Sensorium (SENSO) A 100x potential for KUCOIN:SENSOUSDT by without_worries

A poster on one of my ideas recently discussed his/her approach for finding high yield returns, i.e. minimum 10x best 100x ideally 1000x preferable. It has been some while since I bothered looking, but here we are – found something that might fit.

100x?! That’s impossible. Not impossible, just improbable. The last one I did was Utrust (idea at bottom). And before that something called Telcom . I’m sure they’ll both continue to yield 1000x returns from original ideas.

So how do I find them?

My requirements to meet the above potential are formulated on:

1) Technical analysis .

a) 1 year of data must be available.

b) Small market capital

c) Not listed on major exchanges

2) Fundamentals.

a) Is the project offering understood under a minute?

b) Strong team behind project

c) Does the project have world wide appeal? Not tied to any one country.

First the TA:

1 year of data is important.

On the above 1-day chart price action has fallen 80% since May, printed a ‘incredible buy’ signal and is now showing bullish divergence . The Divergence is worth special attention, 10 oscillators (circled in purple) are showing positive divergence with price action! That is incredible.

Market capital is currently just over $6m. A 100x to $600m Easily done in this environment.

Not listed on any major exchanges – check. Kucoin I find is an excellent onboarding platform for sniffing out new project. In fact both Utrust and Telcom trades were opened on Kucoin.

The Fundamentals:

“Sensorium is taking the entertainment industry to the next level. VR lets us create a new form of art, a next level experience that foes way beyond just watching a show on a screen” David Guetta

Got it, this is a VR / Metaverse play. This is the same direction Facebook is taking. They are spending huge amounts on the subject.

The team. Actually quite impressive, this project seems seriously under the RADAR. Russian billionaire backing the project.

World wide appeal? With Utrust it was payment processing, so yes. Telcom , payment processing via mobile phone, excellent. And now Sensorium. I think this is more limited than the previous two in that this is aimed at consumers of entertainment. That’s not for everyone, but nonetheless is a lot of folks and with a global reach.

In summary – I think this is a great play for a 100x, it ticks a lot of boxes. I’m in, will come back in a year and see how it does.

A word of warning, the market capital is small. It will be volatile, shoot up one day crash the next. If you can ignore that, be patient, you’ll be quids in.

The project:

Good luck!


The Utrust (UTK) idea

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