Adventures with AI: Can computer vision and GPT-3 get me fit?

Welcome to Adventures with AI, a column exploring what happens when artificial intelligence takes control of everyday tasks.

I enjoy exercise, but I’ve always hated gyms. I can’t stand the pugnacious meatheads hogging the bench; the vacuous EDM pounding my brain into mush; the putrid blend of BO dripping off the walls; the eye-watering fees; the fear of being judged. They’re ghastly places frequented by some of the most unpleasant people on Earth.

After years of enduring these assaults on my senses, I decided enough was enough. I cancelled my membership, built a home gym, and started playing five-a-side football with friends. It was one of the smartest decisions I’d ever made.

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Then COVID-19 arrived. My domestic shelter quickly turned into a prison and I lost all motivation to exercise. What I needed was a personal trainer to call me a scrawny weakling until I collapse in a pile of blood, sweat, and tears. But quality sadomasochism doesn’t come cheap.

Keen to save my pennies for the impending apocalypse, I sought a more affordable alternative — a virtual personal trainer.

Meet Jeremy:

Credit: Kemtai