Okay so its late, im under the influence but idk what made me see this pattern and im kinda freaked out. I know its messy but let me explain.

hear me out:
ATH 1a/2a is from when btc crossed 1k and then crashed for the first main bear market.
ATH 1b/2a is from 2017/2018 when BTC hit 20k
ATH 1c is the recent ATH

LOW = ATH 2(A,B)

ATH 1(a,b,c) all represent the first major parabolic ATH breakout. ATH 2(a,b,c) all represent the following parabolic ATH that preceded a bear market

The percent gain from ATH 1 to ATH 2 is approximately equal in all cases.

The time from ATH 1 to ATH 2 is approximately equal in all cases.
ATH 2 both retrace to the ATH 1, respectively. This retracement is our “bear market”

The duration of the bear market/time until reversal (ATH2(a, b) -> LOW) is approximately equal in both crashes.

The duration from the reversal -> ATH 1 is equal in both cases

Using our recent ATH as ATH 1(c), a predicted %Gain based of previous gains from ATH 1 > 2, we get an estimated value around 318k which coincidentally is the number that was thrown out by a Citi bank analyst. This analyst predicted BTC to be 318k by the end of 2021. Using the time from ATH 1->2 in the past and applying it to where we are now, the ATH of 318k will happen around Nov/Dec 2021.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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