BTCUSD same support zone and same scenario is happening BUT… for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by MMBTtrader

As we can see price reach this strong support zone and is ranging here too maybe once again start to pump BUT there are some factors that are making me nervous about this that we may not have expected breakout to upside and rise like green path on chart like previous time and what are these reasons ?

I know many things and reason like indicators are available maybe but I will mention these two main reasons that I think are more important (feel free to mention any reason on comments about weakness or strength and we will discuss ):

A. we had creating of lower high and this can easily dump price to reach lower low too. beacuse this is technically weakness .

B. volume of red candles are increasing again and again and this is not good thing for bull market .

So one important thing that is expected for rise is breakout and for more fall that percent of happening that is increasing again we need this support zone to break and most important support ahead mentioned on chart with green lines .

and our short-term (15min) analysis BTCUSD first target that was strong resistance touch and price is now facing more correction so consider this update for upcoming hours and day .

still percent of breakout to upside is 55% and more fall is expected only 45%.

so this analysis is not short/long breakout is needed

DISCLAIMER:. carefully and have stop loss for sure

2.Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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