Trader’s worst enemy ☠️ for CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL by C_EWAVE13

Hi everyone,

Wish y’all have a profitable life.

📌 Today I would like to talk about a very important factor that every trader has to consider very important in their technical analysis .

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⚠️ The topic is “EMOTION” and how it can lead to possible profit and or losing money.

⚠️ And how can you avoid “FOMO TRADING” !

📍It’s almost been a year that I have started trading and at the beginning I have participated in various technical classes such as ICHIMOKU , Price Action, E-Wave, etc. Furthermore, I can assume that I have made some money as well as some losses.

🧐 The question is; how to avoid serious money loss??

📍 The answer may differ from each person to the other and person by person. However, the most common answer might be: “EMOTIONS”

📌 We are human-beings and it is completely normal for each human-being to decide based on emotions and not considering facts and reasons.

🧐 What does this exactly mean?

📍 The answer is: We may dismiss or not consider some reasonable facts and decide emotionally not reasonably.

📌 As you can see my E-wave analysis may be THEORITICALLY correct but not resoanbly.

🧐 What does it mean if we have a total of 9Trillion dollar of worth in crypto-currency?

🧐 What if this new version of .com bubble explode at some points?

📍Always, consider fundamental analysis in your technical analysis and your technical analysis in your fundamental analysis

⚠️ Keep your faith for when you are in church and your belief when you are in a hospital

⚠️ Trading is a game of numbers and numbers do not understand any emotions…

⚠️ Trading is a game of indexes, algorithms, pure mathematics and supply and demand , please do not believe in chart!

🧐 I am looking forward to update my toturial and tell you guys more about sentimental analysis.

Please let me know if you have got any problem and or questions

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