🎓#Derivatives 🎓 $BTC / USDT 🎓 Straight Technical for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by HashedPlutus

Signal Info: Bitcoin
Rank: #1
Direction: LONG

🔸Analysis: Good day traders. We all know things can get tricky trading sometimes, that’s to say the least. Today we will keep it sticky technical, to remind our selves how great work on charting will produce great results.

What we have drawn up here is a standard pitchfork channel. The business of laying out lines on a chart seems so simple, and it really is. To us who have been charting and trading for a few years, it becomes almost instinct, but getting them wrong, or mistaking how price could engage with them can bust you strategies.

This channel has the 0.618 division in it, happens to plot out a very neat buy zone, since start of Feb. We will trade this channel from here on out. This can give up clear direction on the true trend in the market, which is still bullish . The negative values lately are only expected, and just as good a time to make money.

🔸 Leverage: x10

❇️Entry: First entry calling at the green trendline, entry value at crossing.

🎯Targets: Partial targets at each of the three upper channels. Build short from higher bands.

♦️Stop Limit: Trendline offset at ±2.5% on spot (-25% @ x10)

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