Bentley Flying Spur Plug-In Hybrid Has a Shocking Powertrain | MotorBiscuit

The future is electric, and every vehicle, from affordable compact sedans to pickup trucks to luxury cars, is undergoing shocking changes. We are a long way from the late 90’s Toyota Prius. Now it seems like every day an automaker is announcing a new electric or hybrid vehicle. Bentley’s latest plug-in hybrid, the Bentley Flying Spur, is looking to help electrify its lineup.

The evolution of hybrid vehicles

The Toyota Prius | Toyota

The Toyota Prius gets a lot of hate, but it was revolutionary in many ways. The hybrid arrived in the late 90s and opened up a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, it was ahead of its time and was the subject of ridicule as a result. The Prius was seen as impractical and lacking by many. Little did we know it would be the stepping stone that would lead to some of today’s most innovative vehicles.

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