Is ILV the new AXS? for SUSHISWAP:ILVWETH by bowtrix

If ILV reaches the market cap of AXS , it will be worth $6,100! So if we build a stack of ILV to hold for the long term during this pullback at the low of 310, we could even get almost a 20X out of it, if we are patient and don’t sell it for at least a couple of months The amount of gas in this tank is very promising. Maybe you only think it can reach half as much as AXS but that’s still a solid 10X you are looking at.

So how do we figure that price will pull back here to reach our buying target and give us this amazing setup to 20X our money? We are using the elliot wave theory which states that wave 4 will break the channel made by wave 1, 2, and 3 99% of the time to the downside. It also tells us that the 0.5 retracement of wave 3 is the best spot for the bottom of wave 4 to occur. So that creates our high-probability buy signal area, and we can set alerts here to purchase it. Sadly it’s not listed on any exchanges, so we will need to keep a close eye on it as price approaches the level. The correction for wave 4 is likely going to end sometime between the 24th and the end of the month, so that means we are probably gonna be waiting a couple weeks.

This is a trade for the patient wolves who will wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait some more, and then finally pounce and eat the sheep up.

This is a great token to buy and hold. DYOR.

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