Car Detailing Supply List

A car detailing supply list is an effective way to prepare for detailing your vehicle. Keeping the interior of your car clean is only one part of vehicle ownership. Not only does a clean car make for a nicer commute, but it also maintains the value of your vehicle. You can cut the expensive costs of professional detailing and do it yourself with a comprehensive car detailing supply list.

What Is a Car Detailing Supply List?

A car detailing supply list is a list of products you need to do a thorough cleaning of your vehicle. You could always take your vehicle to a professional, but doing so can be expensive. With the correct supply list, you can get the same deep-cleaning you would expect from an auto detailer. Explore the following reasons you want to consider thoroughly detailing your vehicle:

  • Maintain your resale value: Regular cleanings of your vehicle’s carpet and leather materials can help to maintain their value. Whenever you’re ready to sell, your vehicle may be worth more money. You can also coat the exterior of your vehicle, which can prevent it from rusting in cold weather or being damaged from dirt.
  • Enjoy a more comfortable commute: If you have to spend a lot of time in your vehicle, it is likely to be more comfortable if it’s clean and smells good.
  • Accommodate families: Family vehicles can get dirty quickly. With the right car detailing resources, you can keep the family car in like-new condition.
  • Prevent stains: Having high-quality cleaning supplies available is useful when you spill something in your car. A car detailing kit allows you to take care of problems fast, preventing stains.

    Clean, well-maintained cars are worth more money and are more likely to sell faster. Stock up on the right auto detailing items to keep up with cleanings easily.

    Types of Car Detailing Supplies

    You might consider a few types of car detailing supplies, including the following:

    Mechanical Polisher and Sanders

    Car detailing isn’t only about cleaning up a vehicle. It is also about protecting the interior vehicle with mechanical polishers and sanders. These items use powerful motors to polish and sand out vehicle blemishes and wax your vehicle. With six speeds, you can choose the level you’re comfortable using. You can also use these tools to remove minor dents in your paint or bumper.

    Complete Car Kit

    A complete car kit is ideal for beginners who are stocking up on their car detailing supply list. This kit comes with 12 premium automotive products, including car wash, liquid wax, tire gel, and clay bars. The kit has products to clean your vehicle’s interior, exterior, wheels, and bumper and supplies. Use the kit’s supplies to help protect these vehicle parts.

    Headlight Restoration

    A headlight restoration kit makes your headlights look brand-new again. The kit comes with everything you need to remove oxidation and yellowing. In addition to making your headlights look good, using this product can also improve visibility. The restoration kit also comes with a coating product that you can apply to protect your vehicle’s headlights.

    Total Interior

    The interior of your vehicle requires extra care and attention. Not only is it the part of your vehicle that you view the most, but it is also the part that gets carefully evaluated when you’re selling your vehicle. Everyone has distinctive interior cleaning needs, depending on their materials. However, total interior cleaners are universal and made to accommodate most interior surfaces.

    How to Choose Items for a Car Detailing Supply List

    Choosing the right car detailing supply list will ensure that you have all the tools that you need. You can decide what part of your vehicle requires the most attention or clean the whole interior and exterior instead. Be sure to choose a cleaner formulated for your materials. If your vehicle consists of leather materials, you will want an effective leather cleaner. If your vehicle is mostly carpet, then you’ll want something to get rid of stains.

    How to Use a Car Detailing Supply List

    Once you gather all the items needed, using your car detailing supply list is simple. You can auto detail your vehicle like the professionals with the following steps:

    Evaluate your vehicle’s needs

    Give your vehicle a full inspection to determine where it needs the most attention. Make a list of the products and cleaning materials you should pull out.

    Start with the interior

    First, start with the interior. Remove all garbage, personal belongings, and plastic pieces, such as the cup holders. You can use an interior cleaner to wipe down the surfaces. Spray leather seats with a protective product. Infotainment screens can quickly pick up fingerprints. Wipe them with a glass cleaner. Finally, remove all the floor mats and vacuum the carpets before using a shampoo brush.

    Clean the wheels and tires

    Once you move to the vehicle’s exterior, begin with the wheels and tires. Scrub them with soap and rinse them with water. Use a microfiber towel and wipe the rims with a protective wheel cleaner. You can usually get each of these items in a complete car care kit.

    Gently scrub the vehicle’s exterior

    Gently scrub the vehicle’s exterior with a microfiber towel and mild soap. Clean it in sections, rinsing them off immediately.

    Use your mechanical polisher

    If you have any built-on dirt or debris, consider using a mechanical polisher or sander. If you change the pads, you can also use this item for the next step.

    Apply a coat of wax

    Apply a layer of wax for cars in a circular motion using a sponge or microfiber towel. Some complete car kits come with wax, or you may need to buy this product separately.

    Depending on your vehicle’s needs, you may choose to skip some of these steps. However, thorough detailing is recommended at least twice a year to maintain the value of your vehicle.

    Where to Buy a Car Detailing Supply Kit

    You can buy a car detailing supply kit from the following sources:

    Meguiar’s G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit


    Meguiar’s G2970 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit, 4 fl. oz, 1 Pack



    P&S Detailing Products Xpress Interior Cleaner 1pt



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