A BEV World: Mercedes to Expand me Charge Network Worldwide for Push Towards an All-Electric Future | MotorBiscuit

EV sales are growing every year, and it’s become clear that the cars of the future won’t be flying, but they will be electric. Many automakers are getting in on this EV action, and recently, Mercedes-Benz has made a big push toward an all-electric future. Here’s a look at the company’s plans to electrify the automotive world.

Automakers’ plan for an all-electric lineup

Mercedes charging | Getty Images

While some automakers like Tesla are already producing only EVs, the big leap that’s still far away is established automakers having an EV-only lineup. Automakers are creating timelines to completely transition themselves to an all-electric future due to a mix of changing demands as well as laws and regulations. Automakers like Volvo are already on their way toward that goal, but Mercedes-Benz has been lagging behind.

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