VVIX – 30 Day Forward Volatility – Vol of Vol for CBOE:VVIX by HK_L61

Today presents an opportunity for Volatility to expand or contract significantly
at approximately 12:30 PM EST .

VVIX is calculated using the implied volatility of out-of-the-money (OTM) put options

in the VIX itself.

The VVIX is defending the Counter-Trend Long. It presents downside risk for the

Equity Complex is approaching.

@ 8:30 AM EST

Average Hourly Earnings

Non-Farm Payrolls

Unemployment Rate

9:45 AM EST

Final Services PMI

10:100 AM EST

Final Services PMI

The Federal Reserve Coupon Purchases



It is important to note the Data will beat.

Unemployment benefit Drop-Offs will assure it.

In addition, people returning to work will assist

the numbers.

This will create an interesting and potentially

dangerous reaction.

The Fed’s 1/2 Mandates is Full-Employment.

It implies one of their goals are being met.

In addition, it implies increased probability

of them carrying forward with their indicated

“Taper” of MBS /Bond Purchases.

It is not “Bullish”, quite the opposite.

Expect the “Delta Variant” to be front and

center today as the parallel excuse to be

bantered about for continued support of the

Equity Complex.

The Spin will be full tilt.


We have 3 Gaps below on the Indices.

Each Instrument treaded Resistance during Globex and although

we have been making higher highs and higher lows…

It appears things are about to change given the VVIX’s Bid for

protection on the 30 Day Curve for Puts, the VXX supports this

as well.

The highs remain unbroken, they can be as it’s Friday, a low

participation Day, as well it is the last day of Summer Trading.

The FED is steeping aside today, with No Bond Coupon Purchases.

Volumes continue to dry up.

It will be up to BR / VG to hold this hot mess togher.

Wish them Luck in this effort.

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