Are Electric Golf Carts Really Better Than Gas Golf Carts? | MotorBiscuit

You’ve decided to buy a golf cart, for golfing or transportation or both, but now what? Which should you buy? You can choose from gas-powered or electric models. But is one better than the other? Here’s a look at why EVs are the way to go for golf carts.

Gas-powered golf carts

A gas golf cart packs a four-stroke (or sometimes a two-stroke) combustion engine, RMI explains. These golf carts run in a way similar to a gas-powered passenger car and use unleaded gas. You can fill them quickly at a gas station or from a gas can.

A used gas-powered golf cart generally costs more than an electric one. In addition, there aren’t usually many used gas-powered golf carts available for sale. Gas-powered models are also a bit noisy compared with electric golf carts. However, newer ones are quieter than older ones.

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