You often never know
which one will be the numero uno. But also, be wary of having 4 or 5 companies that are in the same sector or industry group. That increases your risk portfolio-wise! Cheers, Dave The ‘weight’ of each stock against the portfolio is equals it’s Market value, right?? Its the percent of the stock vs the portfolio. I think Alicia just said she has posted a ling in the Q&A section did I hear wrong Vineeta, which link are you looking for? can you share the 10yr performance? I don’t have access to that at this time. We will look to add it for the next Scorecard. link also mentioned 🙂 I have noticed the LB team usually doesn’t take profits at 20%. On the chart you occasionally note “may take profits at 20%” but I assume you aren’t taking them since you have not reduced or exited the position. Is that correct? How do would
we know your preference? The team explains why they did or did not take profits in the stocks’ write ups. They try and explain their thinking. Are stops always assumed to be 7-8%? Or do you adjust for the market strength? “Definitely the latter. Why 7-8% is the golden rule, we will often cut much sooner.” (Additional answer: Good Q, Jim; I think in recent years, we’ve been trying to give all our LB stocks the benefit of the doubt. Meaning, we’ll only cut it if the loss hits 7%-8%. But, you know Chris made an interesting study of past LB stocks, and we found that
the average loss before these stocks resumed their advance was nearly 4%. So, if the drop exceeds 4% from the pivot point, then more likely than not the breakout is not so good. Cheers, Dave”) Is there a place on that compares the performance of Swing Trader to Leaderboard and other portfolios? There is not. We did a 3/4 position today on ST with SNOW Exactimundo Jonathan- how about putting buy/sell stocks in Stock Market Today at say 9:00 p.m. summary? I will talk to Chris about it. Is there an industry/trading house benchmark you can/do compare your results to (not the S&P 500 index), Chris will not change the comparison. The S&P 500 is the standard benchmark. Appreciate any help Shoot me an e-mail – [email protected] If you started with, say, a $100,000 portfolio that has hypothetically gone up to $133,000, when you buy a new full size position then, would it be $10,000 or $13,300? “$13,300. Your position sizes grow with your portfolio. We usually change the position sizes after a correction in the market. If you’re always boosting your position size you run the risk of having large positions with small profit cushions at market tops.” Jonathan- in “old days” when newspaper was around- Mr. O’Neil would occasionally answer the phone and talk with us paper subscribers- was neat! I remember those days well. I ran that program – it was called the “Front End” and I would go grab him from his office when it was time. Always made me a nervous wreck cause I was just a young pup. Thank you! You explained it perfectly, I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I thought it somehow affected the stock.. That’s why we have these webinars! I find it difficult to tell WHEN your commentary on “Current Action”, “Leaderboard Analysis”, and “Backstory” were written. Sometimes the “Current Action” is not that current. Any chance you could end the statement you write with the date?
Example 8/3/21 That’s a nice suggestion, Douglas. Let me bring this up with the team. It’s probably time to rehaul the format of the information in LB. Yep- but was great getting answers from “The Man!”. LEGEND! How about trading strategy on SQ Stop level? Where to add? live answered Understand David- love these sessions- thanks always!! Thank you! The way I view wash sale is similar to capital loss carryforward. I can’t take it now but it doesn’t disappear… Exactly. That’s a lot more succinct way of putting it vs. my long-winded answer! Thanks, My question is more towards when you say 1/4th position to be bought from leaderboard, is that 1/4th of 10% of my portifolio money to be invested? “Lets us real money. If your portfolio is $10,000. And you want 5 positions, each position size would be $2000. A 1/4 position would be $500. Yes. So basically 2.5% for a quarter position.” Why AMD is not part of leaderboard ? “Great Q. We already had NVDA, ASML, AMAT on the list when AMD got moving. We’ll keep an eye on it. AMD certainly has Leaderboard-quality chops. Dave Hi. Would love to get the teams take on PYPL after the big gains have been hit since earnings and how the chart looks. Thanks!! Hi Mark! PYPL is an IBD Long-Term Leader, and so we are going to give it more room. Notice how this year, PayPal has dropped beneath its 50-day line three times. And yet the stock still seems to be consolidating its large gains since May 2020? SQUARE, great sponsorship Yes! In my IBD growth portfolio I follow sell rules, as start selling when up 20 to 30%. My Long Term portfolio I want to build a portfolio of LT winners and hold’m as DE for ex. which is up over 40%. Am I correct? You’re doing great. SNAP Does the pause/pullback look normal after such a big gap up? Sure does, William. Pls check out the action after the big earnings week, the week ended 10/23/20. SNAP essentially moved sideways for roughly 3-4 weeks, then rallied to new highs again. This latest quarter, Snap’s post-earnings rally was
not as strong of course as Q3 2020, but we’re watching to see if profit-taking subsides and more institutional accumulation resumes or increases. Why did you hold Roku until hours of the earnings report and did not sell on sell signals that where pretty strong since friday close? live answered Has IBD ever plotted the RS Rating as a line like the RS line? Hmmmm, not to my knowledge and I have been here since 1997. Thoughts on ADBE. It recently hit new highs after breaking out of a very long base but the RS line is still not higher than the peak in Sept of 2020 Answer live I agree LB should be taking more and more 20-25% profits Chris is explaining why we do not right now. Does the challenge with the recent buys (most have led to losses) give you cause for concern about the overall health of the market advance? Curious for your thoughts about riding 90%+ equity exposure heading into September… Great point. When we see a serious decline, including a vertical violation, we are quick to take stocks off, even 5 to 10 at one fell swoop. Do u recommend to keep 15-20 stocks in a portfolio or pick 5-10 stocks from leaderboard is enough ? It all depends on the size of your portfolio. No more than 10 unless you are trading over $1,000,000 I’m wondering what it would look like – I have been reading IBD since the late 80’s I will send your suggestion on to the IBD Product Department Did the 67 EPS rating for CRWD bother you before buying it? Not all all, Chris, but great Q. The Earnings Per Share Rating incorporates 3 to 5 years of profit history. In FY 2017, ended in Jan that year, CRWD lost 46 cents a share. It posted net losses in 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well. So, despite the
terrific EPS increases in the past five quarters, it’ll likely take a few more years of annual earnings before you see that rating really get to 90 or 95. Dave why did you take DXC when the checklist doesn’t look so great? live answered Israeli stock any thoughts on INMD and GLBE both are acting really well. Thanks, Jack No doubt, many Israeli companies have been big winners in the US market. TEVA was a long term winner; a few hail from the security software space too, including CYBR. Is the decisive break below 10-wk MA line at the end of the trading week, or at any time during the week? Unless it is on unusually high volume, the team likes to try to wait until the end of the week to make the final decision. thanks.. so even though there are 20 stocks in leaderboard. i have to pick 10 leaderboard stocks and stick to it ? if i have 100k. You are welcome to diversify BUT remember that it will dilute your gains when you do pick a winner. (Additional answer: Not quite. As we stand right now, you don’t have to pick 10 because we don’t have any full positions. Meaning, rather than $10K positions they would be $5K positions. You could follow Leaderboard exactly right now because we aren’t on margin,
because we have a lot of half positions and quarter positions.) Can you explain how a gap down occurs? Is it after/pre-market sales or a market maker setting a price? This will help: in reference to the above number of stocks question, LB typically carries 15-20 stocks, so how do you determine which 10 stocks to have if you have more than $1M portfolio? That would go down to personal preference and risk tolerance. You as a team have much more patience and tolerance with the LTL positions on LB than you do with other positions. What can say about this? What would it take to shake an LTL out of LB? What would you want to see? Break of 200 MVA? live answered How do you identify a decisive break under the 10-wk? A break below and then lower lows on higher volume? live answered Assuming someone was a subscriber that rigorously followed Leaderboard guidance and was able to build the same portfolio, it would have 21 stocks in it and they could conceivably match LB performance. (Of course, this scenario is unlikely.)
This exceeds WON guidance on the number of stocks to hold because you want to be concentrated in winners. Could you discuss your thoughts on the number of LB stocks that your subscribers would reasonably hold at any given time and how
to build to that number? live answered Question about cutting positions. When you say you “take a quarter” or “cut to a 3/4 position”. If a full position is $10,000, and it appreciates to, say, $13,000, am I correct in saying that “take a quarter” or “cut to a 3/4 position” means
you are going to sell down to a $7500 position OR does that mean you are going to sell 1/4 of the shares? I tend to think you’d sell down to $7500.. The way I do the performance calculation is based on the number of shares. I also use a LIFO (last in first out) for positions that might be increased and subsequently decreased. I basically take off the last shares added. Where can find a list of the LTL’s…can you flag the LTL’s on LB…some indicator or something? Scroll down on this page to see the current list of LTLs: Would you add to ADBE on this pullback to the 20 day mva I think the way ADBE has been acting lately, a bounce off either the 20-day SMA or the 21-day EMA would be a reasonable add. Their business is clearly still growing, albeit the growth rate is slowing down some. Another option is to wait for
a 1st successful rebound off the 10-week moving average. The 10-week line is catching up. Any thoughts on keeping GNRC or sellling now to lock in over 40% gain given it’s a late 4th stage base? and look for re-entry after base reset? We are watching it closely! I live here in Charleston, SC- BIG boating area- and there are NO boats avail. at dealerships. Demand is out of control! Hi there when LB says “taking partial profits is an option” . What exactly it means? If I sell some off my shares , how much % should they be ? When should i sell rest of the shares ? Thanks for your advice and is very helpful. Hi Raghavesh, taking partial profits could be selling half of your position, or even a third. Then, with the remaining position, you sit tight and only sell when a real defensive sell signal hits the stock — such as the biggest single-day
point drop in heavy volume, or a big drop through the 10-week moving average in huge turnover. Another key rule: Sell when a stock’s industry group leaders are all selling off. Can you help analyze Datadog potentials past the coming earning reporting? Or do we have to stick with stocks on Leaderboard Scorecard? Thanks I’ve been looking at this one for both IBD Live and Leaderboard. We might have to wait until Thursday’s report. A terrific rebound off the lows, but DDOG does have higher risk due to its extra big swings. What about ASML? I think David Ryan said that one could buy it in the morning and then go and play golf all day without any concerns. Do you still feel that way at the level it is at? Certainly acting very well. Was it Scott St Clair who said that on Monday’s Live show? Nathan, a really big drop through the 10-week moving average in thundering volume would likely be the best indicator that it’s time to take profits in this
great tech company. How will we know if a long term position presents an additional buy point for new people to buy into? We will note it in the chart analysis. It would be great to have Bill the legend on the call once 🙂 He is long retired and plans to stay that way! NVDA potential to start a position now out of the the 10-week? Will you be raising it to full? Very possible! As we noted, it’s the only three-quarter position in LB right now. Look what happened with Amazon after their earnings report was just a little lower than expected. Emotion really riding earnings reports these days it seems. Some do fall in the camp of “buy the rumor, sell the news.” What are your criteria for moving from 1/2 position or 1/4 position to a full position? A few possibilities: 1) Acts well right after the breakout; 2) a secondary buy point such as 1st or 2nd pullback to the 50-day MA after the breakout; 3) after a nice run, a new base forms. thanks Justin and Jonathan for your reply.. That’s why we have these events! We are here to help. Exactly!- which is why I’m hanging in with holding HZO. Good to hear! MRNA future earnings play, will you add to the watchlist? We’ll keep watching it! What about stop losses? You can certainly use them, but be wary of tight stops, the market makers can see your order and may want to knock you out of the stock. That’s why alerts are so helpful. Maybe you talked about it already (?) but could you talk about DOCS on the watch list a little bit? We’re trying to give this one a chance, but it’s not acting well since the IPO base breakout. Stays on the watchlist for now. Thanks for joining us, Shawn! I agree with Douglas Gabel’s comment about confusion surrounding Leaderboard commentary. Especially after additional buys/sells have been made. Appreciate this. The commentary is getting more detailed and richer, and so complexity has risen too! David- my cousin across the street runs Wells fargo’s insurance and realestate for southeast and I remember when it was underr $5.00/share in ’08. What a value back then! BNTX update live answered Can you review SNAP’s action post breakout? Seems tight, but may be displaying weakness or is this constructive? I’m looking at SNAP as constructive action right now, holding the gap from earnings. seeing lots of recent outperformance in biopharma…LLY, PFE, JNJ Another rotation in today’s market? Thinking of GNRC : would you suggest stop loss in system? I was taken out because of this. Think I do a mental stop in the future. What do you think? We always use mental stops vs hard stops and look at intraday charts to analyze how the stock is acting Thanks Justin.. by the way, I subscribed for years to the daily IBD paper back in the 90s and early 2000s.. loved it.. made me $$ .. I’ve just now actively started the subscription again.. got back in on Jan 1 this year after sitting on everything
for a while.. you guys rock helping me make $$$ with MarketSmith, leaderboard, SwingTrader.. I’ve more than paid for the subscriptions and have made a third of my normal work salary in the past few months .. love the commentary and nightly
recap! Thank you for sharing this, Rex! Awesome! Hatman – on CNBC this afternoon, they were saying that retail bullish sentiment at a low. Makes me more confident as PMs return from their summer vacations. This was a helpful call. Thanks An interesting note, Jamie! Thank you! How ofen do you have these webinars? LB, ST, etc? Monthly! But IBD Live is our daily livestream – check it out if you’d like Dave, thanks for the correction. It was Scott. And Scott doesn’t golf! 🙂 How do you get that black trend line automatically? It was an alert I had set in MarketSmith! ANy news on Exel spreadsheet? may be you can email to LB members only live answered One recommendation, pls launch a dedicated iPad app, if possible.. the current one available in app store is just a iphone app.. Great feedback! Thank you Thanks Ali, I’m a Founder member and love all the products! Wonderful! Thank you Walter! Thank you for that. Did not know it is 3-5 year rating. U got it! Suggestion- until “then” on charts- put the buys and sells on 9:00 p.m. Market Update. Will consider, Rick! Thank you! Can I call you? LOL. I”m new to all this and trying to figure out when to start in learning it. Esp the moving lines and handles formed etc. I’ve done well, but its because of a good nose for corporate world. Now a lot is emotion. Hi Joan!! Welcome! We have a comprehensive page that details all our strategies at Hello, You can use Sharepoint to keep the spreadsheet online and behind paywall & with edit locks. There are many sites do that already. It is not anything new…old tech. I will bring this up at the meeting, thank you. When did we add SNAP? Twice; as seen on the weekly chart, first on 6/11 as half posn; removed 7/15; added back as qtr posn, 6/23. More detail on the weekly chart annotations. What I gathered from the answer Chris gave is that, since there is no reason to cut a LB stock before a sell signal, the list is larger than you would like because of the number of partial positions. Given this, it seems the LB portfolio will
never be able to match WON guidance w/o a decision to eliminate partial positions and this is probably not warranted. Keep in mind that we have new subscribers who will begin their journey with a fresh slate too. So, I think LB can be a great template in which you then make decisions on individual stocks. If you want to keep it to 8 to 10 names always, that’s
great, you just have to decide when to make space for a new name and when not to. Thanks All – You have a tough job… It’s not easy! But hope LB is fulfilling for all! Great as always !! Thanks guys!! 🙂 You’re welcome! I have found the info bubbles on the charts very helpful… thank you for them! We’ll keep improving their usefulness! Thanks, good review Sweet Got it. Thank you! I’m transiting from career to daily or leaderboard type stock market plays. Great to hear!

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