Ethereum form Shoulder Head Shoulder; bullish pattern for COINBASE:ETHUSD by harisonhbn9718

In the H4 timerame, it’s look a good opportunity to buy Ethereum , but I will going to reduce my trading perspective and apply my old strategy that it’s based use lines analysis with find up best support and demand so easy. Now, Ethrereum form 100% a shoulder head shoulder inverted, now my next prediction for Ethereum it’s this cryptocurrency it’s recovery the previously level of $3,000 USD and $4,000 USD. My next prediciton will be the resistance of the mark of $3,300 USD. This will be my target profit. And my SL will be around of $2,300 USD. It’s a risk management like 1:3. This it’s perfect!!! I pur my buy order limi at $2,600 USD.…

Now, as reference, in Daily timeframe , we see that Ethereum it’s preparing to up again. I believe that this was a correction and we are not going to down to a beark market. Just a correction of the trend as Bitcoin down. For that, this it’s a good opportunity to trade Ethereum .

I just going to trade Ethereum . Because I will going to apply my trading goal. Remember, if you want to achieve your financial freedom, you will need to calcualte your risk management and find up your goal. My goal for any market it’s find up 30% monthly. and that it’s the end. I believe that apply this strategy, I can to find up my financial freedom by long term, in except in investment of cryptocurrency, but I believe to soon create a telegram group for my crypto-community to not just to share trading signal, to share cryptocurrrency news like articles, video, blogs, educational content and much more.

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