The idea that will make you rich! for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by beshan

After losing 70K in future trading, I didn’t give up. As a programmer I started to develop my own algorithm to predict the price, I used the most advance AI technology is called RL which is used in self-driving cars. The result was so crazy. The AI found a pattern that suggested the Bitcoin price moves based on a very simple strategy. I somehow implemented the strategy here an this is the result: I have invested 1$ and in 10 years it has turned into ~600K. Based on the very insight I’ve built an idea that can make you rich.

Bitcoin has two long-term fates: It will either drop to ~12K or rise to ~300K. But if we look at the bigger picture, we will discover that:

1- We haven’t reached the upper-bound of the major channel.

2- We had the same price drop in 2013 after hitting the 0.786 Fib level.

3- 45K is very important resistance level . First because it’s the only key level(monthly close) that should get broken. Second the upper-bound of the current downtrend channel is close to 45K. Third 45K is the weekly 200 SMA . The current price(40k) needs only ~12% increase to pass this level. It is very possible because we are closing this month with a strong green candle. So for the next month to generate ~12% increase is an easy bet. Then the price will be above the weekly 200 SMA , which is a strong support to toward 300K.

I know many retail investors think price will drop but it will not, it’s how we all lose.

Don’t forget to send me some when you get rich. My BUSD( BEP-20 ) address:


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