XMR is in Liquidity Crisis on Fractionally Reserved Exchanges for BINANCE:XMRUSDT_PREMIUM by herbison

I took the XMRUSD price from multiple exchanges, and compared them to Kraken XMRUSD. Why Kraken? Because they have a banking license, and are trying to get a master account at the Fed. They’re known for being among the more honest exchanges, and have particularly treated Monero well in the past, by diffusing falsely inserted regulatory narratives (thanks Jesse Powers!).

So, this chart, you’re looking at Kraken prices, divided by 3 others: Binance, Bitfinex, and Poloniex. Higher values indicates that Kraken’s price for XMR is higher than the others. These 3 exchanges are strongly suspected of price rigging, as well as fractional reserving their Monero, selling XMR they don’t actually have. Binance, and many others have halted withdraw of Monero to your own personal wallet. Not Kraken.

So, hypothetically, if these exchanges were suppressing price due to liquidity problems, we might expect to see a divergence between their price, and Kraken, who we’re assuming is operating honestly. Namely, we would expect that Kraken would have a higher price, whereas these others would have a lower price. So the ratio of Kraken/(others) would have spiked if this is the case; and lo and behold, there it is. Before the big crypto crash happened, the prices on ALL these suspect exchanges diverged significantly.

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What does this mean? It’s just another indication that these people are fractionally reserved liars and manipulators, who don’t want you in Monero; and are experiencing a liquidity crisis. Squeeze the fuck out of them. Price is low anyways. BTFD! *and withdraw your coins to your own wallet!*

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