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Not everyone believes in the supernatural, but some ghost stories would be cool if they turned out to be true. Whether it’s a deceased celebrity’s car believed to be cursed or an urban legend of a hitchhiker mysteriously disappearing during a ride, cars are sometimes the subject of ghost stories. One of the more interesting tales is about a phantom Chevy Camaro prowling the streets of a Colorado road. This is the story.

The ghost Camaro isn’t Riverdale Road’s only haunting

Riverdale Road is an 11-mile stretch in Colorado that connects the municipalities of Thornton and Brighton, the Denver Public Library explains. The street has a reputation as “the most haunted road in the country,” thanks to tales that storytellers have been passed down through the years.

Some of the urban legends about Riverdale Road involve a ghost jogger who taps on the sides of passing vehicles, a hitchhiker who disappeared into the night, and a mansion owner who went crazy and set the home on fire — with his family inside. The family members died, and he disappeared.

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