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Electric cars, while revolutionary, have one major flaw: charge times. Many people can’t afford to wait 45 minutes for their car to charge at the fastest charging station when a gas-powered car can fill up in five. But as more superchargers are made available across America, NIO, the Chinese version of Tesla, is using a battery swap system. With this strategy, the time it’ll take to “recharge” your car would be about the same as filling up at the pump.

How does the battery swap system work?

Rather than plugging into a charging station, which NIO cars can also do, the driver backs into a battery swap station, and the robots do the rest. The car is lifted off the ground, the old battery is swapped out and placed on a charger, and a fresh battery is put in. The process takes about 5 minutes, and NIO has already completed nearly three million battery swaps since 2014 according to Electrek. That’s right, this future tech has been around for a while.

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