BCH 1D Waiting for Bitcoin Cash at $20,000 and there is no typo) for KRAKEN:BCHUSD by P_S_trade

In our portfolio of ideas, a series of accurate predictions for the BCHUSDT pair have gathered, it’s time to continue it)

In January 2021, we wrote about buying BCH at $380 and possible sales at $1200

Further in May, they wrote that growth to $1,700 is still possible, and this is what happened, after which the cryptocurrency market collapsed together .
The price of BCHUSD fell by -77% – a lot, but another thing is interesting, the fall was aggressively bought off twice from $380-400.
That there is an aggressive buyer, we wrote in the previous ideas.

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This combination of information suggests that the real bull run on the BCH chart is yet to come.

We think that below $400, buyers will not let the Bitcoin Cash price drop, that is, it is logical to try to gain longs with a grid on a spot in the $400-450 zone.

The first top targets are $1500-1650.

Correction to $750 and you can dream of moving towards ATH , which is close to $4000.

If the holders of 2017 say: $4000 is not enough for us – this is just our break-even point, but how can we make money?, We will say – it is not a problem)

For you, the market has the levels for growth of $12,000 and $20,000, respectively)

We will take this global idea as a basis and as we grow, we will add additions to it.
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