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The “new car smell” is something all car owners love, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. Over time, car interiors take on the smells of our lifestyles, from ballparks and beaches to drive-thrus and nights out. Regular cleaning and maintenance are the best way to keep a vehicle smelling clean and fresh, but car air fresheners are a great way to fight everyday odors. Keep in mind, not all car air fresheners are the same, and knowing which is the best car air freshener to fit your needs is crucial. 

Odor eliminating air freshener

A blue Little Trees air freshener | Ben McCanna/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Everyone has experienced a spray or air freshener that attempts to mask an unpleasant odor. Rather than making the space smell good, the pleasant aroma and the unwanted scent mix together into a new unpleasantness. Obviously, finding the odor source is the first step to a clean car smell, but choosing the right air freshener will help.

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