HEADER – This is what my work was meant to do, forecast prices beat for beat. Let’s see if its worth anything.

SUMMARY – Please read previous posts for background. LInks are below. This is the finalized cheat sheet for 60 days as discussed in “PART 1E”.

STRATEGY – If prices moves to 12/22 beat for beat through the black boxes following gray highlight, short first arrow. Cover second arrow.

A) short 12/22 around 1780

B) cover at 1570 at any point BEFORE 01 /20/23

C) cover at 01 /20/23 even if not at 1570 yet

D) there’s at least a 20:1 trade in there somewhere, I’ll work on it if this chart delivers for next 30 days (the trade is the second 30 days)

E) this matters because I believe we are about to hit the low for the following 36 months, 1570-ish, maybe a bit lower

F) topping 3600-4000 around September 2025 to January 2026

DETAILS – In order to use this work effectively. Get IRL from my scripts page, set DX / DY ratio to:

A) 27/32 for 2H bar in order to get the waves for this chart and follow as it proceeds day by day

B) 27/32 is also zoom-able for 15-min , 30-min, 1H, 2H, 4H, and 8H bars

C) please be aware that the colors are only for ratio comparison, it’s their shape that matters

D) so you are looking for THE SAME WAVES, NOT THE SAME COLORS (UNLESS you are on 27/32 for 2H bars)

E) USE DX / DY RATIO 9/10 FOR: 1-min, 2-min, 4-min, 8-min, and 16-min bars

F) USE DX / DY RATIO 9/8 FOR: 11-min, 22-min, 45-min, 90-min, 3H, 6H, 12H, 1D, 2D, 4D, 8D, 16D, and 32D

G) this goes w/o saying, but obviously at very small or very big bars, the waves shift DUE TO TRADINGVIEW BAR COUNT REGULATION

H) and of course, please read directions before using, I am aware they were never finished, but there’s more than enough for what we will use it for


A) This implies that the low for silver IS IN. I don’t have time to work on a silver chart.

B) I have enough to proofread the gold forecast by itself.

C) If silver proves interesting in late January, THE TRADE OF THE YEAR would be to go long AG (First Majestic) for 12 months

D) I want to add some chart-notes if I have time, they are important for my vision for the next 38 months

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