It’s time to AMP it up for GEMINI:AMPUSD by CryptoVNV

Same chart, just adjusted bottom trend line for a tighter fit. Nice and simple chart, perfect formation priming for breakout of the top trend line .

Some reasons I’m excited:

Price has clearly been suppressed, just watch order books in real time. This effectively gets retail noobs off their tokens while whales accumulate them. I watch these books very carefully… Buying sprees have been consistently followed by individual major sells to bring price back down… then selling sprees have been followed by individual large buys to maintain a stable price. The accumulation is clear as day, you just need to look. So the question is why?? Do the whales know something we don’t and want all the AMP for themselves?… Also did anyone else notice that when BTC and the entire market had its recent crashes, AMP went down the least % of nearly all tokens? Price has been going sideways while staying tight inside its current formation without breaking one way or the other yet. There’s about 10 days left before we will see which way it goes, but I believe the only direction is up due to the circumstances listed which I’ve witnessed for myself.

So what don’t we know? Well what I do know is that AMP/Flexa has ridiculous potential. There’s been the rumor that Flexa will be adopted by Amazon for their crypto payments… They say buy the rumor sell the news. If this unfolds to be true, we are talking about a top 5 crypto… $1/AMP won’t sound so crazy after all.

Anyhoo, as always pals…


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