$EEENF Same Potential as $HMBL DD Below LT PT: .50-$1.50 for OTC:EEENF by StockGuild

$EEENF since April: Now owns 100% of Peregrine

Extinguished all their debt

$COP in their investor meeting mentioned the surrounding oil fields which include 3BBOE

Getting closer to additional core sampling results

Ex-CEO David Wall doubled his position from 120,000,000 commons to 240,000,000 common shares

Top 20 Shareholders (Institutional Ownership) went from 36% to 64% of the total O/S 8,000,000,000 Shares locked up for much much higher. O/S 12.5 Bil

WALL (DAVID JAMES) Managing Director (Old CEO)


Jan 10, 2021

120,038,015 (Now 240,000,000)



Jan 10, 2021




Jan 10, 2021


Furthermore, look at insider transaction they bought last two years. Some exercise of option high as .20 cents per shares. None of the shares they bought in the recent and the past two year has sold on the open market because their isn’t a filings indicated they sold. Keep in mind 88 Energy NOT a Stinky-Pinky hidden on the attorney letter at Company report on the audited and review of the annual and half-year financial report, and register with the SEC.…

The Intelligent Investor believe if a number of insiders purchase more shares of a company, they may believe that the company will have strong future earnings and that the share price will increase in the near future. Let’s not forget just recently director Exercise of option 500k .055 higher than the open market below .02 cent. If that isn’t enough then checkout Elko crew drilling bought 360 million shares from 88 Energy .…

Debt Free:…

Very reputable and high end banks have been increasing their positions in the company:…

Overall PT by EOY around .50 maybe $1.50 by February of next year.

$HMBL was at $1.50 with a 4.5 Bil O/S before the R/S and this has more potential.

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