C4 Corvette With a Gooseneck Hitch Is a Tow Rig Triumph

At 70-75 mph, Einfeld claims he was able to get 14.5 mpg, which is a considerable increase over the Suburban. The visual of one Corvette towing another via a gooseneck trailer is also, well, just awesome. The low-slung setup almost has Steinwinter Supercargo vibes, and equally interesting visibility problems.

“My mirrors are the same as what is on the car I am pulling, so I can’t see right behind me going straight, but if I do a little zigzag in my lane I can see if anyone is behind me,” Einfeld said.

The gross weight of the fully laden trailer is also 5,500 pounds, so the Corvette—especially considering its unmodified—is hauling around some serious weight. Einfeld says he doesn’t want it to remain stock, though. “I want to change the rear from 3.07 to 3.54 if it isn’t too expensive because right now stock gears are 1,500 at 65, so a little lower rpm than ideal.” He also needs to make a window behind the seats to seal the cab up, and put fenders on the trailer itself. 

Besides that, however, Enfield sees the whole situation as a win-win. “Having this Corvette as my daily/tow rig I get 18 mpg around town and up to 24.5 if I am highway driving, so a lot better and cooler than the Suburban.”

Talk about living the dream.

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