The revolution for FX:EURUSD by MrRenev

The globalist clones that all think the same way in power for 30 years or more (that’s subjective, depends where we put the threshold) know they are threatened and will stop at nothing to hold onto power.

Europe, NA, could add the South Africa rainbow nation too. Complete failure.

Here is what happened in 2017 during the french elections:

Volatility is going to go up up up. Hey even DEM to USD was rather constant 1926-1933 at 4.2 then it dropped quickly to 2.6. Then not too much change.
Stock market went up up up under Hitler euphoria (all opposed him from the start in 1946). Literally the only dictatorship I know of. What usually happens to price?
What about Chile?

“The aim is to make Chile not a nation of proletarians, but a nation of entrepreneurs.” – Augusto Pinochet. (Today Chile has the 3rd rate of entrepreneurship in the world).

When Pinochet took power he inherited the socialist failures, and had hyperinflation then after a few years there was the “Chilean miracle” ye right “miracle”, no just someone that cared about his country and moved to fix it. He wasn’t a dictator to hold onto power (if he was even one), but someone that was fair and wanted to fix the country that socialists destroyed (and to this day it’s one of the world countries with least wagecucks – and gets flooded by central american migrants/grasshoppers).

So we can’t really compare those. Pinochet was the solution, the western propagandist dictators are the problem they are the Allendes running a slowly declining country.

Ye usually under dictators economies do well to be honest. They might devalue the currency, when the dictator first steps in biased investors might crash prices, but over time things seem to go well not gonna lie. When dictators are fair and care about their country, not when they are Kim Jong Un ruining his country and blaming it all on the USA.

Only difference between North Korea and US+EU is NKR puts a gun on the head (usually heart) of people to force them to believe the propaganda.

The west uses censorship and controlling all the media and lies but no gun to the head, shame to all the morons that willingly believe the propaganda.

They also want to use economic incentives (a nation of big companies wagecucks that can get fired and never find a job, a cashless society that can freeze accounts, etc).

Europe is looking more like the Soviet Union in the late 80s than anything else. If the Soviets could not stop it, how can western low Testosterone losers?

There is 1 difference: The west is “diverse”, and as Jeff Bezos knows so well, a diverse workforce cooperates and unionizes much less.

Still, divide to conquer is crumbling, both the “left” and “right” are so fed up and mad they are teaming up.

Here is a list of some of the dictator laws in France of the last 5 years:

And there is much more. They’ll never run out of excuses:
– Any terrorist act to enable mass surveillance
– Any disease to enable movement restrictions
– Any conspiracy theory to enable censorship
– Any violence at protests to enable control
– Any cop death threat to enable Derek Chauvins
– And so on…

I also want to add 1 thing about the collapse:

30 years ago the USA were the first trading partner of the entire world.

Today who’s left? France and the UK. Seriously. Oh and North American countries (US neighbours).

For real the entire planet was blue (US partners) and now it’s entirely red (China) with the exception of 2 lapdogs in blue: France and England XD

The US are going to number 2. They’d be almost there or even there already if it wasn’t for all the debt and exporting their inflation .

Revolutions and end of an era. Mark my words 🔥🔥🔥

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