SABR 50% Upside – 3-6 Months Horizon for NASDAQ:SABR by AlAlawiAlawi

Disclaimer: I/We are heavily invested in Sabre with some of our group have locked in profits and reinvested at below 14.5$ and has been averaging down. I have started buying $SABR in the 12.5$ range and have now averaged around 12.2$.

Sabre has been one of those Airline / Tourism companies that are still down due to travel restrictions.

Why Sabre and not any famous airline that has been collecting Government stimulus cheques and loans at 0% Interest levels, I hear you ask?

The worst Airline was American Airlines $AAL still is 50% below its 2019 30$ish recovery price, however, AAL is a business that had been called out for Bankruptcy at some point but was bailed out while the other airlines don’t offer the same returns discussed here.

Sabre on the other hand comes with a Great Global Reopening Story and a Google Growth Hopes to carry forward,

We all have seen the fans this past week cheering the Football match in Copa America and Euro Cup in London showing that people are back travelling, however, countries with less progress with vaccines and/or policy screw-ups has hindered the Airline industry generally. British Passports for example being compared to Uzbekistan or something of that sort. We do not expect Sabre to pull great numbers this Q2 also as The Airlines + Tourism sector is spinning their heads just to understand policymakers guidance.

Actions that are not good on SABR recent insider trading activity is the President and CEO – MENKE SEAN E action Year to Date of Selling almost 5M worth of Stock.

This is a Tech Company with Airlines Valuations in my opinion and has been inking agreements and continuing partnerships with various airlines and tourism outlets to offer.
We believe the Google story may be overhyped however we believe the potential is very possible as this is a company with such large access to data and stretches its arms around the Airline and Tourism sector where both has been looking to evolve post covid.

I shall be updating this Idea for when significant impact up or down, feel free to Troll, disagree or agree RESPECTFULLY!

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