JPYCAD, Triangle-Breakout Incoming, Targets When Completed! for FX_IDC:JPYCAD by VincePrince


Welcome to this analysis about JPYCAD , we are looking at the 4-hour timeframe perspectives. As I discovered in my analysis JPYCAD has now developed this main triangle-formation in the structure marked with the boundaries in blue and the coherent ABC-wave-count within. As JPYCAD recently bounced in the lower boundary of the triangle this happened with great volatility and is the indication that the triangle-breakout above the upper-boundary will follow in the next times. When this happens JPYCAD will settle above the upper-boundary of the triangle to provide the right setup for the continuational movements to the upside. The breakout will also activate the targets marked in my chart in the blue level at 0.0113. When JPYCAD reaches these zones which likely will happen when the triangle completes it has to be elevated if JPYCAD manages to continue bullishly or firstly forms a reversal in the structure, it will be a interesting journey ahead.

In this manner, thank you for watching my analysis about JPYCAD and the triangle-formation-breakout likely to come up in the next times, will be great when you support it with a like and follow or comment, great contentment for everybody supporting, all the best!
“Trading effectively is about assessing possibilities, not certainties.”

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