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Another BMW recall has hit. Over 21,000 BMW and BMW-adjacent vehicle models have been affected. Thankfully, there are some silver linings to this recall. However, this isn’t just some issue that can be solved with a Tesla-esque over-the-air update. Owners will have to bring in their Bimmer branded models for physical repairs this time. Semiconductor production shortage issues aside, it’s not something the Bavarian brand can have right now, and things need to get sorted as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, other BMW brands are suffering too

Mini and other Bimmer subsidiaries have been affected | Anusak Laowilas via Getty Images

Unfortunately, the issue centers around a critical function of the rear seat: child seat locks. Effectively, BMW has a system called ALR, or Automatic Locking Retractors. Basically, these retractors are designed to lock in a seatbelt for tight and effective child seat installation. A failure in these ALR units can result in an improperly secured child seat. Of course, that’s something we’d all like to avoid.

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