IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For July 19, 2021

is five 9 buyable? Generally with acquistions we steer clear. After the initial pop, FIVN is likely to trade with ZM. Good morning. GM Taher FIV9 live answered FIVN.. Interesting acquisition by ZM, eh, Darren? Sounds like a sensible move at first blush… Ticker of the day BANA Sure it’s not CRUL? when is SQQQ appropriate? now? Great Q, Richard; the Leaderboard team is def going to discuss this. Over 80% cash now Cash looks like a more attractive asset for now. GM Amit would love to say good morning but I believe we are all looking at the same markets so, morning to everyone Ha ha! Let’s see how the market starts — and finishes, eh, Joshua? Hatman Dave Ed I enjoy your insight on the market. Justin did a great job interviewing you on the podcast. Thanks, Mike. why does IBD homepage have market confirmed in uptrend but leaderboard says market is under pressure? Refresh your browser, I’m seeing Under Pressure on Having our team look into this, I’m seeing the discrepancy as well IBD s Market Strategy Commentary not updated for MARKET SCHOOL for Friday…. That’s weird. I remember doing it. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check it out. If trimming today: typically wait til mid or end of day. What would you say triggers an ASAP sell? Something like 2+% under 50 day with markets going badly? You can always start trimming early, but I usually wait for at least a half hour. Also keep an eye on the major indexes. If QQQ tries to rally early and then rolls over I usually start trimming at that point. What were the tickers picked? INTU and NTRA Good morning! What are your thoughts on buying the $AMZN and $F dips? Thank you!!! There was some volume on AMZN. Ford was fairly light. We’ll take a look this morning. Thanks to you guys and Marketsmith I have completely avoided this roll over since Wednesday. David Ryan and Mark Minervini really locked it in for me. If you aren’t helping me make money, you are helping me preserve capital. Best show there is! Great to hear! Whenever the indexes get extended 6%-7% above their 50-day lines I get defensive. Ally – Your change to market inder pressure – Assume your mark to measure your team’s performance will be based off this morning’s opening not Friday’s close. Yes. The ETF Market Strategy is where you can see that performance and it does go by the open of the day following the change. I’ll be updating it this week. What stocks have been mentioned so far? please share Few, Vineeta, few! 🙂 Harold wants to highlight INTU, an IBD Long-Term Leader, and Justin will analyze NTRA, Natera This is not a surprise. The best in Mark Minervini was already positioned for this last week. He came on IBD live on Wednesday and told us. And David Ryan had a good cash position. If you didn’t raise some cash after listening to the two market wizards…. Great IBD Live has these great guests. Agreed, thanks for the feedback Greg! Hey Harold and Ali – thank you. Refresh did not work. FYI, it shows correctly on old IBD homepage. live answered Good AM. I know POOL is being treated as a LTL on Leaderboard. Is ASML position on Leaderboard being treated as LTL as well? Same question for 1/4 add to PYPL made on June 18? Hi Dennis, superb Q. My personal thinking is that ASML likely would have to exit Leaderboard if it threatens to fully round-trip the entry point on May 14 near 649. If ASML had joined Leaderboard on the excellent breakout at 400 in week ended Nov. 6, then, absolutely, as a Long-Term Leader, it would make 100% sense to hold, sit tight, and even be prepared for a test of support at the 40-week moving average. Regarding PYPL, I was not involved in the decision to trim this to 1/4 from 1/2 posn on May 4. So the add on June 18, w/ a higher entry price at 284, may give the team a test of fortitude. Hatman Dave and Can we take a look at POOL…should I hold if I bought from breakout live answered Mark Minervini nailed the recent Nasdaq top on his Twitter feed last week, shorting the QQQs a few trading days ago. Is there anything within the IBD/O’Neil skillset that would have allowed CANSLIM followers a similar level of short-sell accuracy, or is Minervini just a market wizard? On July 6 and 7 I was noting that QQQ was more than 6% extended from its 50-day moving average and was ready to hedge, which I did once the market started breaking. For me, that is the best indicator to get ready for a pullback. BNTX TECH should do well today Agree, Spencer! where do I find this market school I keep hearing of? It’s part of Leaderboard for people who taken the course, which you can find in the IBD Store. BNTX looking for strong bounce here, nearly green from 2.5% down PM Good eye Jeff. We do like the initial action too, following its entry into Leaderboard on Friday, half position. Wait 1/2 hour or start selling >7%’ers When the news is material and the stock is clearly selling off for a good reason, there’s no need to wait half an hour. The loss could grow rapidly, especially when the market outlook has soured. MRNA is happy live answered AN- looks actinable live answered Is marketsmith included in LB subscription No, they are separate subscriptions DOCU and BNTX showed strength against the market downtrend last week and continuing to look OK against today’s action so far. Thoughts? live answered While on the subject of LTLs, it would be educationally useful to know the dates and entry prices for the holdings in the LTL portfolio. As well, a performance review of LTL holdings/portfolio on a periodic basis (monthly or quarterly), similar to Leaderboard monthly reviews, would be useful to assess the LTL strategy. Thanks so much, Dennis. Chris, Justin and I need to address this as it certainly may help readers. Stay tuned. Dave Nasdaq well below the July 8 low… I am buying not selling stock GM Marty! A question Chris, Ken and I share is this: Is a pullback to the 21-day exponential moving average the “pause that refreshes,” or is a sharper drop to the 50-day MA the ultimate summer shakeout? Hatman Dave — Time for bears to make money? Where do I look in IBD to find stocks to short? Thanks 🙂 Too soon to short. As Justin noted, last week offered an opportunity to short the indexes (I hedged) but in the same way we want to see a follow through and uptrend before we aggressively buying stocks, you would want to see an emerging downtrend in the market before shorting. This is still a pullback. POOL, hold or sell before earnings? live answered MRNA doing well in a red tape, so far. RS @ NH. live answered Only up stock on my Watch List is MRNA but it is very extended. live answered Five 9 and zoom are not trading in sync according to formula ZM shares x 0.55, Five 9 seems underpriced There is a bit of arbitrage – will the deal actually happen. That might take days/weeks/months to work out. But generally it’ll trade with Zoom. I own FIVN, hold?? Good Q, Teresa, if you hold long enough and the acquisition completes, your shares would turn into ZM shares. That’s a long-term Q to think about. But nothing wrong at all with selling FIVN now to raise some cash, invest in a new leader, and to protect against a potential larger market decline. Hatman Dave BTNX your opinion live answered Might you guys be able to talk through the 11-month and 10-year bases on GLD? Is that a potential place to look if a market downturn hits? Hi Jesse, great Q. Two thoughts. One, long-term, like in decade-long periods, gold no doubt has done well. I wrote about this topic several years back. But no doubt, over the past 11 months, GLD has not participated in the rally. So having a large position creates a loss of opportunity for investors to deploy cash into a strong stock. Cheers, Hatman Dave — MRNA Up !! live answered DOCU showing strength….actionable? live answered DOCU? just turned green live answered Hi, can we look at xec? Sellers in control. Below recent low of 63.52. Looks poised for test of 60 level. Damaged goods at this point. Good Morning All: great analysis and team work. Love this program. Any thoughts on Adobe (ADBE)? It isn’t dropping much, but it appears to have lost momentum. Holding support at the 10-day line. Proving itself a very strong stock, along with several other large-cap techs. Yes I noticed profits going down loosing in new buys took profits crwd pool pypl lost shop and tsla decided to start getting out early last week well done. GM Team. At about what (Pacific) time does the Live video get posted to the web page each day. Thanks -PaulG I think you’re talking about the Stock Market Today video? If so, that should be up around 1:30 p.m. PT give or take. MRNA : new century : $300 Exactly! ROKU appears to be reversing live answered roku live answered I know you talked NVDA already, but its mot up 12.00. Should I buy with a really tight stop. I rode it down pretty far before selling It’s in no-man’s land between the 21 day and 50 day. You could take a small position with a stop below today’s low. I want to buy it as well but I would like to see it touch the 50-day. Game plan on TSLA? Breaking through the 10 wk MA and earnings in a week live answered ARKG is green live answered Thanks, David! Yes, bounce and weave, bounce and weave. Yup. As long as we have to, ShaneMan! “Good morning, Please see CRWD.” live answered Pls take a look at CRWD live answered avtr Certainly doing well even today, its loss so far is smaller than the major averages. Avantor remains a half-size posn in Leaderboard. Thanks Jim — would you explain the 65 period calcjulation your guest talked about last week? Hourly charts are always a challenge because the trading day is 6 1/2 hours, which means the last bar only represents 30 minutes. By creating a 65 minute bar, you get 6 bars of equal time that correspond with the open and close of trading. We used ThinkOrSwim to create the 65 minute bar. Harold – when you say that you track a mutual fund – do you actually look at what they buy and sell? I track it based on the fund performance and the stocks they hold. I like to at the top 10-15 stocks in the fund portfolio ASAN live answered Is BA a bargain here? With break of 200-day line today, hard to tell where the bottom is… Looks like CPE has fallen off the cliff. Why is the RS rating still 99? Because it’s price performance over the past 12 months is still better than most stocks (even with recent weakness) DOCS looks good Yes it does. Can you tell me why NTRA looks interesting to Justin? That big volume day overwhelmed the blue bar and seems like a reason to stay away. Thank you. That red bar was on 6/25, the Russell rebalancing day. It might have moved from the small cap index to the mid cap. A lot less money in mid cap indexes. Can someone give a verbal interpritation of the RS Line. How do you read it? The RS line compares a stock’s price performance to the S&P 500 each day. When the line is sloping upward, it’s outperforming the index, and vice versa. We like to see RS lines at or near highs when a stock is breaking out of a base. Is the industry group table in the Q and As? I will add it to the page after the show’s conclusion! 🙂 Good morning. The industry group is not displyed next to the stock name. Is that a setting? Happened to me yesterday. I closed MS and reopened the charts and the industry groups reappeared. There was a release on Saturday night. Where do we find the Industy Groups spreadsheet online.. can you provide a path? Ali will post it on the IBD Live FAQ page after the show: What kinds of tickers are medical managed? SGRY THC ISRG ALGN? managed care would be UNH, CI, ANTM … health insurers and some others Harold – where do you find the fund performances? Enter the symbol for the fund, the related information panel shows fund performance and holdings Is NVDA actionable Nice bounce from the 10-week line. You could buy here, but it was a sharp drop down and it’s not a great market. If you buy, know your exit strategy. I’m sitting tight for now, but looks like a pretty good first test of the 10-week line. what isn’t dxc a sell from leaderboard? We may trim today, but we probably won’t make our final sell until Friday afternoon. We want to seee a decisive weekly close on the 10-week before making our final decision. crwd is another example, also down, shouldn’t it be sold? the team will be going through the Leaders list after the show. Just now I’m noticing that besides NVDA, there are other semi’s holding up quite well this ugly morning, such as AMD, MRVL, XLNX & UCTT, showing greater relative strength. Please take a look and comment. live answered NVDA splits tomorrow 7/20. Isn’t that the reason behind the rise? Seems interesting that it isn’t alone in the group. As we just went through a number of semis showing some similar action. nvda is splitting tomorrow live answered I like the analysis on NVDA Justin live answered GM, F big volume declines Automakers having another tough day. Oops, didn’t mean to say ALB was a miner… lol Well, it sort of is. Harold – on GNRC, I bought like you did around 340 but shed a little on the strength, I’ve been looking for a place to increase again, is this a reasonable place if it holds the bounce Because of the market, I’m not looking to add. I will start trimimg if there are 2 closes below the 21 ema ‘@Ed, what do you think of ALB? Trying to find support around the early entry. Important area here. Growth stocks seem to be doing better than the markets today Makes sense – a Covid environment is bad for cyclicals – energy/commodities. Many growth stocks are stay-at-home type of plays. The VIX is based on options Yes. I should have mentioned that. It really reflects the implied volatility. Here’s an article I wrote. Which VIX ticker are you usually buying? I think the option on VIX is a good option. Have you seen our story by Gavin McMaster? Story on July 14. how do you buy VIX – i trade at Think/Swim Hi Brian. We’ve got a July 14 story addressing this by Gavin McMaster. what is the symbol of vix? can it be traded? Hi Frank! Pls see this July 14 story by Gavin McMaster. Also, track zero-VIX on either MarketSmith or at and at DOCS continues up, can you check the volume please, is this above or below avg? Hard to interpret IPO volume. The first day or two is always very strong, so in the first few weeks volume will look soft. But it seems like DOCS volume today is at least in line with the past few days. I took most of my hedge off SQQQ. Assume you’re also waiting on a follow through day? Not necessarily. We want to see a reversal in the indexes. I will read that, David. Thank you, Sir! You’re welcome! Is Market School part of LB or any other premium product? To see Market School in LB, you must have attended the live course or taken the Home Study course Hey, isn’t BNTX forming a double bottom on a daily chart? It certainly shows the elements of one. RS Line strength not rating. Thank you Good distinction, John. LT Leader ADBE could form a 3-weeks tight this week; watching closely Indeed, sharp eye, thanks Tom! I think it’s time to update that roundup. Hatman — and I don’t know when to go by weekly or daily chart. They seem to sometimes say different things. I usually start with the weekly and then go to the daily for more detail and see if it is telling a similar story. I’m neutral. I reserve the right to change my mind in a heart beat. Nice. Smart. Cyber Security – CRWD, S, PANW Obviously holding better than Clouds. What opportunity does this represent to you. It’s clear the security and other software groups are showing relative strength today. I’m looking for entries.

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