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Buying a brand-new Cayenne means shelling out some big bucks. But the Porsche SUV is significantly more affordable once you start browsing the used market. And not only do you save some cash, but a used Porsche Cayenne is more capable—and reliable—than some people realize. The 2013 Porsche Cayenne currently listed on Cars & Bids, though, offers something else: a manual.

The 958 Porsche Cayenne kept the luxury SUV’s manual alive

2011 Porsche Cayenne ‘958’ | Porsche

You heard right: once upon a time, the Porsche Cayenne offered a manual transmission. Although the current third-gen model is automatic-only, the first two Cayenne generations had stick-shift options. However, it was a significantly rarer option on the second-gen ‘958’ model, Autotrader explains. That’s because while the first-gen ‘955/957’ Porsche Cayenne offered the manual with the V6 or V8, the 958 manual was V6-only.

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