XRP $0.32 Wyckoff Distribution Schematic #2 for BITSTAMP:XRPUSD by ajax3592

Please refer to Wyckoff Distribution Schematic #2

$0.32 is my target. Currently we are forming a bull-trap.

Some people call XRP’s chart as the ugliest chart, because it is so full of manipulations. But none of it is co-incidence. Nothing is co-incidence, EVER. Its all synchronicity.

If you want to understand how the market works (and global finances in general), you have to understand that all news are a mere excuse to crash the market or to make specific patterns on chart. The SEC was the excuse for crashing the XRP, the ongoing illusion of dis-ease will be excuse for the 50-80% stock market crash. They have to blame it on something, when they manipulate the market. Else, everyone will understand, its just few people that you can count on your fingers, running the WHOLE show. Its a theatre. People in important positions of finance and entertainment are paid actors. They have to stay in their character all their life. The scripts are passed on from the secret groups they are part of. No president has any power, they run on scripts.

You can hack this reality if you really go down the rabbit hole.

We are all running on a particular operating system that was programmed into us through ‘programs’ on Tel-a-vision, media, movies, music. We are sleeping and are in a hypnotised state.

If you don’t have a dream/reality/OS, you will become part of someone else’s dream/reality/OS.

I’m SUPER bullish on XRP long term.

But I’m also in control of my emotions because of Vipassana meditation.

Not financial advice, always do your own research.

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