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BTC has found SOME stability after that last false pump over the weekend and violet dump that even the most cuatiouse got a bit blind sided from. the crazy thing is how similar this is to the 2017 run_ the timing of the china fud everything…

to recap,

_china outlawed trading crypto currency in 2017 and nothing new just repeating old news in a new form

_rumors of another china “purge” for BTC etc mining. this is causing a mad scramble to sell off and move equipment out of china etc and def was a partial cause of that last dump this last weekend

_ELON F’n MUSK _where to start on this one smilez. There is a or the biggest doge coin wallet holder with clues to elon ie his birthdate hidden in this wallets info and how this fits his style (llok at the release of every one of the tesla cars in order _ the first letter of each car in order of release spells SEXY smilez) there is also rumors of elon working with dodge devs since 2019 _ so yaaa at a lot in play here…

_the facts r crypto is here to stay. this is not like 2017 in this case we have entire business models relying on crypto like paypal n square etc etc etc wants to stock bilw btc eth etc to have enough on hand for their customers in their eco system that way they dont need to buy as much crypto on the open market_be held hostage to the mark up or spread etc.

WHEN i start seeing controled attempts to push down crypto prices it makes me very excited that crypto has come so far but on the other hand i worry that people are forgetting the whole point of crypto. holding btc on robin hood is not holding crypto _we need to all remember its ok to stake etc and earn APY esp if u trust the platform but IN THE END THE FACTS R STILL UNCHANGED _NOT UR KEYS NOT UR CRYPTO

_HODLE ON YA ALL N BUY DEM DIPS But dont forget to take dem profits here and there_keep that extra dry powder handy for dips like this last one


for BTC entry we have been using a combo of the ema 20 50 for short term buy n sell signals combined with the 148 day or 21 week ema > when the 20 or and 50 cross the 148 in the shorter time periods ie 3 to 15 miuns this is our buy n sell signals. (you can see our shorter term enters and exits marked by red n green guy n sell dots on the chart) There is a bit more to it then that but thats the heart of it. we r adjusting the time perspective depending on market sentiment and are building this all into our free trading bot that will be available the same time as our free content and resources platform_website go up. thanks for the follows n support everyone…. means A LOT to us.

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