Can Tow Truck Companies Charge You Whatever They Want? | MotorBiscuit

Nothing can ruin a good day like an unexpected car tow. The number of cars towed annually in America totals in the millions. The whole endeavor tends to be so expensive that some people think they’ve fallen prey to one of many tow truck scams. This has led drivers to wonder how much tow truck companies are legally allowed to charge. 

So, what is the most a towing company can charge?

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The short answer is it depends on the state. Some states have no price protections, others have nebulous regulations, and only a few states offer strong protections for drivers. U.S. PIRG, a consumer rights group, investigated each state’s towing laws. The report has declared, “Unfortunately, most states do not have maximum towing and storage rates, and many fail to define clearly the definition of ‘reasonable rates’ that towing companies must adhere to.”

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