What’s not to like about the stock? for NASDAQ:SNDL by AlterEgo1312

1) if you look at its lowest point until this date you can see this has been bullish , even before the big spike up to $4 this was definitely making higher highs.

2) “With a near one billion in cash, there is no risk of liquidity with Sundial. The risk in holding the stock is moderate to low. ” -seekingalpha.

3) Sundial has already made CA$15.7M in income from their own capital allocation and income on interest.

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4) To contrary belief SNDL is not a meme stock (as of now) or a WSB stock, if anyone actually reported and did some investigation in the WSB reddit you would see that WSB dislikes SNDL with a passion. So I would be cautious when reports come out saying SNDL is nothing more than a WSB stock with no underlying fundamentals or value.

5) The biggest issue I see that SNDL needs to deal with is dilution of shares, If institutions hate anything other than WSB doing a short squeeze its a company lowering their share value. For this reason investors need to see this as long play rather than a short term get rich approach. (just my opinion)

6) There is no doubt putting up money into MJ companies right now is risky since most MJ stocks have been loosing money, the good thing about this though is SNDL has a foot in if they want to acquire the company or if the company decides they will file for bankruptcy, SNDL can simply merge that company with all its SKU and distribution partners and make it part of their portfolio.

7) SNDL is strapped and ready for when the USA legalizes MJ, but how? Well all they need to do is find a Small MJ company and they are in, this will also provide hedge funds with confidence.

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