Leaderboard July Scorecard Webinar QA Summary on July 13, 2021

Question Answer(s) Wow, looks like everyone is actually in the office! Don’t think I’ve seen that in a LONG time I brought in yellowtail sashimi from my recent fishing trip. Seems to be the only way to get people to work in the office these days. Question, in a lot of the classes, let’s say that the leader stocks we are looking at are all “A” to “B” stocks. But there are stocks that are on leaderboard that are E, D, C. Also, for example POOL has average daily volume of 250K, well
under the 500K. Thoughts to this? POOL trades at 470 per share, so the average turnover is actually $117 million in dollar volume, well above the $20 million minimum. Hi David- when a stock is removed from Leaders List, Top 10 list, etc.- does that mean bail out then? Yes for the Leaders List. But the other lists are computer-generated, so those are not necessarily sells. The LB app does not allow pressing the screen for crosshairs pointer like the regular app does? It does not at this time. I will send your request to our IBD Product Deparment. Why does the big picture show a distribution count of 2 for the nasdaq yesterday while market school shows the distribution count of 5? Can you explain the difference and also the meaning of the floor count too? For Market School, our rules are automated. We put our rule at 6% progress to drop off distribution. For Big Picture, we have more flexibility and we’ve been using 5% lately. hi this is sankar Good afternoon! or does it mean begin “watchful waiting” and intense keep eye on it Sorry Rick, I missed the reference? Hey all, wondered if you could explain what the criteria is for a stock to make the leaderboard. Thx! We’re looking for strong fundamentals and technicals. Sometimes we will put in unprofitable companies if they are showing extremely strong sales growth, which is something that Wall Street is rewarding these days. Good Afternoon. Do you ever take a little profit on the way up? Hi Diane! Yes, sometimes we will when the need to raise cash in the portfolio arises. Better for a small gain than no gain at all at times! Can I get the leaderboard scorecard off the website or is it only on the leaderboard app? You can click the link at the top of the landing page on your desktop as well. you folks always talk about 8-12 stocks in a portfolio currently the list has to 20 stocks please comment live answered About a week ago, LB added three new positions in a single day. That day, I noticed that AMZN had higher volume, RS line making new highs, all important characteristics the LB is looking for. What prevented AMZN not being one of the three
added that day? Thanks! live answered How does the performance vs the S&P 500 look if you go back to the inception of Leaderboard? I’ll post some numbers soon. The biggest issue is that we’ve shifted our performance calculation dramatically over the years. From an equal-weighted index rebalanced daily, to a portfolio style with different position sizes that we choose. I believe that you touched on this last month. Could you elaborate on how we should rebalance our Leaderboard positions as the nicer, long-term positions get outsized? live answered Can you add to each stock in the portfolio the market cap classification and if it is a growth or a value type of stock? Hmm, that’s an interesting question! W/o doubt, we are focusing on growth stocks. Some may appear to be value because of a low P-E, or it’s entering the Leaderboard after the stock made a severe decline, such as DXC. Where is this chart available for viewing daily basis? It is currently not available. We are working with our Engineering team to make this available. Was YETI sold? Yes, on May 12. While it did get support at the 50-day moving average line it hasn’t moved much since the initial bounce. Notifications are great, but don’t list a recommended starting position on the notification, itself. Is it assumed to be 1/4, 1/2, . . .? The LB team will be clear in the stock write-up on the position size. Is there a minimum number of days necessary for a proper handle to form? This will help: Is this excel spreadsheet available on Leaderboard? It is currently not available. We are working with our Engineering team to make this available. Any chance if getting the excel spreadsheet with the holdings? It is currently not available. We are working with our Engineering team to make this available. how many stocks are there currently in leaderboard 24 total So don’t invest until I see the actual write-up? The write up is usually available within minutes of the alert. Guys- we gotta have this added/ deleted stocks historical info available please. This is not seen after a day when shown I think. Valuable to us. Understood. We are on it. how are we supposed to track so many stocks?? I thought Bill taught to keep the portfolio tight (i.e. max 6 to 8 stocks)? live answered To ensure I’m clear on what Justin just explained, a full position is considered to be 10% of the portfolio value? Correct. when is the new tool likely to be rolled out like swing trader product? Can you specify which tool you’re referring to? Thanks Jonathan!! 🙂 I aim to please, I just aim low. 🙂 “What determines 1/ or 1/4 position ?” live answered can you comment on how you arrive at the weighting of this portfolio? live answered My life- no disappointments that way!! 🙂 Exactly! how would I start to invest in leader board as a very very beginner??? Hi there! Please check out for a great beginner crash-course thank you david and chris Of course! Do i have access to the spreadsheet It is currently not available. We are working with our Engineering team to make this available. What is the targeted holding timeframe vs actual? Range of holding period? We want to capture leading growth stocks for as much of their moves as possible. For NVDA, for example, the team has had in the portfolio since last spring. Sometimes, hold times will be short if a trade doesn’t work out (we always cut losses
vs. holding and hoping) or if we don’t have a big enough profit cushion headed into earnings Any particular reason for not investing in MRNA, which is up significantly? I think the big volatility has been a major factor; but I believe we will have more opportunities in the years to come, Chubi! Thanks much When you change a position size, does that mean we should buy or sell immediately, regardless of the current price? That’s the intention. But if you have conviction, either positive or negative, feel free to hold or sell entirely. To start a leaderboard portfolio now, what stocks will be the ones to start buying tomorrow? New buys should be in proper buy areas. Check out for more info! On weighted sheet- % from entry is percent up/down since then? How do you account for adding to your positions at a later date on that sheet? I actually have share amounts associated with each transaction so the performance is treated like a portoflio and adds and reductions are accounted for. I also have an average cost calculation that we use for decisions. For that calculation,
I use a LIFO calculation. Please show the list one more time and I’ll take a pic of it. Sure! Buying in this market, B1, B2 B3 for a 1/4 position vs 1/2 and full? live answered Are these sheets available later fir viewing It is currently not available. We are working with our Engineering team to make this available. would like to see more annotations on the charts with base counts and when taken off the L B list, tell us why on the chart in case we miss it Thanks Kenneth! Yes, we’ll continue to note the base count on the weekly chart only. “Do you not adhere to 8% loss in this portfolio (PGNY)? Thanks” Yes, we do! It triggered that rule today, so it’s now exited the list. I hear Chris, but I only see David You can control the video on your end. Click the tools at the top of the bar. Why keeping so many and not trim those not having high performance right away? What is the minimum time you give them to proof they are leaderboard worthy? Many times we will use the 10-week moving average as our line in the sand to keep us in a trade. Earlier chart showed a higher LONG position, but spreadsheet looks like most positions are SHORT. Can u discuss. We don’t have any short positions in the portfolio at this time. We typically don’t short unless we’re in a prolonged bear market At what % do you remove the stocks from LB. 8% down from buy point as per Bill’s rules or? (Sorry newbie question.) We do use the 8% rule as well as many other sell rules. Please consult the stock write-up in LB and the editors will be clear on why they are selling. No, great Q; we apply the 8% stop-loss sell rule from the stock’s entry price onto Leaderboard. NVDA is well above the buy range. will you be changing the range No. We will wait for a new consolidation or pullback before adding to the position. There have been stocks that are put on leaderboard one day and then taken off the next day. If I bought when they were put on, should I sell when they are taken off. When a stock is removed, there is a very good reason for its removal. It could be a sell signal or profit taking but I would read the stock write-up and follow suit. Help me to understand the reason to keep DXC in the portfolio…moving sideways for 4 weeks, without IBD Institutional support…this looks like an example that you could harvest and tighten up the portfolio It’s holding support at the 10-week moving average and up more than 30% from its breakout. Using the 10-week line to keep us in the trade. A decisive close below that level would be a good signal to exit Do you ever remove a stock at the 20% profit level, or do you just reduce the position size? We might take partial profits, but we have found that holding until a decisive weekly close below the 10-week moving average materially has boosted our long-term performance. SNAP is coming up on its earnings date. Do you expect to cut that position given the small return since entry? live answered It is understood this issue is dependent on an individual’s personal situation but, thoughts on constructing a portfolio of Leaderboard and SwingTrader stocks.? Considerations? Pick a percentage of your portfolio that you want to swing trade and the rest you will position trade. Depends on what feels comfortable for you as well as the state of the market. “”Notifications are great, but don’t list a recommended starting position on the notification, itself. Is it assumed to be 1/4, 1/2, . . .?” The notifications I get show the position size and I absolutely wish to see that in the notification in the first few characters. When I try to open a notification on my phone, it takes me to the leaderboard instead of the notification. I
have no idea how to drill down to the full notification so the more information that appears within the first few characters the better.” Instead of tapping the notification, hold it. That’s what I do on my iPhone. Thanks for clarifying Alissa – I was thinking holding period. DUH!! Ah, now I see what you meant! 🙂 Does LB look to “ride the coattails” on the institutional investors when it appears professional traders are finding favor in a particular equity, driving demand and price higher? We do follow big volume and that volume is driven by the “Big Money”. If I buy a 25% or 50% position of a stock while it is in the 5% buy zone, and I want to add to that position later on, do I have to wait until the stock price falls back into the original buy zone or wait until the stock price offers a new
buy zone opportunity? In other words, is it usually a risky trade to add to a position that has extended beyond the 5% buy zone? You could buy if it pulls back to the buy zone, as long as the pullback is orderly (mild declines in light volume). We prefer buying into strength vs. weakness, so ideally you would look for a small bounce after the pullback to get in. Follow-on
buys include a shelf, three-weeks-tight, or a rebound after the first pullback to the 21-day or 10-week line. We prefer to buy stocks within 10% of their 10-week moving averages — if you are buying a stock that’s a little more extended
from a proper buy point than you’d like, you can size the position off the 10-week line to manage your risk that way (i.e. stock is 5% above buy point and 8% above 10-week line). We have a position size calculator linked over at If violated the sell at 20% and you have a long-term winner- do you put your 5% stop in current price or let it be more flexible due to large gain? You could trim once stock closes below 21-day line, and use the decisive close below the 10-week line as your final sell Can you discuss some profit selling strategies for different sized positions? For example, when I have a 1/4 position, I tend to want a bigger gain before taking profits rather than when trading 3/4 position where I like to take 1/3 off the
table quicker. I feel like this is incorrect, curious how each of you trade in your own account with this issue? We typically won’t take partial profits on quarter postions. Justin: is the “% from entry” column an average of the different purchases or the “best” From the initial entry. I usually put an average cost in there and didn’t this time. I’ll make sure I put it in next month. Why not AMZN got added at recent breakout? live answered Oftentimes, I have found that I will “miss” the 5% buy zone when a buy stock recommendation is made. What should I do in those cases? You can always buy a smaller position, maybe 2%. Or wait for a pullback into the buy zone. Would love to know in a future poll question how much subscribers devote to Leaderboard: Between $10,000-$100,000, $100,000-$500,000, $500,000-$1,000,000, More than $1,000,000. I will send to Alissa! Please go over the stocks near a buy point, clarify GOOGL buy zone, and show all others live answered Sometimes boxes on my charts are on top of each other. Others see that too? How can I fix? Can’t read them all. I’m guessing that might have to do with your screen size? If you expand the window to make it bigger, does that help? Can you say that sell rule again? We look for a decisive break of the 10-week line by Friday’s close as our “final” sell signal. Decisive break means 2% or more below the 10-week. If it’s about 2% below the 10-week line BUT above prior price area of support, you potentially
could hold it. That’s where there’s a little bit of art to it. Most of times by the time we get alert stock is up already5-7%.Any suggestions. Instead of focusing on the stock’s price gain, look at where it is in relation to the buy point/buy zone. It’s very rare the stock is extended from the 5% buy zone shortly after the alert goes out It would be nice if you can have a pure IPO Leaderboard portfolio I will forward your suggestion to the IBD Product Department Thanks for the comprehensive answer on DXC! Much appreciated team!! This is exactly why we have these webinars! Understanding what Chris is saying here, can you explain thought on dropping PGNY today? Was it max loss issue? Seems like it could close at or even above 10WK line by end of week, thus creating intraweek shakeout? live answered 10-week the same as 50-day (5 trading days in a week)? Roughly. All the intraweek action is ignored for the 10-week and just the closing on Friday is used so that can cause some variation. Why is Amazon not on this list and what are your thoughts of its recent price action? live answered With regard to the sell rule (50d line) I get closing 2% under the 50d. But what do you use as “recent support” Would that be a cop/handle? Or would that be the 21d line if that was where support was being found? Thks “We use the 10-week line, not the 50-day. Often there will be recent reversals that are natural areas of support slightly below the 10-week. We as a group will make a call on whether we want to use recent support or a 2%+ weekly close below the 10-week.” Alissa, I am referring to the capability that we have for Swing trader, where we can see the past positions that were closed Let me check with the team on this! Thanks, Niraj. What is the “buy point” that Leaderboard is considering DXC to be near? Buy Point: $36.63, Buy Range: $36.63 – $40.29 Sorry need clarification, so the 10 wk line sell decision is a decisive close based upon the week, you don’t sell if it falls below for 1 day? No. We may reduce the position during the week, but we try to wait until Friday before making our final decision. So when an alert comes out to add something to Near Buy Point list, is it usually being added at that time? Is it reasonable to buy within the buy range shortly after alert, or what is the trigger point? We send out an alert as we’re adding something. You can buy shortly after the alert and if the stock is still in buy range Don’t understand sqqq’s role We use it as a HEDGE is the market is showing weakness. Hello all, may I know which specifc screener do you use to find stocks for the leaderboard? Thank you! We use dozens of custom screens and all of the tools available from IBD to find stocks. “thanks for answer Dave, just wondering when taken off the L B list, I’ve been hanging with SMPL, DKS & IQV. just because they are off L B don’t mean they are sells?” There is always a good reason for a stock to be removed from Leaderboard – oftentime it broke a key sell rule. What are your thoughts on how TPX is acting? I’m at ~5% below my entry. We’ve seen TPX tends to test the pivot point after breaking out, as it did in the prior breakout! Let’s see if 40 offers a key level of buying support? Justin, totally understand, thank you! Close below 10wk is great for offensive selling on winners, doesn’t apply to a dog like PGNY 😉 live answered Can I summarize as follow: if the stock is making profit, then we may sell at the end of Friday if it goes below 10 week ma. But if we loss money, we may sell sooner? Exactly. For Leaderboard, when earnings are coming up, do you compare implied volatility (hope this is the correct term) to your profit at a day ahead, two days ahead, etc. to decide if you are holding? (Trying to get at how patient are you?) That factors into our decision. The base stage and how other stocks are faring on earnings factor into our decision. Man! I did a million of those charts in grad school!! Takes me back! Oh yes! Any lessons learned from Feb and March? What are you going to do differently? We will reduce positions more quickly, especially for lagging Long-Term Leaders. We will also be quicker to hedge. Observation: the 7-8% hard sell rule is not so hard, depends on overall chart action, maybe getting support, stock personality, etc. I think Ken just mentioned an example with SNAP. Fair? if it’s not 7-8, then is there another number, 10? We try to stick to 7-8% but it also depends on how the stock is acting at key support levels like the 10-week line or other price levels. If risking 1% of your portfolio on a trade, then you could take a 10% loss on a 10% position why not AAPL and AMZN not part of leaderboard live answered off the subject, but Ken S. needs a new chair. I use to do the same thing as he is doing, get up slightly to adjust since chair was uncomfortable. I am so much better after getting a new chair or having an ergonomic chair. He deserves a new
chair. I will pass this along, thank you I have been learning a lot from you guys over the past several months. Thank you for your mentoring in the CANLSLIM strategy. Excellent news! That is why we are here! What would be a good buy range for MRNA? The most recent proper entry was on the upside reversal off the 21-day I tuned in very late. Will I be able to see it again? 100% This will be archived within 24 hours. when stocks are sold is the gain or loss indicated in the leaderboard website/app? If not, it would be helpful to add I will pass this suggestion on to the IBD Product Department, ROKU update please Working on a handle here. Good to see the stock find support at the 21-day line last week Do you recommend using limit orders to buy right at the buy point? No. You want to see the volume. Also limit orders might get triggered right near the open. We like to wait 30 to 60 minutes to see if the breakout is sticking. You can always start with a smaller position. And then add more if the stock continues
to show strength. Can we get update on TEXT messaging service? Nothing to report at this time. It is not on the horizon. try using the browser’s zoom feature on that MT chart. (CTRL+). you may be able to grab the handle for that abandoned karat and delete it Excellent idea! Thanks. How would one use MarketSmith as a complimentary tool to LB? That is a great question. Give our MarketSmith coaches a call at 800-452-4422. Hours are Mon-Fri: 5:30 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Great LB Scorecard session ! Good to be reminded of the basics, like clear sell rules. Doesn’t need to be complex, the 10wk line is still very important! Also good to remember why not to buy under the 50d. because it can become an area of resistance.
Today is time well spent! This is so nice to hear and I will pass it along to the team. Thank you! “i like GNRC, and owned before, but got shy on late stg base and 2nd part of D. B didn’t undercut 1st leg down.. was stk put back on L B just on RS line??” Hey Kenneth! DB did undercut — first leg low of 288.09, second leg low of 286.82 — not only strong RS, but exceptional fundamentals, solid insitutional sponsorship and volume behind the move how high can google go before top Watch for the inevitable big drop that undercuts the 10-week MA. CCS, MT, WFC offer good short-term examples. As for the longer term, hmm, we should assess the news, deceleration in growth, and the timing of a future bear market. strength in RS line Very important concept. Also would like to hear you discuss APPL and AMZN. Noted in the chat but not discussed… live answered How do you feel about UPWK price/volume action today? DRs comments today gave me pause on jumping in. Red volume bars on the 15 min intraday gave the blue bars a run for their money. I think we’d like to give it the benefit of the doubt, considering the market’s down day. Keep an eye on the weekly action, Fred! Thank you for joining us! The cross-hairs feature on the app would be very useful-have to go to my desktop to really narrow in the averages Suggestion has been forwarded to the Product Department This was a great session today. Lots of good questions and discussions. That is why we have these webinars. I am glad you enjoyed. I am a new investor but love all the strategies shared here and on IBD LIVE. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing, Shane!! Welcome to the IBD community! Do you guys offer a virtual version of Marketschool currently? Not at this time but I like the idea! There is a homestudy available. Re Louis’ question about limit orders. Many of us are not able to watch the market action live (like you guys do!). Any advice for us re buying near buy point? Look for orderly pullbacks and upside reversals/trend line breaks on intraday charts to help pinpoint buys Probably all three of them EXACTLY Justin says, “We simplified it to a large degree” LMAO…is he looking at the same chart?! Trust me. THAT IS simplified. It was a long process to get it to that. Where can I access “Market School”?TY It is one of our IBD Home studies available on — How often is IBD 50 updated in MS? daily? i.e. stocks removed from top 10. Once a day after the close, we get the changes from the computer screen, then update the LB charts and analyses of the top 10 in the IBD 50 and in the Sector Leaders. As usual, just wanted to thank you all. My trading continues to improve, even in a super choppy year. You are changing people’s financial life with this information, hope we can have an in person seminar or event sometime soon We have 5 LIVE Trading Summits scheduled for this year and will do about 10 next year. We are starting them up! I’ll be at our Boston event on July 24 and Dallas Aug. 21. Take a look at our schedule! I’ll see you in Boston! Excellent! Is there live event in Cleveland? Not this year unfortunately. Hi! My 1st time attending… Great session, will definitely attend again! When is the event planned in Napa? Oct 1st and 2nd. Thanks! live answered Thanks for time and great info/ education guys!! Keep it up! live answered

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