270% done for XRP n still +250% coming …. HOLD 🚀🚀 for BINANCE:XRPUSDT by BTC-fire

We give it a call guys when XRP was just 50 cents n was fighting with sec 📣📣
(link of our call below this article in the related ideas section)

Congrats to whom followed us ✌

people were scary to buy at that price after it fell to 20 cents dramatically, but just to mention how is it funny; the same people who was scary to hold 50 cents xrp r now thinking about holding $1.55 xrp.

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A golden rule for u all guys, always buy when people r panic selling ✨

In other words, buy in red not in green 👌

Right now we r super bullish on XRP generally, let me introduce exactly the plans for all time terms;

On the chart as we can see we r waiting for a breakout to the triangle resistance.

In case failed to breakout,

so we will correct about (-20%) back to $1.30 area which is amazing area to add bags, then it gonna bounce straight upwards

In case breakout confirmed.

Our short term targets will be: $1.74 – $1.97

Our mid term targets will be: $2.64 – $3.73 – $4.81 – $5.47

However for long term targets without any fomo , we predict that XRP will reach $10 – $15 – $22 n maybe $30 , n theses targets valid till the end of 2022.

So we can advice to hold n if price drop just add more bags.

No stop loss needed, but we may think to sell if daily candle close below $1.08

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