AirCar Has “Turned Science Fiction Into a Reality” | MotorBiscuit

Flying cars have long been a source of science fiction inspiration. The Jetsons were perhaps the most famous TV family to commute via car-plane (plane-car?), but that doesn’t mean they were the only ones thinking about it. Cars that act like airplanes are closer than ever to becoming a reality. Multiple companies are designing them, and the AirCar just completed its 142nd test run. 

The AirCar flies high in the sky | Klein Vision

Is there really a flying car?

There really is a flying car, complete with wings and wheels. (Not those teeny tiny wheels that 90,000 pound planes somehow land on, but regular car-sized wheels.) It’s called an AirCar, which is pretty self-explanatory, and also doesn’t explain anything. How does does it work?

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