Why I bought more SKYCOIN tonight !! for BINANCE:SKYUSD by Dangermousebanana

SkyCoin is an extremely underrated project !! Actually rank 729 on CoinMarketCap and 17 Million MC .

It has several working products and their team has never stopped working during the entire bear market from 2018 until 2021 !!

Go have a look at their website: SkyCoin platform, SkyWire decentralized internet, Obelisk new consensus algorithm, Fiber peer-chain architecture, CX a custom-built programming language, CXO peer-to-peer cloud storage service, SkyMinter hardware, SkyMessenger encrypted messaging service, ….

Their work has been impressive until now !!

They believe in what they do and do not spend precious resources in marketing efforts.

Time will come when they will come out of the woods and promote their products when mass adoption comes.

The Legend John McAfee had a SKYCOIN tattoo painted on his back !! He must at some time had a very strong feeling on this project !

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Technically SKY is bouncing on a very important support at the 0.764 level (green dashed line).

On the beginning of February price jumped quickly from 0.5 USD to over 18 USD in a matter of 5 days !!! ATH was around 50 USD; so the upside potential is important.

Price has since then come back to test the breakout point between 0.76 and 0.91 USD and will likely bounce on the apex of the yellow ascending triangle before taking off again.

I seized the opportunity to load on SkyCoin tokens and more than doubled my long term position !

Time will tell if and when price catches up with SkyCoins outstanding fundamentals ….

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