#C98, #Coin98 and its nice looking pennant! for BINANCE:C98USDT by BitfulMind

A quick look at Coin98 (#C98USDT, 4HR and 15m, Binance):

According to CoinMarketCap, “Coin98 is a decentralized finance (DeFi) solution that allows users access to cross-chain swaps, staking and yield farming.” The project was launched on Binance’s Launchpad and opened for trading on July 25. I have been quite satisfied trading this coin so far. Today, it surprised me with a very nice pump!

Main Points

  • Price broke the upper resistance of the wedge supported by the third largest volume candle since launch. Admittedly, I was waiting for a breakout, but not so strong. Price eventually reached a peak at $1.85.
  • Price action is now forming a pennant ranging between $1.72 and $1.60.
  • Closest support levels are at $1.60, $1.51, and $1.45. The last two coincide with Fibonacci levels 0.5 and 0.618 respectively.

If price breaks above the pennant , look for:

  • TP1: $1.85
  • TP2: $2.10
  • SL: n/a(*)

If you want to read more about Coin98 on CoinMarketCap, click here.

What do you think?

Still learning here, so any constructive feedback and positive vibes to improve my analysis are welcome.

But if you enjoy my chart, please like, comment or follow me. :)

Thank you and Happy trading!

(*) I do not use Stop-Loss for the simple reasons that I do not margin trade, and I trade only assets that I do not mind keeping long-term should the price suddenly crash.


Some of my charts represent actual trades, and some are just paper trading.

Needless to say, this is not financial advice!

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