5 Things to Remember Before Upgrading Your Toyota to a Lexus | MotorBiscuit

Toyota and Lexus are of the same company. In fact, Lexus is simply Toyota’s luxury line of vehicles. Each one offers features that a different segment of the market is looking for. However, not everyone will benefit from upgrading from a Toyota to a Lexus model. According to Motor and Wheels, there are five different points to keep in mind if you’re contemplating stepping up to the luxury line. 

The Toyota and Lexus marketplace

The interior of a Lexus RX 450h | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

The Toyota brand produces vehicles that appeal to those looking for fuel efficiency and practicality. If you want a good-performing sedan, SUV, or truck that isn’t too expensive, you will find a winner within the Toyota line of products. 

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